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Outline This assessment has been written to develop your understanding
of Human Resource Management, assessing learning outcomes a,
b, c, h and i:

“The external environmental (e.g. economic, demographic, legal
cultural, and technological factors) have an impact on human
resource management activities (e.g. recruitment and selection,
training and development, performance management, managing
compensation, and employee turnover and retention). External
factors are uncontrollable and dynamic. Human resource
managers must continually monitor the external environmental
and adjust human resource management strategies accordingly.”

Discuss this statement using relevant examples.
Due Date 02-10-2014 – 12:00PM
Weighting 20%
Length 2000 words
Details The key guidelines for this assignment:
 Time New Roman font; size 12.
 Margin 2.5 cm on all sides; line spacing 1.5.
 Page numbers on the bottom right hand corner of each
 Single sided.
 Numbered charts and tables.
 2000 words limit.
 Harvard referencing style.
 Avoid internet references, unless they come from an
academic database.
 Neatly presented, cover sheet attached.
 It should begin with an introduction and finish with a
 Please staple pages together – no plastic binders.