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Percentage of Questions in Millwright Exam
A. Occupational Skills
A1.Maintaining tools and equipment
A2.Organizing work
A3.Routine trade tasks
A4.Measuring and layout
A5.Cutting and welding equipment
A6.Preparing for installation and maintenance of
components and systems
25% 19%
B. Rigging, Hoisting and Lifting
B7.Planing lift
B8.Hoisting load
B9.Inspecting and maintaining rigging, hoisting and lifting
12% 13%
C. Mechanical Components and Systems
C10.Prime movers
C11.Shafts, bearings and seals
C12.Couplings, clutches and brakes
C13.Chain and belt drive systems
C14.Gear systems

32% 26%
D. Material Handling / Process Systems
D15.Fans and blowers
D18.Conveying systems
D19.Process tanks and containers
12% 19%
E. Fluid Power
E20.Hydraulic systems
E21.Pneumatic and vacuum systems
14% 11%
F. Preventive and Predictive
Maintenance, Testing and Commissioning
F22.Preventive and predictive maintenance
F23.Specialized testing and analysis
F24.Commissioning equipment
5% 12%