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Test Unit 8.

1. Turn these sentences into the passive voice:
- Hemingway wrote this novel
- Spiders catch flies
- Sue writes her exercises in the evening
- A thief stole my wallet
- My neighbour drives a new modern car
- Kate lost her keys
- Some policemen cut down those trees yesterday
- My sister bakes a cake every week

2. Join these sentences using the relative pronouns (who/which/that):
- Last year we went to Edimburgh. It is the capital of Scotland
- In the park we met an old man. He told us not to smoke.
- I sent you a postcard. It was written on the beach.
- Shakespeare was born in England. He wrote many theatre plays.
- I bought a new pair of glasses. They were not very exprensive
- I saw a woman at hospital. She was my sister’s teacher.
- She got a new morotbike. It is made in Germany.

3. Fill in the gaps with the right preposition:
- I’m tired _____ doing the same thing everyday.
- Mike is afraid ____ spiders and snakes.
- You are keen ____ playing chess.
- My brother is bad ____ singing.
- These cards asre different _____ the ones on the left.
- My classmates are worried _____ their final marks.
- I’m interested ____ Pop Art.
- My Maths teacher is always nice ____ me. He always help me.

4. Conditional Sentences. Fill in the gaps.

- If Paul ________ (be) a pop star, he _________ (earn) plenty of money.
- You ________ (get) fat if you _________ (eat)a lot of sugar.
- If cows _________ (can) fly, they __________ (travel) anywhere.
- I ________ (spend) my holidays abroad if I _________ (pass) my exam tomorrow.
- If Mother Nature _________ (speak) she __________ (shout) at us.
- You ________ (can) do more thing in the morning if you _________ (get) up early everyday.
- If goshts ________ (exist), I _________ (feel) afraid. But it is not true.
- She ________ (take) her coat if it ________ (be) cold tomorrow.
- I _________ (call) you this evening if I _________ (finish) work early.

5. Write a composition about your idol. Say things about his/her life and about his/her work and
why you like him/her.