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1. Last week you bought two expensive tickets for an international sporting event. Unfortunately, you were
very dissatisfied because your seats had an obstructed view, the event started late and there were no
refreshments available. Write a formal letter of complaint (approximately 250 words) to the event manager
expressing your disappointment, outlining the reasons for your dissatisfaction and requesting some form of

2. You have just heard that your local library may have to close due to lack of support. Although you know that
people spend a lot of time on the internet and watching television nowadays, you think it is essential that
the public library is maintained.

3. Write a formal letter (approximately 250 words) to the local council expressing your views on the proposed
closure and asking for the plans to be reconsidered.

4. Your local planning department has approved a large, modern housing and leisure development in an area
which is known for its historic buildings. Write a formal letter (approximately 250 words) to the local
planning department expressing your concerns about the development and suggesting alterations to the

5. Write a short story (approximately 250 words) for a writing competition, showing how the life of a singer or
actor is often much harder and less glamorous than the public image portrays.

6. Write an article (approximately 250 words) for an international magazine about a famous product that is
made in your country or area. Give a brief history of the product, say how it is made and explain why people
should buy it.

7. ‘It is better for children to grow up in the countryside than in a big city.’
Write an article (approximately 250 words) for a lifestyle magazine, saying to what extent you agree or
disagree with this statement, supporting your viewpoint with relevant examples.

8. Write an essay for a writing competition (approximately 250 words) on the subject of ‘Your most inspiring
teacher’. The teacher you write about can be real or imaginary. Include:

9. Write a description (approximately 250 words) of a person, living or dead, who has been a role model for
you, maintaining a strong influence on you and your choices in life.

10. Write a story (approximately 250 words) for a writing competition beginning with the words, ‘How wrong I
was to have been so influenced by my first impression.’