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Tuesday, September 23, 2014- The Congress

Student Teacher’s Name:

Brianna Leinon

Date: September 24, 2014
Lesson Title:

What is Congress?



Instruction time: 42 minutes
Student’s level by grade: Sophomores
Standard(s) to be addressed:
SS.9-12.PSCL.2 - Understand how the government established by the Constitution embodies the
enduring values and principles of democracy and republicanism.
Learning Objectives for this lesson:
Students will examine the life of a congressman in order to gain a general insight into the daily
functions of congress.
Specific resources needed for this lesson:
Video- A Day in the Life of Senator Grassley, Projector
Story with a Hole Book
Lesson Sequence:
*Students will have homework from the previous Friday
1. Story with a Hole (5-10 minutes)
a. Students will be read a story from one of the books entitled Story With A Hole
b. Students will then be given the opportunity to ask yes and no questions in order to
figure out how the story makes sense.
2. Hand Tests Back (10 Minutes)
a. Hand back each test to each student
b. Be clear that questions will not be answered in regards to specific student’s tests at this time,
only general questions, any other questions may be asked after class or after school.
3. Introduction to Congress Video (20 minutes)
a. Explain to students this is a video of the day of Senator Chuck Grassley, and that this is an
introduction to the Legislative Branch to explain its function and what it looks like.
b. During the video students will create four tweets as if they were the congressman, addressing
different parts of their day (aspects that the student finds interesting of their day)
1. Each tweet requires at least one hash tag

Exit Slip: What is one thing you know about congress and what are two questions you have about congress? (Remainder of Class) . *If time students may share a few of their tweets. They must be different for each. 4. Hash tags should not be repeated from tweet to tweet.2.