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Friday, September 26, 2014

Student Teachers Name:

Brianna Leinon

Date: September 24, 2014

Lesson Title:

How is a Law Created



Instruction time: 47 minutes

Students level by grade: Sophomores
Standard(s) to be addressed:
SS.912.PSCL.6- Understand how law and public policy are established at the local, state, and national
levels of government.
Learning Objectives for this lesson:
a. Students will be able to describe the process of creating a law.
Identified student needs and plans for differentiation:
Students will receive a prompt as to why Bill is wanted at the bottom of their poster.
Specific resources needed for this lesson:
Projector, Board, Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils, Copies of Blank Wanted Poster
Lesson Sequence:
Story with a Hole (5 min)

a. Students will be read a story from one of the books entitled Story With A Hole
b. Students will then be given the opportunity to ask yes and no questions in order to figure out
how the story makes sense
1. What do we know about making a law?
a. With the help of students, make a list on the board of ideas that they propose
2. Im Just a Bill
a. Watch the Schoolhouse Rock Video- Im Just a Bill
i. Have this queued for class.
3. Break Down Im Just a Bill (10 minutes)
a. What are the steps to making a law?
i. What is the difference between a bill and a law?
ii. What is a veto?
b. What are the ways a law can be passed?
c. What is a committee?
*Notes will be created together on board and will be used for Wanted Poster
*Students do not need to write notes as they will be attached to the back of their
formatted Wanted Posters
4. Create a Wanted Poster For Bill (15 minutes)
a. Must Include the following:

i. Explain which steps the bill has gone through so far (must have gone
through at least three)
ii. Explain where the bill went missing or ran away from
iii. Identify where the bill should be returned upon its capture
iv. A picture of the bill (Think of the bills seen in the Schoolhouse Rock
b. Hang up the poster in the room once completed
5. Project Introduction (Last 15 minutes of Class)
a. What is it?
b. What is expected?
c. What are the checkpoints along the way?
d. When is it due?
Homework For Monday: Have 5-10 ideas for your bill project (They must be realistic and
something that could be researched)