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Fourth Grade Rocks

Week of September 29, 2014

1hls ls Lhe second week of
our rsL Lwo week conLracL
for ually 3. 1he klds wlll be
conunulng boLh Lhelr word
work groups and gulded
readlng books.
LasL week our gulded
readlng groups looked ln
our book bags and Lalked
abouL whaL good L"
books looked llke for our
readlng levels. We wlll be
sLarung Lhls week by
explorlng shorL non-cuon
LexL and Lalklng abouL
whaL lL looks llke Lo do a
close readlng of a LexL.
1omorrow wlll be our sLudenL
councll speeches/elecuon. l am
exclLed Lo hear Lhe greaL
speeches l have been readlng Lhls
weekend. 1he secreL phrase Lhls
week ls voLe lor ML!
We wlll also be beglnnlng our unlL
on lnformauve wrlung, We wlll
begln by bralnsLormlng dlerenL
Lypes and purposes of
lnformauve wrlung and dlssecung
a few pleces uslng our
lnformauve plllar.
Character Quote
Math Social Studies/
1hls week we are
conunulng our second unlL
ln our new maLh program,
MaLh ln locus. We are
focuslng on facLors and
muluples. We wlll also be
lnLroduclng mulupllcauon
uslng area models.
lease be sure Lo be
pracuclng mulupllcauon
facLs as parL of your chlld's
ln Soclal SLudles, we are
conunulng our [ourney lnLo
mapplng. We wlll be
learnlng abouL map scale
and nd Lhe lauLude and
longlLude of a place.
ln Sclence Lhe sLudenLs are
worklng on Lhe properues
of rocks and classlfylng
Lhem. We are very lucky Lo
be havlng Mr. 1om Luby, a
geologlsL and husband Lo
Mrs. Luby, come ln Lo speak
Lo Lhe sLudenLs abouL Lhe
dlerenL Lypes of rocks he
encounLers ln hls [ob.
Pictures of Crash
Read Aloud Book:
The Grimm Legacy
29: Student Council
2: Health Quiz
3: Spelling Test
3: Unit 2 Math Test
8: Mapping Quiz
16: Picture Retakes
lease make sure Lo send ln 8ox 1ops for
Lducauon, our class ls dylng Lo wln PooL
Lhe owl!!!