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lnternational Buddhist Center

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2600 Elmont Street
Silver Spring
20902. USA
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Annual Katina Puja
Maryland Buddhist Vihara, 2600 Elmont Street, Wheaton, MD 20902
Our annual "Katina Puja" will be held from October 25th through October 26th under the guidance of the
Chief lncumbent of the Maryland Buddhist Vihara and the Adhikarana Sanga Nayake of North America,
Most Venerable Katugastota Uparathana Nayaka Thero and with the assistance of all the resident
monks of the Vihara. This year's event has been organized by Sudharma and ShanthiJayarathna,
Sashika and Mohan Salgado, Dhammika and Mohan Patabendi & Kaushalya and Thilak Panapitiya with
the assistance of well-wishers of the temple.
The schedule of events for both days is given below:
October 25th'5.00 pm. - "Ata Wisi" Buddha Puja
- Poetic delivery of Buddha Dhamma by Poet Laureate Ven, Nugawela Rahula
October ZSth e.OO am. - Bringing the "Katina Cheevaraya" to the Vihara
7.00 am. - Offering of alms (breakfast)
9.30 am. - Katina Procession
11.00 am. - Buddha Puja
11.30 am. - Alms-giving for the monks with the offering of "Katina Cheevaraya" and
Kapruka .
12.30 pm. - "Katinanisansa" Dhamma sermon by the Chief lncumbent of the West Virginia
West Virginia Meditation Center, Venerable Aggamaha Panditha, Dr. Henepola
Shri Gunarathana Nayaka Thero.
We invite all to take part in this meritorious and noble event. Those who are unable to attend may still
contribute by making a donation to the Vihara so that we can complete the rest of the Vihara expansion
project. May the Noble Triple Gem bless you and protect you
Please contact more information:
1. Maryland Buddhist Vihara : 3OL-946-6437
2. Sudharma and ShanthiJayaratna: 301-570-1843
3. Sashika Salgado and Mohan Amugoda: 301-519-0865
4. Dhammika and Mohan Patabendi: 301-378-0559
5. Kaushalya and Tilak Panapitiya: 202-215-4773
IAile wish to make a donation of ---------- for the forth coming Kathina Ceremony.
lnternational Buddhist Center is a non-profit tax exempted organization