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Classroom Management Plan Carmen Jarrell

Classroom Management Plan

I believe a classroom management plan is a very important and a key component in any
education setting. The primary purpose for my classroom management plan is to create and provide a
safe environment for students to enable them to grow academically. I will use an interesting and
engaging curriculum which will include all students. I want to build positive relationships with my
students so that I create a positive atmosphere in my class and my students trust me. This will help with
negative behaviors in the class. I want my students to know as long as we are following the class rules
then we will be able to have fun. I will be courteous, prompt, enthusiastic, in control, patient, and
organized in my class. I have high expectations of my students to be honest, respectful, responsible, and
safe. I believe in the saying, values are caught not taught, so I will be a good role model. I will explain
to my students my expectations and the consequences both negative and positive that can happen in my
class. For the first few weeks of class we will go over the rules and procedures so that my students can
learn them and so there are no surprises. I know being consistent is key and will try my best to provide
that for my students. Every day there will be objectives for classroom learning and they will be posted
on the board so students can see them. This will help students know the focus for the day and what they
are accountable for. I want my students to know that they are accountable for their own learning; they
get out of it as much as they put in. My objectives will use different levels of Blooms Taxonomy. I will
maintain my classroom routine and schedules, but also maintain flexibility, and I will always have a
back up plan. As an effective classroom teacher, along with school policies, I have developed a
discipline hierarchy that includes the following teacher responsibilities:

Classroom Management Plan Carmen Jarrell
To maintain instructional practices:
1. I will learn the names of all of my students.
2. I will be in the classroom/gym when students are present.
3. I will always instruct with my back to a wall and never to my students.
4. I will use my gym voice so all students can hear instruction.
5.I will pause and/or be silent when necessary to gain the students attention.
6. I will make eye contact with misbehaving students.
7. I will move closer and/or touch students on shoulder to use proximity control.
8. I will randomly call students by names to answer questions.
9. Misbehaving students who are a distraction will have to sit out of the activity until we have a chance
to talk about the behavior and how to make a better choice.

To redirect or intervene with students during instruction:
1. I will request offending student to change behavior.
2. I will give verbal reprimand to student.
3. I will give the student a choice to change behavior or face a consequence.
4. I will move student to a different location in the room/gym.
5. I will tell student we will talk when I have time (after class, recess, etc.)
6. Students may lose privileges for special activities.
7. I will use selective ignoring when the behavior is short in duration, not likely to spread, is minor, and
a reaction would interrupt the class.
8. I will use humanistic I-messages. I will use a description of the negative behavior, its effect on me,
and then how it makes me feel. The focus will not be on the misbehavior, but the outcome of those

At times, I will need to involve others:
1. I will remove student from the classroom, either to office or their home-room.
2. I will contact parents to gain help in changing behavior.
3. I will enlist assistance from school counselor, or other agencies

Positive reinforcement for good behaviors:
1. I will use positive pinpointing, reinforcing the students who are on task and encouraging students
who are off task to do what is asked.
2. I will have a daily MVP (most valuable player). This student will show excellent in effort,
participation, and sportsmanship. This person will be the PE helper the next time they have class and
have special privileges. Privileges such as being able to pick their own partner.
3. I will have an Athlete of the Month/Star Athlete. Every time a student is the MVP they get their
name in the Star Athlete box. At the end of the month I will pick a name out of the box. This person
receives a certificate, and free choice of a PE game on a Friday. They will have special privileges.
4. I will have a Class of the Month. Every day the class as a whole will be given a score between one
and five, one being low and five being high. This will be based on the whole class participation,
attitude, sportsmanship, etc. At the end of the month I will total the scores and the class with the
most points wins a free PE day where they are allowed to do whatever activity they want to do.

Classroom Management Plan Carmen Jarrell
Parent communications will be through:
1. A welcome letter at the beginning of the school year.
2. A class website.
3. Emails via Skyward or other software used in the district.
4. Phone calls as necessary.

Parent Letter will include:
1. Introduction of myself and the PE mission statement.
2. Ways to contact me
3. Classroom rules and procedures
4. Rubric for grading
5. Basic overview of the curriculum
6. A statement like the following:
While we aim to provide your child with the means and the knowledge to achieve a
healthy lifestyle, you are the most influential component to your child becoming a
healthy individual for his/her lifetime. Your encouragement and support towards
your children in the area of physical wellness is paramount. It is very important
that you role model healthy habits yourself.
As a family you can:
Limit television, video game, and computer time.
Plan active family outings.
Make things like raking leaves, sweeping, and shoveling snow active together
Work together to plan or make meals that are fun, enjoyable, and healthy. hh

Classroom Management Plan Carmen Jarrell
Mission Statement:
The mission of Mrs. Jarrell's Physical Education class is to educate all students to their highest level of
academic and wellness potential, develop healthy bodies, promote understanding of the importance and
a positive attitude towards physical activity, health and wellness, fitness, and sports. It will provide basic
foundations of motor skills and skills necessary to make decisions about physical activity for their own
health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and social interaction.

Class Procedures:
I will write the agenda and objectives on the board before class begins. The class will come in
and sit in their home spots. We will go over and do the warm up. Following the warm up the kids are to
stretch while they are waiting for everyone to complete the warm up. After the warm up we will go over
the objectives for the day and start our activities. We will get through as many activities as possible until
time is up. When I am giving instructions for games and activities, students are to save questions and
comments until I am finished with the directions and raise your hand. Drinks are allowed during the
activity without asking, but no drinks during the warm up or instruction. At the end of class we will
return to our home spots and talk about our objectives again to see if we met them. I like to use this time
also to check how the students enjoyed the activities and if they would change anything what would it
be. If absent, fill out an make-up form showing they did 30 minutes of physical activity outside of class
and turn in within 2 weeks. To be excused from class for an injury or illness, a doctors note is required

Classroom Management Plan Carmen Jarrell
Class Rules:
I expect students to -
Be prepared with appropriate shoes and dress
Appropriate shoes are non-marking athletic shoes and clothing that allows for movement and
active participation
Be in their home spots when class begins
Listen and pay attention while I am talking or instructing
Stay on task and participate fully
Not disturb, distract, or disrupt class activities or other students
Show good sportsmanship, have a positive attitude, and work hard
Show high regard and respect to the teacher and others

Classroom Management Plan Carmen Jarrell
Rubric for Grading:
Grades are based on the following rubric and the national physical education standards

5 Points Student remained on task the entire class period. Dress was appropriate for the activity.
Completes warm up activities. Follows all written and verbal directions.

4 Points Student remained on task the entire class period. Dress was not appropriate for the activity.
Completes warm-up activities. Follows all written and verbal directions.

3 Points Student was tardy and/or not ready for participation at given time. Remained on task for a
majority of class period. Dress was not appropriate for the activity. Complies with written and verbal

2 Points Student was not on task. Dress was not appropriate for the activity. Student was removed
from participating in activity for a period of time.

1 Point Student was not on task. Dress was not appropriate for the activity. Student failed to participate
in activities and/or did little or no work during the class period.

0 Points Student is absent. Student refuses to participate or is referred to the office for disciplinary

Classroom Management Plan Carmen Jarrell

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