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MEMORIAL: a structure, established to remind people of a person or event.
1. Design (draw or build) a memorial for the Africans forced to undergo
the trauma of the Middle Passage.
2. A Summative Reection answering the below !uestions"
1. #hich $.S states will %ou &lace %our memorial structure' #h%'
2. Describe %our memorial structure'
(. #hat s%mbols) colors) sha&es and materials will be used to ma*e
this structure'
+. ,ow does %our memorial remind &eo&le of the slave trade in the
middle &assage'
(. Students will write a word &la!ue or inscri&tion for the memorial.
&.' The e%en" "ha" "he memo#ial commemo#a"es
).' The #ele%an" $a"es o* "he e%en": &+,, -&.,,
/.' The 0eo0le "ha" i" commemo#a"es:
a.' !ow many $ie$1
b.' !ow an$ why "hey $ie$1
c.' 2he#e "hey $ie$1
E3am0le o* a 0la45e *#om Vie"nam 2a# Memo#ial
1.) -ach reading 0 image is accom&anied b% !uestions that chec* core
2.) 5reativit%) design ideas) meaning) &la!ue