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End-of-course Test
Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A
1 Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the verb in brackets.
Example: I usually get up (get up) at seven oclock.
1 He ______ (look for) a job !en !e leaves un"vers"ty.
# I ______ (be) to Italy t!ree t"mes.
$ %"ke ______ (l"ve) "n &rance' but no !e l"ves "n (on)on.
* +ur off"ce ______ (not clean) every )ay.
, -!e ______ (not go) to t!e party' s!e ent !ome.
. -!e left t!e c"nema because s!e ______ (see) t!e f"lm before.
/ Happy ann"versary0 Ho long ______ you ______ (marry)1
2 -ara! ______ (cook) lunc! at t!e moment.
3 4!ey ______ (atc!) 45 !en e arr"ve).
16 ______ you ever ______ (see) a croco)"le1
11 I ______ (see) 7av") last eek.
1# I )ont t!"nk "t ______ (ra"n) tomorro. 4!ere arent any clou)s.
1$ 8aella ______ (make) "t! r"ce.
1* 4!ey ______ (not l"sten) to t!e teac!er r"g!t no.
1, 9!at ______ you ______ (see) !en you opene) t!e )oor1
1. 9!en I arr"ve)' :ack ______ alrea)y ______ (leave) ; t!e !ouse as empty.
2 Complete the sentences with one word.
Example: Where )oes <en l"ve1
1 8ut ______ your coat. Its col) outs")e.
# I ______ )o my !omeork no' Ill )o "t later.
$ I ent to &rance ______ learn &renc!.
* A Have you rea) t!e nespaper1
B =o' not ______.
, Ho ______ )o you )o exerc"se1 Every )ay1
. 9!at ______ you )o "f !e )oesnt r"ng1
/ ______ "t as a col) )ay' s!e )")nt !ave a coat.
2 > post off"ce "s a place ______ you buy stamps.
3 -!e ran ______ of t!e !ouse.
16 A I )ont l"ke f"s!.
B ______ )o I.
3 Underline the correct word(s) in each sentence.
Example: Have you f"n"s!e) your !omeork yet ? !st1
1 Im bore). I )ont !ave anythin" ? nothin" to )o.
# 4!"s "s t!e best ? better p"@@a Ive ever taste).
$ 4!ey aske) us !at we wanted ? we did want.
* %y brot!ers most ? more "ntell"gent t!an me.
, I m!stn#t ? don#t have to ork to)ay. Its a !ol")ay0
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End-of-course Test
Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A
. If s!e )")nt love !"m' s!e wo!ldn#t ? won#t marry !"m.
/ > torto"se moves more $!ickly ? $!icker t!an a sna"l.
2 Aou can ? sho!ld get a ne job. Aour boss "s !orr"ble.
3 %wimmin" ? %wim "n t!e sea makes me feel great.
16 Aou m!st ? m!stn#t stu)y !ar). Aouve got an exam.
11 Aou smoke too many ? too m!ch c"garettes.
1# -!e said ? told !"m s!e )")nt ant to marry !"m.
1$ 4!ey mi"ht ? m!st v"s"t us tomorro. It )epen)s !et!er t!ey f"x t!e car.
1* I )ont )o eno!"h ? too exerc"se.
Grammar total 40
& Underline the odd word o!t.
Example: funny fr"en)ly k"n) crowded
1 f"ngers legs eyes arms
# trousers socks s!oes tra"ners
$ s!eep c!"cken camel p"g
* !usban) "fe uncle brot!er
, fly mosBu"to )olp!"n asp
' Complete the sentences with the correct word.
Example: %y mums brot!er "s my uncle.
aunt uncle cous"n
1 Can you turn ______ t!e 451 I ant to atc! t!e f"lm.
on "n off
# 4!ey ______ a really goo) t"me on !ol")ay.
spent )") !a)
$ >nns really ______. -!e alays g"ves me presents.
mean la@y generous
* 4!ey )rove ______ t!e tunnel.
t!roug! un)er across
, %"ke ______ me !e !a) f"n"s!e) !"s !omeork.
sa") tol) repl"e)
. %y s"ster "s my uncles ______.
n"ece gran))aug!ter nep!e
/ 4!e oppos"te of noisy "s ______.
safe Bu"et clean
2 >re you look"ng ______ to your !ol")ay1
for after forar)
3 I ______ on really ell "t! my parents.
)o get make
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End-of-course Test
Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A
16 %y fr"en)s b"rt!)ay "s ______ ,t! -eptember.
"n at on
11 He came f"rst an) ______ a great pr"@e.
earne) )") on
1# Im not ______ goo) at mat!s.
very "ncre)"bly b"t
1$ 4!at sk"rt looks n"ce. 9oul) you l"ke to ______ "t on1
take ear try
1* 4!e plane ma)e an emergency lan)"ng' but ______ no one as !urt.
"mme)"ately luck"ly su))enly
( )rite the opposite.
Example: pass fail
1 f"n) ______
# near ______
$ )angerous ______
* pat"ent ______
, borro ______
. pus! ______
* Complete the sentences with the correct preposition.
Example: 9!at mus"c )o you l"sten to1
1 Ho long )") you a"t ______ a bus to)ay1
# %y b"rt!)ays ______ :uly.
$ 4!e ball ent ______ t!e all.
* Ill meet you tomorro ______ ork ; ell go for a p"@@a.
, 4!e boy jumpe) ______ t!e r"ver.
. -!all I tell you ______ t!e f"lm1
/ I often argue ______ my brot!er.
2 Im go"ng to t!e c"nema ______ &r")ay.
+ Complete the sentences with one word.
Example: 9r"te down t!e or)s.
1 Aoull !ave to go ______ t!e roa)' t!e c"nemas on t!e ot!er s")e.
# ______ t!e c!annel. 4!"s programmes bor"ng.
$ 9ork ______ pa"rs.
* ______ your be) an) t")y your room before you go out.
, (ets ______ :o!n to )"nner.
. -!all e ______ s"g!tsee"ng tomorro1
/ Can you ______ t!e )og for a alk1
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End-of-course Test
Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A
Vocabulary total 40
, -atch the words with the same so!nd.
again arms comp!ter fears "ym !ear
!eart u)ge s!irt skirt take !se)
1 ear fears ______
# train again ______
$ car ______ ______
* bir) ______ ______
, a@@ ______ ______
. yac!t ______ ______
1. Underline the stressed syllable.
Example: bu"l)er
1 ema"l
# pyjamas
$ un"vers"ty
* prom"se
, butterfly
. almost
/ ex"st
2 journey
3 prefer
16 not!"ng
Pronunciation total 20
Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total 100
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End-of-course Test
Readin$ and %ritin$ A
1 /ead the article and tick (

) A0 B0 or C.
'o( to )ur*i*e in t+e ,un$le
Last week in our series Life in the Jungle we looked at some of the most
fascinating jungles in the world. In this weeks feature, were looking at how to
survive in the jungle. Alana Harris gives us some ideas.
!en you"re in t!e #un$le, you need to lea%e all your lu&uries at !ome' (!at means,
)or$et your mobile *!one, your )a%ourite co))ee, your c!ocolate bars, and your C+
*layer, !en you"re in t!e #un$le, you need only )our t!in$s - .ater, )ood, s!elter,
and )ire, /ou can )ind all o) t!ese easily, but you must 0no. .!at to loo0 )or,
1et"s start .it! .ater, 2%en t!ou$! t!ere"s a lot o) .ater in most tro*ical
en%ironments, you may not )ind it immediately, 3ne .ay to disco%er it is to )ollo.
animals and birds, as t!ey need li4uid re$ularly, 5nsects can also be a $ood si$n,
because t!ey usually build t!eir nests near .ater, 6o.e%er, don"t only loo0 )or
ri%ers, /ou can also )ind .ater in *lants suc! as %ines, roots, and *alm trees,
/ou can usually )ind a lot o) )ood in t!e #un$le, but you must be !a**y to eat t!in$s
you .ouldn"t normally .ant to, )or e&am*le, insects, 6o.e%er, you need to 0no. t!e
di))erence bet.een t!ose you can eat and t!ose t!at are *oisonous, so start readin$
about t!em no.' 7or coo0in$ and )or .armt!, collect dry )ire.ood, lea%es, and
$rass, (!en ma0e )ire usin$ dry stic0s - or ta0e a bo& o) matc!es or a li$!ter .it!
(!e ty*e o) s!elter you need de*ends on t!e .eat!er and t!e 0ind o) animals t!at
are in t!e #un$le, 8alaria9carryin$ mos4uitoes and ot!er insects can be %ery
dan$erous, so *rotect yoursel) a$ainst bites, 5) you don"t !a%e any insect re*ellent,
try *uttin$ mud on your s0in,
3) course, i) you"re lost in t!e #un$le, you"ll .ant to $et !ome a$ain, (!e sun and
stars can !el* you )ind your .ay, so you mi$!t .ant to study astronomy,
:lternati%ely, .!en you )ind a ri%er, )ollo. it, Peo*le usually li%e near ri%ers, so i) you
.al0 alon$ t!e ri%er ban0, e%entually you"ll )ind a %illa$e,
Example: 4!"s "s t!e f"rst art"cle "n t!e ser"es.
> 4rue < &alse C 7oesnt say
1 >lana Harr"s !as been to t!e jungle several t"mes.
> 4rue < &alse C 7oesnt say
# -!e suggests tak"ng one luxury foo) "tem.
> 4rue < &alse C 7oesnt say
$ >n"mals can lea) you to ater.
> 4rue < &alse C 7oesnt say
* Insects can surv"ve a long t"me "t!out )r"nk"ng.
> 4rue < &alse C 7oesnt say
, >lana )oesnt recommen) gett"ng ater from plants.
> 4rue < &alse C 7oesnt say
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End-of-course Test
Readin$ and %ritin$ A
. >lana says "ts alays safe to eat "nsects.
> 4rue < &alse C 7oesnt say
/ >lana !as been po"sone) by a plant before.
> 4rue < &alse C 7oesnt say
2 Aou s!oul)nt use a l"g!ter to make a f"re "n t!e jungle.
> 4rue < &alse C 7oesnt say
3 %osBu"toes "ll b"te you "f you )ont !ave "nsect repellent.
> 4rue < &alse C 7oesnt say
16 Its a goo) ")ea to learn about t!e stars.
> 4rue < &alse C 7oesnt say
2 /ead the te1t a"ain and answer the $!estions.
1 9!at t!"ngs are necessary for jungle surv"val1
# 9!"c! to places )oes >lana say you can get ater from1
$ 9!at )oes >lana say you s!oul) br"ng from !ome1
* 9!at )o you nee) to learn about "nsects1
, 9!at t!ree ays )oes >lana suggest for f"n)"ng your ay !ome1
;eadin$ total 15
)rite abo!t yo!r most memorable holiday. Answer the $!estions. (1..21'.
9!ere )") you go1
9!ere )") you stay1
9!o )") you go "t!1
9!at ere t!e best moments1
9!at ere t!e orst moments1
9!y "s "t memorable1
ritin$ total 10
;eadin$ and ritin$ total 25
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Class ____________________________
End-of-course Test
istenin$ and )$ A
1 3isten to the conversation. 4ick (

) A or B.
Example: >)am !as just ma)e a p!one call.
> 4rue < &alse
1 >)am !as alrea)y booke) !"s !ol")ay.
> 4rue < &alse
# Emma )oesnt l"ke s"tt"ng on beac!es all )ay.
> 4rue < &alse
$ Emma m"g!t not go on !ol")ay t!"s year.
> 4rue < &alse
* >)am usually goes to -cotlan) "n t!e summer.
> 4rue < &alse
, Emma t!"nks t!at !otels "n -cotlan) are expens"ve.
> 4rue < &alse
2 3isten to two people disc!ssin" candidates at a ob interview.
4ick (

) A0 B0 or C.
1 %ark )oesnt get t!e job because !e _____.
> "s too ol) < !as too l"ttle exper"ence C "snt goo) enoug!
# Demma )oesnt get t!e job because s!e _____.
> "s "nexper"ence) < !as no Bual"f"cat"ons C "s unfr"en)ly
$ (uke )oesnt get t!e job because !e _____.
> usually orks "n Italy < !as just left !"s job
C !asnt !a) a job for a long t"me
* 7av") )oesnt get t!e job alt!oug! !e "s goo) at _____.
> manag"ng people < solv"ng problems C ast"ng t"me
, -us"e )oesnt get t!e job because s!e "s _____.
> not "ntell"gent enoug! < too la@y C not t!e !ar)est orker
1istenin$ total 10
1 Ask yo!r partner these $!estions.
1 Have you ever been to a concert1 9!o )") you see1 9!at as "t l"ke1
# 9!en )") you last play a sport1 9!at as t!e sport1 7") you enjoy "t1
$ 9!at )") you )o last eeken)1
* 9!ere are you go"ng next summer1
, If you coul) v"s"t any country' !ere oul) you go1 9!y1
5ow answer yo!r partner#s $!estions.
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Class ____________________________
End-of-course Test
istenin$ and )$ A
2 /ead the information abo!t a holiday yo! had and answer yo!r partner#s
(uxury Hol")ay Hotel ; all rooms "t! sea v"es
8r"vate s"mm"ng pool' gym' sauna
Excellent meals "nclu)e)
%"nutes from pr"vate beac!
-norkell"ng ? "n)surf"ng ? )"v"ng
3 Ask yo!r partner abo!t their holiday.
9!ere ? go1
9!ere ? stay1
9!at ? l"ke1
Ho far ? beac!1
easy ? get to s!ops1
9!at act"v"t"es ? )o1
<*ea0in$ total 15
1istenin$ and <*ea0in$ total 25