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Kantara Crafts Grant Guidelines

Kantara Crafts Grant Guidelines

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Published by: Alia Kate on Dec 15, 2009
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Kantara Crafts Grant Guidelines and Process

Purpose: Kantara Crafts imports fair-trade rugs and textiles directly from women's cooperatives, thereby empowering the artisans to promote their financial independence as well as their creative freedom, while spurring growth and development in rural regions of Morocco. Kantara Crafts makes small grants on a rolling basis to organizations (cooperatives, associations, neddies), in Morocco. Awarded grants will be $200 or less. Funding Application Procedures: Be advised that the following criteria will be used for grant approval. Deadlines: June 1st, October 1st, February 1st To be eligible for a grant, organizations and projects must:  Be a Moroccan association, cooperative, or neddy  Benefit communities in Morocco  Address one or more of the funding priority areas: o Provide for educational needs of the community o Contribute to capacity building efforts of the organization o Collaborate with other organizations within Morocco  Receive support from other sources or be actively looking for other support Your completed application form and attachments should be e-mailed to: Alia Kate info@kantaracrafts.com Kantara Crafts Education Fund Application for Financial Assistance

Instructions: Please complete this form in its entirety (print or type) and email it to: info@kantaracrafts.com
Name of Organization: Contact Person: Email Address: Address: Type of organization: Phone No.: Skype: Best way to contact you:

1. Provide a name and description of project for which funds are requested. Describe how your project advances Kantara Crafts’
funding priorities (300 words or less).

2. Who will benefit from your project and in what way? 3. Provide a cost breakdown and budget for the requested amount of funding: 4. Have you received other funding for this project? Please describe how you plan to use the funds from this award and your
plans for additional funding:

5. How will you know your project has been successful? Explain your overall goals and measurable objectives. 6. Describe how you are ensuring the sustainability of your project. 7. Describe the community in which this project would occur.

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