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826 Exmoor Drive

Cincinnati, Ohio 45240

Phone: (513)-835-3540

Previous Work Experience:
Private landscaping/yard work (Seasonal)
Started May of 2014, ended late July
I worked closely with my employer in a variety of tasks anywhere from installing glass
doors, cutting cabinet, refinishing houses, tree trimming, and resetting landscaping
support blocks.

Academy of Global Studies at Winton Woods High School
On course to complete honors Diploma by May
AGS focuses on critical thinking, communication skills, and other perspectives to complete on a global
level. International experience as well as a highly rigorous schedule is encouraged in the program.

Junior Year Honor Roll

Skills and Abilities

Well Rounded
Completed a variety of work in AGS through integrated world studies/Honors English course
Previous line of work fabricated many new skills in terms of both technique and problem solving

Leadership and Management Skills
I have taken part in many leadership roles such as Chairman of our schools model united
nations team
President of extracurricular Astronomy Club
Group work in the Academy placed me on many occasions as either a group adviser, counselor,
or leader
Cross Country Team Manager includes many leadership tasks such as dividing roles and
correlating actions in order to achieve a successful meet

Communication is core aspect of AGS, and is the most stressed attribute of the program
International experienced placed me in situations where effective communication was essential
Large and small group communication as well as personal communication
Works well with others from everyday group interaction and communication
Received 32 on ACT English section (Grammar, structure, writing, etc.)

Additional Information:

Model United Nations Chairman 2012-2013

President of Astronomy Club 2013-2014

Honor roll student Junior Year

Top Ten Percent ranked GPA in 2015 Class

Winton Woods City Schools String Orchestra member 8 years (Viola)

Community Service:

Forest Chapel: Youth Basketball Camp 4-8 hours per season
IHN (homeless housing program) 2-4 hours per rotation
Outdoor rail refinishing 6 hours
Crossroads: Downtown painting crew - 5 hours
Winton Woods: High School Cross country team manager 3-4 hours every Friday of


Name: Kevin Jones

Assistant Principal, High School

Phone: 513.619.2420

Name: Brad Lanier


Phone: 513.766.5446

Name: Bill & Ann Brabbs
Retired (Former employer)