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Multiplication/Division Fact Triangles Practice

Fact fluency is important for students to develop higher skills in mathematics. Today, fact triangles were sent home with
students. To practice facts, they do the following:
1. Place fact cards face down
2. Pick a fact triangle up, covering one corner (it doesnt matter which number is covered)
3. List facts to find the missing factor or product.
4. Facts that they can recite quickly go in a done pile. Those that need more practice go in a try again pile.

Student should say:
My missing product is 42.
6 x 7 equals 42.
7 x 6 equals 42.
42 divided by 6 equals 7.
42 divided by 7 equals 6.

If students complete this sheet each week, they will get an in-class reward on Fridays.

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My child seems to be fluent in all facts and would like to do a fact check with Mrs. McCann