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~fy thanks to all the writers, directors and actors, both at ~ew Dramatists and in the UK., who gave their time to help develop this play.

Fw the paiimts and sUiff rff ESJ.

Author's note

A stroke (I) indicates the point of interruption in overlapping dialogue.

Stage directions in brackets function as lines.

Where punctuation is missing, it is to indicate delivery.

_rust inside the perimekr ftnu qf a 1l1'tiversi#. 1: is snowing.

TiDker is !wJting smack on a silver spoon. Graham. enters.

Graham. Tinker.

TiDker I'm cooking. Grahana I want out.

Tinker (looks up)


TiDker No.

Graham. Is that for me?

TiDker I don't use.

Graham. More. TiDker No.

Graham. It's not enough.

Tinker I'm a dealer not a doctor.

Graham. Are you my friend? Tinker I don't think so.

Graham. Then what difference will it make?

Tinker It won't end here. Grahaln My sister, she wantsTinker Don't tell me.

Graham. I know my limits. Please.

Tinker You know what will happen to me? Graham Yes.

2 Cleansed

Tinker It's just the beginning. Graham Yes.

Tinker You'll leave me to that? Graham We're not friends. Pause.

Tinker No.

Graham. No regrets.

Tinker (thinks. Then adds another large lump oj S1fU1Ck to tire spoon)

Graham More.

Tinker (looks at him. Then puts on another lump. He adds lemon juiu and heats th£ smack. He fills the .rynnge)

Graluun (searches for a vein with difficulty)

Tinker (iJYects into tire COTner of Graha.m's ~e)

Count backwards from ten.

Gra1uun. Ten. Nine. Eight. Tinker Your legs are heavy. Graham Seven. Six. Five. Tinker Your head is light. GrahlUll Four. Four. Five. Tinker Life is sweet. Graham. This is what it's like.

~ look at each other. Graham. (smiles) Tinker (looks awl9')

Graham. Thank you, Doctor. (He slumps.)

Scene Two 3

Tinker Graham? Silmce.

Tinker Four.

Three. Two. One Zero.

Scene Two

Rod and Carl sit on the col. green just inside the perimeter jmte ofthe~ .

. \J.idsummer - the SWl is shining.

The sound of a cri&ket miIltk ill progress 011 the other sidt of the fence.

Carl toks off /Us ring.

Carl Can I have your ring?

Rod I'm not going to be your husband, Carl. Carl How do you know?

Rod I'm not going to be anyone's husband. Carl I want you to have my ring.

Rod What for?

Carl A sign.

Rod Of what?

Carl Conunitment.

Rod You've known me three months. It's suicide.

Carl Please.

Rod You'd die for me? Carl Yes.

4 Cleansed

Rod (lwlds out his honJ) I don't like this.
Carl (closes his ryM and puts th£ ring on Rod's fo1ger)
Rod What are you thinking?
Carl That I'll always love you.
Rod (laughs)
Carl That I'll never betray you.
Rod (laughs m(I1t)
Carl That I'll never lie to you.
Rod You just have.
Carl Baby- Rod Sweetheart honey baby I have a name. You love me so much why can't you remember my name?

Carl Rod.
Rod Rod. Rod.
Carl Can I have your ring?
Rod No.
Carl Why not?
Rod I wouldn't die for you.
Carl That's aU right.
Rod I can't promise you anything.
Carl I don't mind.
Rod I do.
Carl Please.
Rod (toks qff his ring and gives it /Q Carl)
Carl Will you put it on my finger?
Rod No. Scene Two 5

Carl Please. Rod No.

Carl I don't expect anything. Rod Yes you do.

Carl You don't have to say anything. Rod I do.

Carl Please, Baby. Rod Fuck's/sake ~

Carl Rod, Rod, sony. Please. Rod (taJces th£ ring and Carl's hand)

Listen. I'm saying this once. (He puts the ring Of/. Carl's fingeT.) I love you now.

I'm with you nou:

I'll do my best, moment to moment, not to betray you.


That's it. No more. Don't make me lie to you.

Carl I'm not lying to you. Rod Grow up.

Carl I'll never turn away from you.

Rod Carl. Anyone you can think of, someone somewhere sot bored with fucking them.

Carl Why are you so cynical?

Rod I'm old.

Carl You're thirty-four. Rod Thirty-nine. I lied. Carl Still.

6 Cleansed

Rod Don't trust me.


Carl I do. ~ kiss.

Tinker if watching.

Scene Three

The Whitt Room - the univtrsi!y sanotorium. Grace stands alone, waiting.

Tinker enIm, tonsulting a file.

Tinker He's been dead six months. We don't normally keep the clothes that long.

Grace What happens to them?

Tinker Recycled. Or incinerated.

Grace Recycled?

Tinker Most likely incinerated, butGrace You give them to someone else? Tinker Yes.

Grace Isn't that very unhygienic? Tinker He died of an overdose. Grace Then why burn his body? Tinker He was an addict.

Grace You thought nobody cared. Tinker I wasn't here at the time. Grace I need to see his clothes. Tinker I'm sorry.

Grace You gave my brother's clothes to someone else, I won't leave until I've seen them.

Scene Three 7

Tinker (dIJesn't respond)

Grace What does it matter to you? Give me his clothes. Tinker I'm not allowed to let anything leave the grounds.

Grace I just need to see them.

Tinker (c01lSi.tkrs. Then goes to the dOQT and calls) Robin.

ThgJ wait. A nimteen-year-old boy enters. Tinker There.

Grace (to Robin) Take off your clothes. Robin Miss?

Grace Grace.

Tinker Do it.

Robin (taks qff his clothes, doum to his underpants) Grace All of them.

Robin (looks at Tinker) Tinker (nods)

Robin removes his underpants and stands shivering with his hands -ier his genitals.

Grace undresses completelY. Robin watches, terrffied. Tinker looks at the floor.

Grace dresses in Robin'sIGrahun's cwthes.

I I 'hen folly dressed, she stands.for a ftw moments, compktelY still. She begins to shak».

She breaks doum and wails uncontrollahy. 5he collllpses.

Tinker lifts her on to a bed .

. )he lashes out - he hnndcuffs both arms to the bed rails. He ugccts her. She relaxes.

8 Cleansed

TiDker strrJks her hair.

Grace I'm not leaving.

Tiaker You are. You won't find him here. Grace I want to stay.

TiDker It's not right.

Grace I'm staying.

Tinker You'll be moved.

Grace I look like him. Say you thought I was a man. Tinker I can't protect you.

Grace I don't want you to.

Tiaker You shouldn't be here. You're not well. Grace Treat me as a patient.

TbIker (considers in siJena.

Then I6kes a bottk of piils.from his pocket)

Show me your tongue.

Grace (sticks out her to~) TiDker (puts a pill on her tongue) Swallow.

Grace (does)

Tinker I'm not responsible, Grace. He leaves.

Grace and Robia stere at each other, Robin still noked, hands covering his genitals.

Grace Dress.

Robia (looks at Grace's cmlkes on the floor.

He puts th£m on)

Grace Write for me.

Scene Three 9

Robin (hlinks)

Grace I need you to tell my father I'm staying here. Pause.

Robin Leaving soon. Going to my mum's. Grace (stares)

Robin If I don't mess up again.

Going to my mum's, get myself sorted so I - Get sorted.

Grace (stares)

Robin What you doing here, don't have girls here.

Staring at me.

Grace Write for me. (She rattles fur IumdcuJfs.) Robin Voice told me to kill myself.

Grace (stares)

Robin Safe now. Nobody kills themself here. Grace (stares)

Robin Nobody wants to die. Grace (stares)

Robin I don't want to die do you want to die? Grace (stares)

Robin Could be pretty soon, me leaving.

Could be in thirty, Tinker said. Could be-

Grace You can't write, can you.

Robin (opens his mflIiih to ansuer hut can't think of f1I!1thing to sl!Y)

Grace It's not the end of the world.

Robin (tries to speak NothiniJ

10 Cleansed

Sceae Four

The &d Room - tJu ~ sports hall.

Carl is being Iuavi!Y beaten I!J an unseen group of men.

Wt hear tJu sound of the blows and Carl's bo4Y nactr as if lu has rtceWtd tiM blow.

Ti:aker holds up his atm and the beating stops. He drops Iris atm. The betltin:g TI!SU11IeS.

Carl Please. Doctor. Please.

TbIker holds up his anti. The beating stops. Tinker Yes?

Carl I can't-


Tillker drops Iris arm.

The beflIing continues mdlwtiical!1 unlit Carl is uncimscious. Tiaker holds up Iris ann. The beating stnps.

Tinker Don't kill him.

Save him.

(Ht kisses Carl's face gent!y.) Carl (fJ/JtILf his ryes)

Tiaker There's a vertical passage through your body, a straight line through which an object can pass without immediately killing you. Starts here.

(Ht tmJches Carl's anus.)

Carl (stiffens with fou)

TiIIker Can take a pole, push it up here, avoiding all major organs, until it emerges here.

(He touches Carl's right shoulder.)

Die eventually of course. From starvation if nothing else gets you first.

Scene Four II

Carl's trousers are pulled down and a pole is pushed a few indus up his anus.

Carl Christ no

Tinker What's your boyfriend's name? Carl Jesus

Tinker Can you describe his genitals? Carl No

Tinker When was the last time you sucked his cock? Carl I

Tinker Do you take it up the arse? Carl Please

Tinker Don't give it, I can see that. Carl No

Tinker Close your eyes imagine it's him. Carl Please God no I

Tinker Rodney Rodney split me in half Carl Please don't fucking kill me God Tinker I love you Rod I'd die for you.

Carl Not me please not me don't kill me Rod not me don't kill me ROD NOT ME ROD NOT ME

The pole is removed.

Rod fallr from a great h£ight and lands next to Carl Silence.

Tinker I'm not going to kill either of you.

Carl I couldn't help it, Rod, was out my mouth before 1-

Tinker Shh shh shh, No regrets.

(He strolw Carl's hnir.)

12 Cleansed

Show me your tongue.

Carl stidcr out his tongue.

Tinker produces a /argl pair cf scissors and cutr q[ Carl's tongue.

Carl waves his arms, his mtJliIh open, foll 0/ blood, no sotl1ld emergttIg.

Tinker taMs Ike ring.from Rod's Mer and puts it in Carl's mouth.

Tinker Swallow. Carl {swallows Ike rirItJ

Scene Five

The Jfhite Room. Grace is tping in bed.

Sh£ waIrM and stares oJ Ike teiling.

She IiJkes her hands.from under Ike shut and looks at tliem - ~ are .free.

She rubs her wrists. She sits up.

Graham. is sitting at Ike end 0/ her bed. He smiles at her.

Graham. Hello, Sunshine. Silt:m:e.

Grace staTes at him.

She smacks him orowui Ike face as ho.rd as sh£ tan, then hugs him to her tl.S tighJ!y as possibk.

She Iwld.r his faa in her hom1s and looks chrefy at him.

Grace You're clean.

Graham. (smiles)

Grace Don't ever leave me again. Graham. No.

Grace Swear.

Scene Five 13

Graham. On my life.

Pause. Tlf9 look at each other in silence. Graham. More like me than I ever was. Grace Teach me.

Graham. dances - a dance of love.for Grace. Grace dances opposite him, copying his mooemenis.

Grf1liualty, she takes on the mastulini!J of his TfUJvement, his fatial expression. Pf1U1.f.!y, she no longer has to waJch him - she mirrors him perfut!1 as tJuy dance exact{y in timL.

rt'hen she speaks, hu tmce is more like his.

Graham You're good at this. Grace Good at this.

Graham. Very good.

Grace Very good.

Graham. So / very very good. Grace Very very good. Graham (stops and considers hu)

I never knew myself, Grace.

Grace (stops mirroring him, con}Used) You've always been an angel.

Graham. No. I just look good.

(He smiles at hu corifUsion and takes her in his arms.) Not so serious. You're gorgeous when you smile.

~ begin to dance slowly, very close together. Thfy sing the first verse of <Y QU Are MY Sunshine'.

Their voices trail riff and ~ stand staring at each other. Grace They burned your body.

14 Cleansed

GraIuun I'm here. I went away but now I'm back and nothing else matters.

They stan at each other.

She touckes his face.

Grace If 1-

(She touches Iris lips.) Put my-

(She puts her finger in Iris mouJJz.) They stan at each other, terrijitd.

She kisses him very gmtfy on the lips.

Grace Love me or kill me, Graham. He htsiJIzI;es.

Then kisses her, sWw[y and gent£y at first, then Iuuder and duper.

Grabam I used to think about you and ...

I used to wish it was you when I ...

Used to .

Grace Doesn't matter. You went away but now you're back and nothing else matters.

Graham fdhs off her shirl and stares at her breasts. Makes no difference now.

He sucks her rit}iJ breast.

She uruJoes his trousers and touckes his penis.

They take off the rest of Jhefr clothes, walching «l(;k other. They stand noIrtd and look at each otJu:rs 1JotJUs.

They s/JJu41 emlwace.

They begin to mak love, slow!J oJ first, then hard, fast, urgent,

finding each otIw's ri!Jthm is the same as JheW own.

Thy come together.

They Iwld each other, him insUie her, TWt moving.

A SII1if/uwer bursts through the floor and grows abuve t/uir heads. When it is foJ!y groum, Graham. puI1s it towards him and smells it.

Graham Lovely.

Scene Six 15

The Block Room - the showers in the universi!Y sports JwJJ converled inIo peep-slww booths.

Tiaker mlm.

He sits in a booth.

He tokes ~ kisjocket and Ii9s it over his lop. He undots his trousers and puts Iris kontJ insidt. With Iris other kontJ he puts a token in the slot. The flap opens and he looks in.

A Wonum is dancing.

Tinker watcIIes for a whik, mashtTbating. He swps and looks at the floor.

Tinker Don't dance, 1-

Can I see your face?

The Woman stops dancing and consitlers. After a moment she sits.

TiDker (doesn't look at her)

Woman (waits)

Tinker What you doing here? Woman I like it.

Tinker It's not right. Woman I know.

TUaker Can we be friends? The flap closes.

TiDker puts in two more tokens. The flap opens.

The is dancing.

Tinker Don't, 1-

Y.our face.

16 Cleansed

Wcnnan (sitr)

Tinker (doesn't look at hd)

What you doing here?

Wcnnan I don't know.

Tinker You shouldn't be here. It's not right. WOIDIID I know.

Thaker I can help.

Woman How?

Tinker I'm a doctor.

Wcnnan (doesn't resporuJ)

Tinker You know what that means? Wom.aa. Yes.

Tinker Can we be friends? WmDaD I don't think so. Tinker No, but-

Womaa. No.

TUlker I'll be anything you need. Wcnnan Can't.

Tinker Yes.

Woman Too late.

Tinker Let me try.

Wcnnan No.

Thaker Please. I won't let you down. Woman (kzughs)

Tinker Trust me.

Wcnnan Why?

Scene Seven 17

TiDker I won't tum away from you. WODUIIl Won't face me either.

Tiaker I'll give you whatever you want, Grace. WOID&Il {dcesnJt ~

Tiaker (looks at her face for the first time) I promise. The fozp doses.

Tiaker has TW more tokens.

7hL Rmmd &mn - the!y library.

Grace ond Robin siJ together looking at tI piN:€ rif paper. Both still wear each other's clothes.

Robia IwVls a penciL

Graham is watching.

Grace It's talking without your voice. Same words you use all the time. Each letter corresponds to a sound. H you can remember which sound corresponds to which letter you can start building words.

Robia That letter don't look like it sounds. Grace R.

Robia That one does/but that one don't. Grace O. You know what this word/says?

Robia Robin, I know it's my name because you told/me. Grace All right, I want you to write a word-

Robia Grace.

Grace My name, so you think it looks like it sounds. Robia (looks at her ond 1Irink.r. He smiles ond storts to wri/eJ /wIding the pencil clumsi!YJ poking his tongue out as he amcmtrales)

GraIuam Boys.

18 Cleansed

Grace (.smiles oJ Graham) Robin Miss?

Grace I have a name.

Robin Grace, you ever had a boyfriend? Grace Yes.

Robin What was he like?

Grace He bought me a box of chocolates then tried to strangle me.

Robin Chocolates? Graham That black kid? Robin Got a pink?

Grace It's not about colour, colour doesn't come into it. Robin What was his name?

Grace Graham.

Robin }

Graham Your boyfriend.

Grace Paul.


:::::m. } Do you still love him? Grace Please.

Robin No but do you? Grace 1-


I never did.

Robin Did you - Graham. Fuck him. Grace Yes.

Yes, I did do that.

Scene Seven 19

I did do that.

Robin Oh. SiJena. Robin wriI£s.

Robin }

Graluun Gracie.

Grace What?

Robia. If you could change one thing in your life what would you change?

Grace My life.

Robia No, one thing in your life. Graee I don't know.

Robia No but say one thing. Grace Too many to choose.

Robia }

Graham. But choose.

Grace This is insane.

Robia Wouldn't you wish your brother back? Grace What?

Robia Wouldn't you wish Graham alive?

~} (lough)

Grace No. No.

I don't think of Graham as dead. That's not how I think of him.

Robia You believe in heaven? Grace No not at all.

Robin Don't believe in heaven you don't believe in hell.

20 Cleansed

Grace Can't see heaven.

Robia I had one wish I'd wish Graham alive again. Grace You said change one thing in your life not have one wish.

Robia Then I'd change Graham dead to Graham alive. Grace Graham's not a thing to change. And he's not in your life.

Robia He is.

Grace How?

Robin They gave me his clothes. Thlker is watching.

Grace It's not necessary, Robin. It's not like he's dead.

~ } What would you change?

Grace My body. So it looked like it feels.

Graham outside like Graham inside.

~} I think you've got anice body.

Grace I'm glad. I think you should write that word now. Rehia My mum weren't my mum and I had to choose another, I'd choose you.

Grace Sweet boy.

Robia IfI-

If I had to get married, I'd marry you.

Grace No one would marry me.

Robia }

Graham I would.

Grace It's not possible.

Robia I've never kissed a girl before.

Scene Seven 21

Grace You will.

Robin Not here I won't. Not unless it's you. Grace I'm not like that, a girl, no.

Robin 1 don't mind.

~} Ida.

Robin 1 don't.

Grace Listen to me. If I was going to kiss anyone here, and I'm not but if I was, it would be you.

Robin } W uld . ?

Graham. 0 It.

Grace Definitely.

If. But.

Robia (btmns and goes back to his wrilirIg) A long pause.

Robia. Gracie.

Grace Hmnm.

Robia }

Graham. I love you.

Grace I-

I love you too. But in a very particular -

RobiD. Do you?

Grace Robin, 1-

Robin Will you -


Robia Be my girlfriend? Grace You're a lovely boy-

22 Cleansed

Robin I won't strangle you. Grace A good friend butRobin I'm in love with you. Grace How can you be? Robin. I just am.

I know you-

Grace Tinker knows me. Robin And I love you.

Grace Lots of people know me, they're not in love with me.

Robin }

GraIuun I am.

Grace You're confusing me.

Robin I only want to kiss you, won't hurt you, I swear. Grace When you leave-

Robin. }

Grabaut Never will.

Grace What?

Robin Don't want to leave. Grace This is-

Robin I want to be with you. Grace What are you saying? Robin I like it here.

Tiaker enters ami looks over Robin's shoulder. He pidcr up the piece of paper and looks at it.

TiDker Fuck is that?

Robin Flower.

Tiaker (sets light to the poper and hums the whok tiring)

Scene Eight 23

Robin She smells like a flower.

Scene Eight

A patch of mud just inside the perimeter fenu of the universiry. It is raining.

The sound qf a footbaii mtJich in progress on the other sUb qf the fmce.

A single rat scuttles around between Rod and Carl

Rod Baby.

Carl (looks at Rod.

He opens his mouth. No sound comes out)

Rod You'd have watched them crucify me. Carl (tries to speak. Nothing.

He beatr the growuJ in ftustratWn.

He scrabbles arOWid in the mud and begins to write while Rod taIJcr.)

Rod And the rats eat my face. So what. I'd have done the same only I never said I wouldn't. You're young. I don't blame you. Don't blame yourself. No one's to blame.

Tinker is watching.

He lets Carl finish what he is writing, then goes to him and reads it.

He tokes Carl I!! the anns and cuts qff his honds. Tinker letwes.

Carl tries to pick up his Iumds -he can't, he hils no Iumds. Rod goes to Carl.

He picks up the severed ldl hami and toks off the ring he put tkm. He nads the TMIsage written in the mud.

Rod Say you forgive me.

(He puts on the ring.)

I won't lie to you, Carl.

The rat btpts to eat Cad's right Iuttul

24 Cleansed

Scene Nine

TIN Black Rtxnn.

TiDker goes into his booth. He sits.

He puts in a token. The flap opens.

The WOJDaD is d4tu:ing. Thaker waJches.for a while.

Woman Hello, Doctor. Thaker Grace,] -

Your face.

TIlt WOIDBIl sits.

TIu:1 look at eoch ofi1£r.

TiDker Are we friends? Woman Will you help me? TiDker ] told you. Wom.aa Yes.

TiDker What should I do? Woman Save me.

The.flop closes.

He Iw no mme tokens.

Th Ru1 Rnom..

Grace is being beaten f!)I an unseen group qf mm wJwse Voices we hear.

We Iuor the sound qf baseball bats hitting Grace's bot!Y and sN retl&ts as though sN has received the blow.

Graham is WtJlcIritvt in distress.

Grace is kit.

Scene Ten 25

Grace Graham. Voices Dead, slag

She was having it off with her brother Weren't he a bender?

Fucking user

.All cracked up

... Shit no Shit yes

Crack crack crack

Grace if hit once on eoch ernck.

Grace Graham Jesus save me Christ

Voices He can never (Crnd:) never (Crad) never (Crad) never (Crack) never (Crad) never (Oack) never (Crad) never (Crack) never (Crack) never (Crack) never (Oack) save you (Crack)

Graham Grace. Voiees Never (Cmck) Stiilntss.

Grace lies motionless, tmffied rf bringing 011 more blows.

Graham. Speak to me.

Grace (tints 1II)t move 01' moJr.e a sound)

Graham. Can't hurt you, Grace. Can't touch you. Grace (tints 1II)t move 01' moJr.e a sound)

Graham. Never.

The» is a erack.from nJJWIure, making Grace scream. Voices Life in the old dog yet

Graham. Switch off your head. That's what I did. Shoot up and switch off before the pain moves in. I thought of you.

There is a jbmy rf blows whick Grace's brx!Y reacts to, but she

26 Cleansed

does not malr,e a sound.

Graham. I used to put my spoon in my tea and heat it up. When you weren't looking press it on your skin at the top of your ann and you'd (A crack.) scream and I'd laugh. I'd say Do it to me.

Grace Do it to me.

Graham. You'd press a hot spoon on me I'd not feel a


Knew it was coming.

If you know it's coming you're prepared. If you know it's coming ~

Grace It's coming. The blow comes.

Grace's bo4J tno1JtS - not with pain, simplY wiJh the.force qf tIlL brow.

Graham. You can surf it. . Voices Do it to me

Shag the slag

Grace is roped I!J OTl£ of tIlL Voices.

She looks i.ntIJ Graham. 's ryes throughout. Graham. holds her head belltJun his hands.

Voic:es Gagging for it

Begging for it Barking for it Arching for it Aching for it She gone? Not a flicker

Graham. presses his hands on to Grace and her clothes tum red where he touches, blood seeping through.

SimulItmeous!J, his DUm bo4Y begins to blwJ in the same pla£es.

Graham. Baby baby baby.

Voic:es Kill them all

Scene Eleven 27

.~ pause.

Then a bmg stream if automatic gurifire.

Graham. shieMs Grace's botfy with his oum, and holds her huul ~etween his hands.

The gurdire goes on and on and on.

The wall is pitted with buI1et marks, and as the gutifire continues, Wge clumks if plaster and brick are blown.from the wall.

The wall is being shot to pieces and is sploitertd with blood.

_ -ifkr sexral minutes, the gurifire stops.

Graham. uncovers Grace's face and looks at her. opens her f!Yts and IMkr at him.

Graham. No one. Nothing. Never.

Out if the ground grow dtiffodils·

Th{y burst upward, their yellow covering the entire stage. Tinker enters. He sus Grace.

Voices All dead?

Tinker Not her.

He goo to Grace and kneels beside her. He takes her hand.

Tinker I'm here to save you. Graham. picks a flower anJ smells it. He smiles.

Graham Lovely.

Scene Eleven

Tht Black Room.

Robin goes into the booth that Tinker uisits. He sits.

He puts in his one and only toJrm. The flop opens.

The Woman is dancing.

Robin wokh£s - at first innotmJtl enger, then bmwsed, then distressed.

28 Cleansed

She Jonas.for ~ seconds. The flap closes.

Bobia sits and cOO Iris heart out.

Sceae Twelve The wmte Room:

Grace lies sunbadting in a Iit!Y s/uifl rif light coming through a crack in the ceiling.

Graham is on one side rif her, TiDker the other.

Tiaker Whatever you want.

Grace Sun.

Graham. Won't get an even tan. Tinker Can take you there. Grace I know.

Voices Bum you clean Grace Hold my hand. Graham Sunshine.

GraIuIm. tokM one Iumd, Tiaker the other. Grace My balls hurt.

Ti.ker You're a woman.

Voices Lunatic Grace

Grace Like to feel you here. Graham Always be here.

And here. And here.

Grace (1mIgJzs. Then sutItJm!y serious) They keep calling me.

Tmker That's what I'm saving.

Scene Thirteen 29

Grahun Love me or kill me. Tinker Can make you better. Grace Love you.

Graham. Swear.

Tinker Yes.

Grace On my life.

Graham Don't cut me out.

Grace Graham.

Voic:es Frazzle it out

Tinker Tinker.

Voices Bum it out

Graham Darling.

Vokes Frazzle nTiDker Trust me.

Voices Time to go Tinker drops Grace's Iumd. An el£ctric ament is switched 011.

Grace's fxH!y is thrown into rigid siwek as bits rif her brain are burnt out.

The stugt rif light grows bigger WltU it engulfs th£m all. It becomes blinding.

Scene Thirteen

The pakh cf muJ fry Ike perimder fence. It is raining.

A dozen rats shan Ike space with Rod. and Carl.

Rod If you'd have said 'Me,' I wonder what would have happened. If he'd said 'You or Rod' and you'd said 'Me', I wonder if he would have killed you. He ever asks me I'll

30 Cleansed

say 'Me. Do it to me. Not to Carl, not my lover, not my friend, do it to me.' I'd be gone, first boat out of here. Death isn't the worst thing they can do to you. Tinker made a man bite off another man's testicles. Can take away your life but not give you death instead.

From over the ftnce comes the sound qf a ckiUJ singing - Lennon and M~'s 7hings We Said T odny'.

Carl om! Rod listen, rapt.

The sinfjng stops.

Then begins again.

Carl stands, wohhb'.

He IHgins to dana - a donee qf love for Rod.

The dana becomes.frenziul,.franti£, and Carl makes grunting noises, mingling with the child's singing.

TIu dance loses rhythm - Carl jerks and Inrdw out qf lime, his fat sticking in the mud, a spasmodic dance qf desperate regret.

Tinker is watching.

He forces Carl to the ground and cuts off his Jeet. He is gone.

Rod laughs.

The rats carry Carl's Jeet away. TIu ckiUJ sings.

Sceae FoarteeD

TIu Block Room. Tinker goes to his booth.

He tears open his trousers and sits astride the back of the chair. He Jeeds a number qf tokens into the slot.

The flap opens. The WOIIUIIl is dancing.

Tinker masblrb4tes.forWu.rb' uniil sIlL spenlcr.

WOIIUIIl Doctor.

Tinker Don't waste my fucking time.


Woua.aa (sits opposite Tinker)

Scene Fourteen 31

Tiaker Open your legs. WODUUl I'm confused.

Tinker OPEN YOUR FUCKING LEGS. Woman (does)

Thaker Look.

WOIIUUl (does)

Tinker Touch.

Wcnnaa (sobs)


Woman Don't do this.


Tinker TIlEN DO IT

Woman Don't want to be this. Tinker You're a woman.

Wom.aa I wantTinker Don't say that. Woman You said-

Tinker I lied. You are what you are. No regrets. Woman Whatever I wanted.

Thaker -I'm not responsible, Grace.

WODlBD Trusted you.

Thaker Yes.

WODlBD Friends.

Tinker Don't think so.

Woman I can change.

32 Cleansed

Thaker You're a woman.

w ....... You're a doctor. Help me. 'T_er No.

Woaum Is it someone else?
TiDker No.
Woaum I love you.
Tiaker Please.
Woman Thought you loved me.
Tinker As you are.
Woman Then love me, fucking love me
Tinker Grace
Womaa Don't tum away The flap closes.

Tiaker If I'd knownff I'd known.

I've always known.

Seeae Fifteea

The Round Room.

Robia is asleep amongst a pitt ef hooks, paper and a twelve-row abtu:us.

He still has a pencil in his Iumd.

There is a box qf chocoloies next to his head. Tiaker enln's and stands staring at him. He pulls Robin up by tile knir.

Robin screams and Tiaker puts a knife to his throat.

Tinker You fuck her?

Fuck her till her nose bleed?

I may be a cunt but I'm not a twat.

Scene Fifteen 33

(He sees the cIwcolJJus.) Where'd you get them? Eb?


Robin They're for Grace. Tinker Where'd you get them? Robia Bought them.

Tinker What d'you do, sell your arse? Robin (doem't t'II1SUIn) Ids go of Robia.

He opens the clwcvlaJes.

He taks one Ofli ond tosses it at Robin.

Tinker Eat.

Robin (looks at the chocolate.

He starts to cry)

They're for Gracie.

Ti:aker Eat it.

Robin eats the clwcvlate, choking on Iris feaTs. Jt'hm III has fAien it, TiaIu:r tosses him atrtJtIrt:r. Robia eats it, sobbing.

Tinker throws kim another.

Robia eats it.

Tinker throws kim another. Robia eats it.

Tinker throws kim another. Robia eats it.

Tiaker throws kim another. Robia eats it.

TiDker throws kim another. Robia eats it.

Tinker throws him another. Robia eats it.

34 Cleansed

Tinker throws him another. Robin eats it.

Tinker throws him another. Robin. eats it.

Tinker throws him another. Robin eats it.

TiDker tosses him the last chocolate. Robin retches. Thm eats the clwcolllte.

Tinker throws the empry box oJ him, then notices tJuJt Robin has wet himself.

Tinker Filthy little pelV, clean it up. Robin stnnds in the jJutMk, distressed.

Tinker grabs Robin's Iuad ami forces it down, rubbing his face in his own urine.

Tinker Clean it up, woman. Robin looks around in a panic.

He tries to use tJu: emp!y chocolllte box to clean up tJu: urine, but it spmuis it around.

He tttJrs up same tJUJ¥i?y books ami soaks up the 11UJSS. He looks at the books, distraught.

..... Gracie.

yo..... (w.rcs Robin a box 0/ matches) ...... (looks at Tinker)

Tiaker (1Wth)

Robia (piles up tJu: spoiJuJ hooks ami bums them) Tinker All of them.

Robia bums as 11W1!JI hooks as Iu can and stands watching them go up in fo1mes.

Grace miers, vaamt and tr~ed, wiIh Graham.. SIte watcJr&.

Robin smiles nervouslY.

Robin Sorry. I was cold.

Graham /uJds Grace towanls tIu: foe.

She UJtlI7m her hands.from tIu: keoJ of tIu jIomes.

Grace Lovely.

The patek 0/ mttd I!f tIu: perimeter fence. Sctmhing heoJ.

The sound 0/ foe.

Most of tIu rats are deod.

The Jew that remain are nDI1I'ing around frantically.

Rod There's only now.

(He cri£s.) Carl (lmgs him)

Rod That's all there's ever been.

Carl kisses him.

He moles love to Rod.

Rod I will always love you.

I will never lie to you. I will never betray you. On my life.

They both c<mU.

Rod toJw off tIu ring and puts it in Carl's miJtdh. Carl swallows it. He cries.

They hug tighJ!y, then go to slap wrapped around each other. Tinker is watching.

He pulls Rod tlUJt9.from Carl

Tiaker You or him, Rod, what's it to be? Rod Me. Not Carl. Me.

Tinker (cutr Rltd's throat)

Carl (stnJcgles to get to Ilocl He is heM)

-----;~h)$QJl2- --

36 Cleansed

Rod It can't be this. (He dies.) Tiaker Bum him.

The Round Room.

Robin, Grace and Graham. an I!Ji the as/us of the foe· Grace is still rubbing her hands slowly and /widing tJu:m up as if it wen ahlaze.

Robia relTieves his abacus.from the ashes. He /wlds it up tq Graee.

She doesn't respond.

Robin Been working on the numbers, Think I've cracked it.

Grace (doesn't respond) Robia Shall I show you? Grace (doesn't respond) Robia Right, 1'11-

Da}'5 left. Try that.

(He cowtts off the beads on atingle row.)

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven.

(He stares at the seven beads, then slowlY moves one bead on the next row along.)


(He counts off the beads on rows three to eight.)

One. Two. Three. Four. Fwe. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen. Twenty. Twenty-one. Twenty-two. Twenty-three.

Twenty-four. Twenty-five. Twenty-six. Twenty- j

Scene Seventeen 37

seven. Twenty-eight. Twenty-nine. Thirty. Thirtyone. Thirty-two. Thirty-three. Thirty-four. Thirtyfive. Thirty-six. Thirty-seven. Thirty-eight. Thirtynine. Forty. Forty-one. Forty-two. Forty-three. Forty-four. Forty-five. Forty-six. Forty-seven. Fortyeight. Forty-nine. FIfty. FIfty-one. FIfty-two.

(He staTes at tk btmJs.)

FIfty-two sevens.

(He smb molItS ont btod on tk next row along.) One.

(He counJs f!fJ the btmJs on the last tIuee rows.)

One. Two. Three. Four. FIVe. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen. Twenty. Twenty-one. Twenty-two. Twenty-three. Twenty-four. Twenty-five. Twenty-six. Twentyseven. Twenty-eight. Twenty-nine. Thirty.

Thirty fifty-two sevens.

(He looks at Grace.)

Thirty fifty-two sevens.


Grace (doesn't respand)

Robin f!fJ his tights (Grace's) I11'ld tnOirM a 1WOSL He gets a chair and st4ntIs (In it.

He attatIIM the noose to the ctiling and puts his head fInmIgk. He stands in. siltnu for a Jew moments.

Robin Grace.

Grace. Grace. Grace. Grace.

38 Cleansed

Grace. Please, Miss.

The choir is pulled from untkr Robin. He stnlggles.

Tinker is watching.

GrahJun. He's dying, Grace. Grace (doesn't respond) GrahJun. looks at Robin.

Robin looks at Graham - he sees him.

Still choking. Robin hoMs out a hand to Graham.. Graham. tohs it.

Then wraps his mms around Robia's ltgs and pulls. Robin JUs.

Graham. sits untkr Robin's swinging fed. Tinker goes to Grace and talw Iur hand.

Tinker Say good night to the folks, Gracie:

He leads Iur '!If

Graham sits motionkss untkr Robin's swinging ~.

The mttte lWom.

Grace lies unamstious on a bed.

Sh£ is nokd apart from a tight stropping around Iur groin and chest, and blood where her breastr should be.

Carl lies um:onst:Wus next to Iur. He is rwked opan from a bloodied bandogt stropped around his groin.

Tinker stands beIwem them.

Tinker undoes Grace's bandoge and looks at Iur groin. Grace stirs.

Grace F- F-

Tinker What you wanted, I hope youGrace F- F- F-

Scene Eighteen 39

Tinker helps Grace up and leads her to the mirror. Graham. enters.

Grace focuses on tIu mirror. She opens her mouth.

Graham. It's over. Tinker Nice looking lad.

Like your brother. I hope youWhat you wanted.

Grace (touches her stitchM on genitals) F- F-

Tinker Do you like it? Grace F-

Tinker You'll get used to him.

Can't call you Grace anymore.

Call you ... Graham. I'll call you Graham.

(He hegins to kavt.)

Graham. Tinker.

Tinker (tums and looks at Grace)

~} Felt it.

Tinker I'm sorry. I'm not really a doctor.

(He kisses Grace very gent!J.)

Tinker }

Graham. Goodbye, Grace.

Tinker and Graham. both tum «l.tX!Y. 17Iq letwe.

Grace staTtS at the mimlr.

Carl sits up in btti and opens Iris mouJh. He looks at Grace. She /ooIcs at him. Carl lets out a siImt

40 Cleansed

The Block Room. Tinker enters and sib.

He feeds the uiewing m«hnnism. The flop opens.

The Womaa is dancing. S/u stDps and sib.

Womaa Hello, Tinker.
Tiaker Hello, my love.
WOIDaD. How are you?
Tiaker She's gone.
Womaa Who? Silma.

Womaa Can I kiss you? Tinker (smiUs)

The Woman opens the partitWn oruJ comes tJzrough to Tinker's side.

She kisses him. He hesitates.

SM lcisses him again. He kisses her.

He looks tltJwn.

Ti:aker I'm confused. Womaa I know. Tinker I think I ~


Womaa I know. You're beautiful. Tiaker Grace, she ~

Womaa I know. I low: you.

Scene Nineteen 41

They iJJok at tlUh other. Sh£ kisses him.

He resporuIs.

Sh£ takes o.ff her top. He looks at her breasts.

He takes her right brenst into his

Womaa I think about you when I ...

And wish it was you when I ...

Tinker (witMraws and looks at Jw)

Most glorious fucking breasts I ever met.

Womaa Make love to me, Tinker. TiDker Are you sure?

Womaa Make love to me.

17uy both undress, watching each other.

17uy stond naked and Wok at each other's bodies. 17uy slnw!Y emhroct.

17uy "«in to make love ~ slow!J.

WODlIUl (cries)

Tinker (stops) You all right? We canWODUUl No, no 1-

Tinker Does it hurt do you want me to stop? He htgW to witJubaw - she Iwlds on ~to him. Woman Stay there. Stay there.

I love you.

17uy htgin to make love again, very gently. Tinker htgW to cry.

The Woman licks «ltN!Y his tears.

Wcmum I love your cock, Tinker

I love your cock inside me, Tinker Fuck me, Tinker

Harder, harder, harder

42 Cleansed

Come inside me

I love you, Tinker

Ti:aker (conw-)


Womaa No. Ti:aker I couldn't ~ Womaa I know. Fuck me fuck me fuck me I love you I love you I love you why have you come?

Womaa (laughs) I know. My fault.

Thaker No, 1-

Womaa It's all right.

I love you. Plenty of time.

7li9 hold each otiler, him inside her, not moving.

Womaa Are you here?
Tiaker Yes.
Womaa Now.
Ti:aker Yes.
WOIDaD With me.
Tinker Yes.
Tinker What's your name?
Womaa Grace.
Ti:aker No, I meant-
Woman I know. It's Grace.
TiDker (smihs) I love YOll, Grace. Scene Twenty 43

Scene Twenty

The patch of mud by the perimekr fena. It is raining.

Carl and Grace sit nea to eoch other.

Grace now looks and sounds exactlY lilr£ Graluun. She is UIU11ing his clothes.

Carl wears Robin's clothes, tIuJJ is, Grace's (women's) clothes. There ore two rats, 01M ch£wing oj Grace/Graham.'s wounds, the other at Carl's.

Grace/Graham. Body perfect.

Chain-smoked all day but danced like a dream you'd never know.

Have they done it yet?



Lump of charred meat stripped of its clothes.

Back to life.

Why don't you ever say anything? Loved


Hear a voice or catch a smile turning from the mirror You bastard how dare you leave me like this.

Felt it.

Here. Inside. Here.

And when I don't feel it, it's pointless. Think about getting up it's pointless. Think about eating it's pointless. Think about dressing it's pointless, Think about speaking it's pointless.

44 Cleansed

Think about dying only it's totally fucking pointless.

Here now.

Safe on the other side and here.


(A Itmg silena.)

Always be here. Thank you, Doctor.

Grace /Graham. looks at Carl Carl is crying.

Grace/Graham. Help me. Carl reaclus out his ann.

Grace /Graham. Iwkis his stump. T'hLy stare at /Ju! s9, Carl crying. It stops mining.

The sun annes out. Grace/GraIuun smiles.

The sun gets brig/lter and brighJer, the squtoking qf the mls louder and louder, until the light is blinJiJ1g and the sound detifening.