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How to Improve English via the Internet

Here are some tips to improving English both in how your learn and via the internet.
1. Remember that learning a language is a gradual process - it does not happen overnight.
2. Define your learning objectives early !hat do you want to learn and why" - #a$e this %ui&
to find out what $ind of English learner you are.
'. (a$e learning a habit. #ry to learn something every day. )t is much better to study *or read+
or listen to English news+ etc., 1- minutes each day than to study for 2 hours once a wee$. -
#a$e the English tip of the day newsletter to help you.
.. /hoose your materials well. 0ou will need reading+ grammar+ writing+ spea$ing and
listening materials - 1eginners can use this starting English guide+ intermediate to advanced
learners can use this continue learning English guide.
2. 3ary your learning routine. )t is best to do different things each day to help $eep the
various relationships between each area active. )n other words+ don4t just study grammar.
5. 6ind friends to study and spea$ with. 7earning English together can be very encouraging. -
8ociety can help you find friends to spea$ English over the inernet.
9. /hoose listening and reading materials that relate to what you are interested in. 1eing
interested in the subject will ma$e learning more enjoyable - thus more effective.
:. Relate grammar to practical usage. ;rammar by itself does not help you <8E the language.
0ou should practice what you are learning by employing it actively.
=. (ove your mouth> <nderstanding something doesn4t mean the muscles of your mouth can
produce the sounds. ?ractice spea$ing what you are learning aloud. )t may seem strange+ but
it is very effective.
1-. 1e patient with yourself. Remember learning is a process - spea$ing a language well
ta$es time. )t is not a computer that is either on or off>
/ommunicate> #here is nothing li$e communicating in English and being successful.
;rammar e@ercises are good - having your friend on the other side
?ractice+ practice+ practice
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