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State of Nevada

License for Educational Personnel

License No. 0000035057
This License Certifies That
Has complied with the prescribed rules and regulations of the Commission on Professional Standards in Education and that the Superintendent of Public Instruction has
granted this license which authorizes the holder to provide service in the schools of the State of Nevada in the following areas:
Type of
Kind of
License Issued Endorsements Expires Provision Code(s)
(See reverse for explanation)
PROFESSIONAL SECONDARY 7-12 10/13/2008 MATHEMATICS MAJOR(8/24/2000) 10/12/2014
PROFESSIONAL SPECIAL 7-12 10/13/2008 COMPUTER PROGRAMMING(4/1/2005) 10/12/2014
PROFESSIONAL SPECIAL K-12 SUB 10/13/2008 SUBSTITUTE(4/10/2000) 10/12/2014
Guidelines and Requirements for License Renewal
Nevadas licensure regulations require that you complete six (6) semester hours of
approved credit in order to renew this license. Renewal may not be requested earlier than
nine (9) months before the expiration date (NAC 391.070). In order to renew a license,
the holder MUST submit:
The completed application and fee
Official transcript(s) or certificate(s) of credit
Completed Child Support Form
Credits may be earned through a regionally accredited college/university, a Nevada
Department of Education approved inservice course, or continuing education class (CEU)
offered by a provider sanctioned by the Department and who has been pre-approved to
offer such a class. Unless otherwise stated, the license holder may take any combination
of college/university or State approved inservice (PDE) or pre-approved CEU credits (15
contact hours equivalent to one (1) semester of credit) to fulfill the requirement.
Credits taken to renew a license must:
Be directly related to the current license/endorsement;
Enhance the effectiveness of teaching;
Be in a subject area for which shortages of personnel, as determined by
the Board exist; and/or
Be part of an approved program leading to an advanced degree.
Non-traditional renewal credit for travel, teaching at the college/university level or
conducting a seminar/workshop, and for full-time employment in an occupational field in
which a license has been granted are also available under certain circumstances. Contact
the Office of Teacher Licensure for more information regarding these options, if
Credits needed to renew the license must be earned after the issue date of the license
and prior to the expiration date of the license.