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I Was Just Thinking

I Was Just Thinking

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Published by Adventure Mimi
A letter to a lover, thought it would be nice to share.
A letter to a lover, thought it would be nice to share.

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Published by: Adventure Mimi on Dec 16, 2009
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I WaS JuSt ThiNkiNg

By MiMi

I was just thinking of how much I want you to know me. Like knowing what my heart rate is without a stethoscope, Or knowing my anxiety level by the frequency of my voice, or the speed of my talking. Knowing when to make me look directly in your eyes and how long to make me hold the gaze. I want you to know me so well , that my occasional silence , doesn't make you afraid I'm pulling away, but rather that I'm digging deeper inside myself , restructuring the questionable framework of my spirit . I want you to be able to hold my hand, and just by the slight change of the warmth or cold of them, know exactly how I feel about the moment. I want you to recognize my different strides that go with my different moods, my hair color that changes with unseen projections of myself. I don't even know what "unseen projections " are, but I know you will, when you see them! I want you to accept the nights I need hard erotic fucking. And the nights I cum in silence, feeling it so close to my heart, that I am mute, and experiencing a moment beyond sound or words. I want you to accept that at some point I may want you to breastfeed like a baby at my breast, cuddling you and stroking your hair while gazing in the eyes of my newborn love. I want you to know what flavor tea I'm in the mood for out of the 75 choices in my cabinet. I want you to know me so intensely that every thought of a thought I have, you know it before me. I want you to know the girl at home on the farm, in the club, firing a gun, on the run, in the dumps , or wearing 8 inch pumps!

I want you to know me more than I know myself, and then there will be nothing but honesty between us, nowhere for even the smallest of fibs to hide, no place for deception. So, here I am, offering you something I could never take back, and something I could never leave. You will be a part of me , not only in this lifetime, but for every lifetime , after every lifetime. Forever. I would not ever be able to live without you, never be able to walk away, never be able to consider myself an individual again, because I won't be able to tell where you end and I begin. We will blend and rise like the winds of change. I hold out my hand and my heart to you, with a big goofy grin and rosy cheeks, and a love that is unforgettable . Sweet dreams. I love you, Mimi.

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