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Partial mini-presentation
Academic Objectives:
1) To develop formal, academic speaking skill in English.
2) To understand the basic teachings of the five major world religions.
Social skills objectives:
1)) To develop tolerance toward different cultures.
Group size: 2-3 students
Method of assigning students: randomly
Type of group: informal
Roles: timekeeper, leader, secretary
Room arrangement: individual tables with 2-3 students
Materials: Dictionary of Religions copies of articles about each religion (in student packets)
Dictionary of Religions available in classroom
Books about the various religions as well as scripture from each religion should also be
made available to students

Task: You will work in groups of 2-3 students. Your goal will be to create a mini-presentation about your world
religion. You need to do the following:
With your partner(s) collect information from the materials in the classroom to locate the following information
about the religion you are researching:
What are the basic teachings of the religion?
Tell us one important story from this religious tradition. Explain to us what this story is intended to teach us,
and how it reveals something about the religion itself.
Who are the most important figures in the religion (gods, prophets, etc). Please limit this to a maximum of 3
figures (Note: the Christian trinity counts as only 1 figure).
Where do members of the religion generally worship? What is this place like? (Note: this would be a good
opportunity to use graphics)
What are some important symbols found in the religion? What is their significance? Please choose between
3-5 symbols to discuss. (Note: This would be a good opportunity to use graphics)
You should also decide as a group how you will be graded as a team. Have your criteria accepted by the instructor,
then write it into the teamwork section of your rubric.
For homework, you should continue to read the resources given to you and take notes. You should also search the
internet for images that will be useful to add to your presentation. Bring your notes and internet resources to class on
the date that you will prepare your case presentation.
During the day that you prepare, we will go to the computer lab. Your group will use the class time to make a
powerpoint presentation about your situation.
- Your presentation must include a title page with the name of your religion as well as the names of
each of your team members.
- Your presentation must include all bibliographical information. Be sure not to plagiarize!
- Your presentation must include at least 5 useful graphics (cute smiley faces and such dont count!).
- The presentation must be between 10-20 slides long.
- Your presentation should last no longer than 30 minutes (it can be shorter).
- Be sure to answer the questions written above during the course of your presentation.
- Remember, your presentation should be one that is easy to take notes from. That means that your
presentation will include only the basics- you will fill in the details orally. DO NOT JUST READ TO
- You must finish your PowerPoint presentation during that class. You will not be able to finish if
your group members do not do the preparation homework. Be efficient!
On the day of presentations, all of your group members will be expected to present. I may ask questions, and can
direct questions at any member of the group. I will not let you present for more than 30 minutes.
Criteria for success:
The basics Oal Presentation
Written Content Completion Teamwork (teams choose
requirements for success)
Spelling & Mechanics
Extending 4
Followed directions,
displayed effort. Had 10-20
slides, and presentation lasted
30 minutes or less. Included
a title page and all
bibliographical information.
Used at least 5 useful
graphics. Turned in rubric
with teamwork grading
Clearly explained answers to all 5
questions. Did not just read to
the class. Spoke clearly.
Clearly answered all 5 questions:
1. Basic teachings of the religion
2. Important story, what it
teaches, represents the religion
3.Most important figures (gods,
prophets, etc). Maximum of 3.
4. Place of worship? What is it
like? (graphics)
5. 3-5 Important symbols and
significance. (graphics)
1. Prepare for the presentation.
2. Right research.
3. No spelling mistakes.
4. Regulate the presentation time
in a 30minutes.
5. Have 10-20 slides.
6. Clearly explain.
6 errors or fewer in spelling,
punctuation, and grammar.
Achieving 3
Followed most directions,
displayed effort, but did not
include a title page and/or all
bibliographical information.
Made some errors that interfered
with understanding OR You
didnt clearly explain of the five
One of the five requirements was
not acceptably complete or
Did well following the
directions we have explain
clearly, but some information
was not clear.
Few errors (7 10) in spelling,
punctuation, and grammar.
Developing 2
Followed most directions but
did not have enough useful
You didnt clearly explain two of
the five requirements OR you
made significant errors that
interfered with understanding.
Two of the five requirements
were not acceptably complete or
accurate OR written content was
too detailed for an effective
powerpoint presentation.
Did everything fine, but didnt
regulate the presentation pages
enough (less than 10slides)
Shows numerous errors (11-15)
in spelling, punctuation, and
Unacceptable 1
Followed some directions but
was unable to finish
presentation in 30 minutes
and/or had too many or too
few slides.
You read to the class rather than
explaining much of the time OR
reverted to Spanish frequently OR
you didnt clearly explain 3 or
more of the requirements.
Includes only two of the five
requirements OR work is full of
inaccurate information.
Many spelling mistakes and did
not present the pictures.
Many errors (16+) in spelling,
punctuation, and grammar.
No credit 0 Plagiarized or presentation
was too short to grade.
Did not present in English and/or
did not take presentation seriously
and/or plagiarized.
In Spanish and/or fewer than 10
slides and/or includes only one of
the five requirements and/or

OR didnt write appropriate
requirements for successful
Unacceptably poor writing
and/or in Spanish and/or

_____ X 5= ______ _____ X7.5 = _______ _____ X 7.5= _______ _____ X 2.5 = ______
____ X 2.5 = _______

Positive interdependence: Responsibility to the group to complete the research and to know all of the information
for a successful presentation.
Individual accountability: Individuals who are clearly not prepared for the presentation or who are not participating
in group work during the preparation in class will receive a lower grade than the rest of the group, to be determined
by the teacher based upon the level of slacking off. Students who do not bring their homework to class the day of
the presentation will receive no higher than a 2 in their class participation grade for that day.
Intergroup cooperation: Groups will teach each other about religion. This should be a positive experience for all,
since this is such an interesting topic. Groups who dont effectively present their information rob the class of an
excellent opportunity to learn about an important part of human life.
Expected behavior: Respectful, tolerant, inquisitive