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PSC Foods 20

Academic Calendar/Course Outline

Why Should Food Be Important To You?

Food is one of our most personal basic needs. In addition, foods play a major
role in our family, community and careers. In a constantly changing society,
our food needs will be met in increasingly varied ways.

Aside for its essential role in nutrition, food plays a very important role in the
provincial and national economies. In Alberta, the agricultural and food
industry, which provide quality food for people in the province and around the
world, is a major force in the economy. One of every three jobs in Alberta is
related to the agriculture and food industry.
Teachers: Mr. R. Haggarty

Mrs. S. Christiansen

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Because this is a


Whether the absences are
excused or not, you can
not receive credit for a
module if you have not
put in the required hours.
These are easy to make up. If you miss
a lab you can still earn credits by
completing the lab on your own time in
school or at home and filling out the
proper evaluation. (Available on-line)
If you have any problems
or concerns please see us
immediately to clear them

Within the philosophy of Career and Technology Studies (CTS),
here are the top 6 most important things to learn in Foods:

Top 10 Food Trends

It really is about you. Its the rise of the
individual. While sharing has come into
its own in restaurant concepts
(goodbye additional plate charge),
there is a separate but equal trend
toward individuality.

Weve called it the rental economy
and just plain ol bartering. In an era
when you can rent a name-brand purse
for a special event, we want to know
how we can apply that same concept to

The foodie has settled into a more
universal designation of someone who
loves foodnot a food snob. They are
just as likely to want a PB&J as they are
to try the latest soft shell crab sushi.

Call it what you willnutritional,
healthful, good-for-youbut this trend
toward beneficial foods is growing at a
pretty big rate

People and companies are becoming
sustainable for authentic reasons; they
are doing it to make a difference. After
all, thats what comes with

1. Develop an interest in the broad base of food in such a way that they
are motivated to continue practicing and learning about foods

2. Develop an awareness of the nutritional importance of food and its
role in the physical maintenance and wellness

3. Develop basic knowledge, skills and attitudes though preparation of
a variety of foods

4. Practice safe and sanitary food handling and realize the
consequences of failing to do so

5. Foster an understanding and knowledge of the multicultural richness
and varied social customs in the preparation and the sharing of food

6. Develop management skills in the selection, preparation and service
of food, and assess the impact these decisions might have on the
global community

Course Evaluation

Assignments/Projects/Exams 25%
Labs 50%
Professionalism 25% (Completed Every 5 Weeks)

Exam Re-Write Policy
Students can re-write under the following guidelines:
Must be written on the agreed upon lunch hour
Two noon hours (30 min.) will be spent in my room or study hall prior to
the re-write date
The re-write mark will be the one recorded
*Exams missed due to excused absences can be written on the specified re-write
date; no pre study sessions required.
Late Assignment Policy
One lunch hour served before late assignments will be accepted
Incomplete lab work can be taken home when possible, otherwise
students must arrange for another time to work in the lab
Late work will only be accepted during the time of each module delivery
Incomplete marks will be given on report cards

Contemporary Baking (1020) (October)
Students develop an understanding of traditional and contemporary baking ingredients, by combining them in a variety of ways
to make cookies, cakes, muffins and biscuits.


You are what you eat, and we are big
into understanding ourselves! Thats
whats leading this trendour constant
need for assurance that we are eating
the right things, that our food is safe,
that we are not ingesting pesticides or
anything that will someday prove

This is all about flavor delivery.
Immigration has come to the plate, and
we are now defining a new Global
Flavor Curve. Part comfort, part
creativity, the latest flavors are coming
from the great American melting pot.

We predict growth in grocery stores,
particularly as private label assumes
prominence. Those old generics have
morphed into their own brands, so that
there is a blurring and less of a caste
systemthere is no particular glory in
using a name brand anymore (unless
you are ketchup).

While this started because of the
economy it will finish because
consumers will indicate what works for
them and what doesnt. New concepts
around fresh and DIY will do well.
Experimentation is the trend, so well
see concepts come and go.

It is about pure, simple, clean and
sustainable. It isdare we saya shift
from convenience foods to scratch
The Food Channel
Food Decisions & Health
Students learn which foods are crucial
to wellness; how such foods affect
current performance and future health;
and discover how to choose and
prepare nutritious, tasty foods.

Creative Cold Foods (2090)
Students learn to combine nutrition and
creativity in the presentation of salads
and sandwiches.

Vegetarian Cuisine (2130)
Students learn how to create healthy,
wholesome vegetarian diets, by
preparing suitable foods in a variety of

Fish & Poultry (2110)
Students learn the nutritional value of
fish and poultry and how to select,
handle and prepare them.

Rush Hour Cuisine (2140)
Students learn unique and quick ways to
create nutritious and delicious dishes,
using simple ingredients and prepared
and convenience foods.

International Cuisine 1
Students discover other cultures by
exploring their cuisine. They learn a
variety of international cooking
techniques, and use specialized tools to
prepare food for a typical day or cultural

Be prepared to be pushed out of
your comfort zone. This will most
definitely include trying new foods
and styles of cooking. You are
expected to work with others in a
team atmosphere.
This course will give a taste of what it
will be like to work in the Foods
Service industry and entertain at
home. Due to this fact you are
expected to be productive and
focused on the task at hand.

Team Assignments
Lab Assignments
Your Group will be responsible for completing each and every lab. This includes all
members of the group using all materials, ingredients, products and equipment properly.
Groups must Communicate, problem solving and managing information with each other.
They must demonstrating positive behaviors and working well with others in a sage and
responsible manner.
Iron Chef Challenges
Groups will be given an ingredient and compete against each other to make the most
presentable and tasty dish.
Street Food Project
Each group will research the snack/street food of a particular region of the world and
present and display it for the rest of the school.
Individual Assignments
Each Module Has a Project Attached
Along with some minor worksheet assignments
Career Research
You will research a career in a foods related field
Basic Lab Rules
use common sense; be focussed
and calm
long hair must be tied back
hand wash when entering lab
no gum
safe foot wear onlyno exposed
take care of all equipment &
replace it in proper spots
keep food prep area separate from
food studies area
no personal electronic listening
if you have extra timeclean

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