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Cracking Ihe CulIural Code oI Wearables 

Simon RoberIs 
Cambridge Wireless | 30
SepIember 2014

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This is noI a Ialk abouI Apple WaIch  
ÌI's abouI Ihe imporIance oI Iocusing on Ihe relauonship beIween.
"Noore's Law is Ihe meIronome oI
Ihe modern world" 
Nike Naloney, auIhor oI !"# %&'#( !)*&*'+
There's no Noore's Law Ior culIure 
New Iechnologies are rarely immediaIely obvious. 

NoI all new Iechnologies are easily incorporaIed  
Ìncorporauon is a bodily pracuce
Incoporation from late Latin incorporat- ‘embodied’, from the verb incorporare, from in- ‘into’ + Latin corporare ‘form into a body’ (from
corpus, corpor- ‘body’).
¦ncor¦or·hon. ¦rom |·¦e ¦·hn |ncor¦or·¦ em|od|ed, ¦rom ¦ne ver| |ncor¦or·re, ¦rom |n 
|n¦o ¹ ¦·hn cor¦or·re ¦orm |n¦o · |od, ,¦rom cor¦J·, cor¦or |od,).

Wearable Iechnologies highlighI Ihe challenges oI incorporauon  
“A Segway for the face”
New Iechnologies give us a Iemporal and culIural hx  
So whaI's Ihe IuIure oI wearables7 
1. Don'I Ihink 'problem-soluuon' or 'unmeI needs'
2. Build in culIural redundancy
3. Think Bodywork 
Is he paying any attention to me?
Is he recording our conversation?
Is he fact checking something I
just said?
Is he actually listening to me?
• 15
A re¦·|| ¦er·on come over ¦o ¦·|| ¦o 
ner. ¦, ·¦¦·r·¦ qJ|c||, .oomed |n ¦··¦ 
¦ne d·¦· oJh|ov· ·¦||||n¸ oJ¦ ¦rom ¦ne 
cJ·¦omer· |||e ¦o||J¦ed ·Jr¦ ¦·|||n¸ 
J¦on once¦r|·hne ·nore· ·nd ¦ocJ·ed 
on ¦c¦·, \·¦·on. Sne v·· |e·Jh¦J|, 
¦ne íe¦·|| ¸|r|. A ¦·||, ·¦r·|¸n¦nec|ed 
cre·¦Jre.¦ c·re··ed ¦c¦·,· d·¦·.
4. Be poliIe and don'I ignore privacy
5. Play Ihe long game 
T·||e¦ nev·¦·¦er v|·|on v|deo 1··4