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Linear and Binary Search

Linear Search and Binary Search. Both the techniques are different and are used in
different situations.
Linear Search:
1. This method is used when the volume of data is small.
2. It works for sorted and unsorted data set both.
3. In this method all the data elements are scanned in a linear fashion one by one till the
element to be searched is found or no more data elements are left in the list.
Binary Search:
1. It is good for large volume of data.
2. The pre-condition for binary search is that the array should be sorted in some order.
3. In this method, the array is divided in two haves and the mid value is found. The element to
be searched is matched with the mid value. If it matches, the user is told about it and loop
breaks. If it does not match then it is checked whether the value to be searched is greater
than the mid-value or lesser. If it is greater, then the lower half of array is ignored and the
upper half of array is divided to find the mid-value and the process repeats. (It works
because the array is sorted). Same process repeats if the value to be searched is in the lower
half of the array.