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CSIT 101

Mr. McWilliams
Devin Cunningham
Assignment 1: Information Literacy

In the article Microsoft patches Windows, Lync Server Larry Seltzer states that there
will be many updates that are expected to improve how systems perform. One of these
improvements will be within the security measures. These improvements will go beyond
the normal security measures to ensure that systems are not affected. Some systems will
be required to be updated to ensure there system will be protected. According to Seltzer,
Microsoft has released four security bulletins and updates to address them. These four
bulletins are MS14-052, MS14-053, MS14-054, and MS14-55 (Seltzer).

Article: Microsoft patches Windows, Lync Server
By: Larry Seltzer
Date: September 9, 2014

3.) The first search engine that I used was This then lead me to the website For my second
search engine I used the search engine in the website For both engines I used
the topic Windows Security. I would have to say that both websites and engines were as helpful
as the other. Both engines that I used forwarded me to an up to date article or reference that
allowed me to gain an understanding on the new windows security updates.

Time- Not provided .
Relevance- This does apply to my topic of Windows Security.
Authority- Frederic Lardinois is a credited provider in the analysis of technology. According to Frederic has spent more than five years covering news and providing analysis
about technology.
Accurate- This information has been proven accurate through updating pcs to gain improved
performance in security and other system operations.
Purpose- The purpose of this article is to inform users that there are improvements in security
measures that they may not have.

5.) TOPICS- Windows security, Windows, Security,
BOOKS- Hacking Exposed : Network Security Secrets and Solutions by: Mcclure &
Windows Server 2012 Unleashed By:

6.) Both sources were quite easy to locate via internet. The book Hacking Exposed : Network
Security Secrets and Solutions was published in the year 1999. This may not have updated
information that is relevant for my topic. The source Windows Server 2012 Unleashed was
published in 2013. Although this book was published a year ago it still may give me a better
advantage of finding updated information about my topic.
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