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Assignment 1: Information Literacy

Igor Soloninko

Google and Audi recently received permits to test driverless cars in California. This is
very important for the progress of autonomous driving. Electrical industries stationed in
California design parts for driverless cars. This will allow Google and Audi to fix any arising
problems more effectively while testing the prototypes. Google announced its driverless car in
May and are predicting to release it out on the market in five to six years.

Other Articles

Keywords used in search engine:
Progress on driverless cars
Search Engines used:
1. Google
2. Yahoo
Using Google to search for driverless cars the results were bias towards their production. Yahoo
search showed how the progress of driverless cars moved outside the United States, providing
a greater variety of information.

1. Time
a. April 28, 2014
b. It was not updated
2. Relevance
Assignment 1: Information Literacy
Igor Soloninko

a. Yes it related back to the first article.
3. Authority
a. This article was written by the Associated Press of the New York Post, therefore
they are a reliable source.
4. Accurate
a. This information is trustworthy because it is one of the oldest and more
circulated newspapers in United States.
b. New York Post is a very large newspaper corporation in the United States.
Credibility is an important aspect for their company so accuracy is crucial.
5. Purpose
a. This article was written to inform.
b. This article is not bias because it is written by an external source.

CCBC Library Database
Keywords that were used include driverless and autonomous cars.
The science and technology database was used.
o This database was used because the subject of that article is all about
technology, therefore it is relevant database.
Both the engine search and the library databases had there ups and downs. The
search engine was best when it came to finding what was needed. It took mere seconds to find
the proper article after imputing the keywords into the search engine. The library database
took longer because it required to select the proper database. After inserting the keywords it
also requires time to find the relevant article. However, without a doubt the library database is
a more trustworthy source. It has correct references and citations that are clearly shown.

Assignment 1: Information Literacy
Igor Soloninko

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