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There is a video on Instagram of President Obama saluting two Marines with a cup in the

same hand after stepping off Marine One in New York. Some Instagram users are seeing
the salute as un-presidential while others think that this was just a slip by the

The U.S launched airstrikes on Islamic State group targets in Syria who have slaughtered
thousands of people, and beheaded westerners, including two American journalists.
According to military officials, The U.S. would target militants command and control
centers, training camps, supply facilities and other key logistical sites.

Today, it was confirmed that there is a patient in the US diagnosed with the Ebola virus.
The patient traveled from Liberia to the US. He did not show any symptoms until after
four days he got off the plane. The Ebola virus is not transmitted through the air so the
people who were flying with the patient should not be concerned.

This is Victor Campuzano for WKNJ.