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Learning Record

Name Josiah Goodwin

City/Country MASSACHUSETTS / United States of America
Date of Birth 6th May, 1974
Gender Male
Time spent studying on ALISON 57 hours 25 min
Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health: 93.9% quiz score
Workplace safety and health policies are key elements of any modern business or organisation. They can help ensure
employee wellbeing as well as foster a productive work environment. This Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health guides
learners through all the important aspects involved and is ideal for anyone wishing to attain certification or gain a greater
understanding of workplace safety and health. Topics covered in this free online course include behaviour-based safety for
supervisors and managers, workstation ergonomics, back safety, and the keys to maintaining a drug-free workplace. You will
gain a thorough understanding of key aspects such as risk analysis, hazard identification and control, safety
education/training, and best prac..
Diploma in Operations Management: 100% quiz score
Operations management is of central importance to any organisation, whether they are manufacturing companies producing
physical products or organisations offering services, or whether the organsiation is in the private, public or voluntary sectors.
This free online course reviews a wide variety of topics from the development of operations management, to the role of the
operations manager, the transformation model, planning and scheduling methodologies and practices, and inventory and
quality management. This course will give learners a thorough understanding and knowledge of operations management and
its organisational and managerial applications. The course is ideal for learners working in organisations, or who would like to
work in organ..
Understanding Cryptography and Its Role in Digital Communications: 90% quiz score
Cryptography plays a vital role in modern digital communication systems. Cryptographic methods allow the encryption and
decryption of messages sent across digital communication networks. In this free online course the learner is first introduced to
ancient ciphers and how they were used. The vital role of randomness in cryptographic methods is then explained and the
learner is taken through step-by-step examples. The role of key scientists such as John von Neuman is also explained. This
course will be of great interest to all learners who would like to learn more about cryptography and the vital role it plays in
today's digital communication networks.

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Learning Record

Fundamentals of Network Security: 96% quiz score
Computer networks are central to modern digital communication technologies; however, network security is constantly under
attack from both external and internal sources. This free online course examines the fundamentals of network security and
covers topics such as active and passive attacks on networks, encryption, symmetric and asymmetric key systems,
authentication using certification authorities, and access control using passwords and firewalls. This course will be of interest
to IT professionals who want to learn more about network security or students who are interested in a career as an IT or
network administrator.

Work in Progress
Diploma in Sustainable Development: 1.23%
Sustainable development is a type of economic growth pattern where the use of resources meets the needs of the human
population while conserving the environment at the same time. Sustainable development means resources are used in such a
way that both current and future human needs can be met. This free online Diploma in Sustainable Development reviews a
diverse range of topics including what exactly sustainability is and what systems of practice are most commonly used, and in
particular, examines the importance of sustainable development in counteracting global climate change. Two very important
issues in sustainable development are energy sources that meet current and future demands, and water conservation. The
course reviews both non-re..
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