The Chord Scale Theory & Jazz Harmony


Barrie Nettles & Richard Graf

Jazz Harmony, as taught at the Berklee College of Music is based on the so called Chord Scale Theory. This method - further developed - is now available as a comprehensive textbook for the first time. Emerged from practice and designed for practical use, it provides theoretical knowledge necessary for improvisation, composing, and arranging.

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"Having never had any institutional training in harmony and theory, I have often wondered just how Jazz Harmony came to be? To develop and exist with its so deep well of knowledge that is necessary to the improviser? Where did this come from and how did it develop? 'THE CHORD SCALE THEORY AND JAZZ HARMONY' explains this and also goes farther by showing just how this knowledge can be used. My only regret is that I’ve just found it." Art Farmer "A helpful and organized tool that can shurely aid any musician interested in understanding harmony as it relates to the complex subtleties of jazz improvisation." Michael Brecker "This comprehensive textbook is a must for beginners, intermediate or advanced students. It is quite logically constructed, very easy to comprehend, and the amount of necessary information contained in this pages is very impressive. Highly recommended." Randy Brecker "This is a fine book, clear, comprehensive, and detailed. I like to think of it as the 'Basics Bible'. It would make a wonderful addition to the personal library of any jazz student or teacher." Mick Goodrick "This book is a must for anyone interested in understanding the language of Jazz. It is laid out in a simple (but not simplistic) manner that guides one from the basic, to the most challenging concepts of improvisational aids. The book also shows a great respect for the traditions of our music which I feel is important for opening minds to the future. I highly recommend this book!" Bob Berg "This might become the 'REAL BOOK of Jazz Harmony' for every serious musician!" Cornelius Claudio Kreusch Probably the best book out there right now, about jazz-style harmonic analysis, is The Chord Scale Theory And Jazz Harmony by Nettles and Graf. Joey Goldstein

The Chord Scale Theory & Jazz Harmony
Barrie Nettles & Richard Graf
PREFACE INTRODUCTION Jazz Harmony and Traditional Music Contents and Structure Theory and Practice The Evolution of Harmony Introduction to the Chord Scale Theory Application of Contemporary Harmony 1. HARMONIC STRUCTURES Seventh Chords Chord Symbols Chord Scale Theory 2. DIATONIC HARMONY The Functional Concept Root Motion and Patterns Cadences Sus4 Chords Diatonic Reharmonization 3. DOMINANT CHORDS AND DIATONIC FUNCTION Secondary Dominants Harmonic Rhythm Sequential Dominants Substitute Dominants Sequential Substitute Dominants Related II-7 Chords 4. MINOR KEY HARMONY Modal Interchange and Subdominant Minor Minor Key Scales Minor Key Chords and Modal Interchange Key Relationships

Minor Key Chord Scales Line Clichés 5. BLUES Basic Blues Contents Contemporary Blues Content Blues Progressions Blues Chord Scales Blues Form Variations 6. DIMINISHED SEVENTH CHORDS History Typical Patterns Diminished Chord Scales Reharmonization of Diminished Chords bIV-7(b5) VIIo7 7. DOMINANT CHORDS WITH SPECIAL FUNCTIONS Special Function Blues Chords Special Functions For Secondary Dominants 8. MODAL INTERCHANGE Parallel Diatonic Keys Common Interchange Chords Other Possible Chords 9. VOICING SPECIFIC CHORD SYMBOLS AND STRUCTURES Inversions Upper Structure Triads Hybrids Polychords Pedal Point - Ostinato 10. MODULATIONS Considerations Direct Pivot Chord Dominant Chord 11. MODAL SYSTEMS

Character Notes Chord Progressions Melodies Voicings Polymodality 12. NON-FUNCTIONAL HARMONY Multitonic Systems Contiguous Dominants Constant Structures Patterned Chord Progressions 13. INTRODUCTION TO ARRANGING Voicings APPENDIX Glossary of musical terms INDEX


Die Akkord-Skalen-Theorie und Jazz-Harmonik
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