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Xi Chapter Rules

Xi Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International operates under the constitution
established by the International Society and amended in 2008 and under the Zeta State By-Laws
adopted in 2009. Within that framework, Xi Chapter established the following standing rules,
which were voted on and accepted at the November 7, 2011, meeting of Xi Chapter and effective

I. Membership:
A. Xi Chapter is composed of key women educators primarily from Newton, Neshoba and
Kemper Counties.

B. The number of new members to be invited is set at the February meeting each year.

C. Recommendations for membership may be presented to the Membership Committee at
any time. They may be voted on electronically between meetings or by 4/5 ballot at the next
regular meeting. The ballot will include a thumbnail sketch of each prospective member. All
details of the voting will be handled by the Membership Committee or their designee.

D. Prospective members will be notified immediately after they are elected. Invitations will
be mailed by the President, with an immediate follow-up orientation visit by the member who
recommended the prospective member.

E. New members will be initiated at the meeting following their acceptance. Member dues
are due at the October meeting. If a member joins after November 1
and before April 1
, they
will pay the initiation fees and dues for the current year. If a member joins after April 1
, they
will pay the initiation fee and may wait until October to pay dues.

F. New members will be expected to purchase an international handbook and binder and
their pin before the February meeting following their initiation.

G. Reserve status request will be handled in accordance with Article III, B.2 of the
International Constitution.

H. An orientation of new members will be held prior to August 1. The orientation program
will be the responsibility of the membership committee and the executive board.

I. A former member may be restored to membership upon vote of the chapter. Approval by
four-fifths of the ballots cast shall be required. The recommendation for reinstatement of a
member included a review of the applicants prior membership termination. The member will
pay a $20 U.S. reinstatement fee and the current years dues and fees.

II. Meetings and Attendance

A. Xi Chapter has six regular meetings per year with meetings rotating among the towns of
Philadelphia, Union, Decatur, and Dekalb. The place of the meeting is left to the discretion of
the hostesses.

B. Of the six meetings, two will be Saturday morning meetings and four will be night
meetings. Specific dates and times for meetings will be determined at the annual planning
meeting of the Executive Committee.

C. Members are expected to attend all meetings. If it is necessary for a member to be absent
(illness or professional meeting), she should submit a written reason to the Membership

D. Hostesses should be notified two days before a meeting if a member is unable to attend.

E. Members who fail to wear pins will be fined 50 cents to be collected by the Treasurer.
This money will go into the chapter's courtesy fund.

III. Officers

A. The chapter officers shall be president, first vice-president, second vice-president,
recording secretary, (all elected); a treasurer and a parliamentarian (appointed by the Executive
Board). The recording secretary shall be responsible for recording all minutes and providing the
president a copy within two weeks. These officers will be elected and the parliamentarian
appointed in even-numbered years.

B. The term of each elected officer will be two years or until a successor is named. The
treasurer is the only officer who may serve more than two terms in succession. This rule will not
apply to any officer who is filling out an unexpired term.

C. The Nominating Committee will present the slate of officers in the March meeting of
even-numbered years. If no nominations are made from the floor, officers will be elected by
voice vote.

D. Officers will be installed in April of even-numbered years and will assume their duties on
July 1 of that year.

E. In accordance with Zeta State standing rules, there can be no stand-in at installation of any

IV. Finance
A. The President will be allowed $500 per biennium for miscellaneous expense and expenses
incurred while attending state conventions, district meetings, state executive board meeting
and/or workshops. In turn, the President will submit receipts to the Treasurer for payment.

B. Dues and fees as set by International, State, and Chapter Executive Boards, and approved
by the membership, will be collected annually in the month of April. If a person does not attend
the April meeting, and if dues are not received by May 1st, then the Treasurer will send a notice
to the member before September 1st. If dues are not paid by November 1st, the member will be
dropped for non-payment of dues and fees

C. The following dues will be collected:

International $40.00
Scholarship .40
State 15.00
Chapter 10.00
Chapter Recruitment
Grant 4.60

Total $70.00

State and
International $25.00
Scholarship 1.00
Chapter 2.00
Recruitment Grant 1.00

Total $29.00

E. In the event International or State dues should change after dues are collected in April,
members will be informed and the difference collected at the October meeting.

F. A President's Bar will be presented to the current President at the October meeting of the
first year of her tenure. It will be the responsibility of the chapter to pay for this bar. It will be
presented to the President by the First Vice-President.

V. Miscellaneous

A. The President will be excused from serving as a hostess during her tenure as president.

B. The State President will be invited as a special guest to the April luncheon on alternating
years. In the event she is unable to attend the established date, the Executive Committee would
have the privilege of changing the date of the meeting.

C. The Alyne Simmons Recruitment Grant will be awarded each year to a young woman
from Newton or Neshoba County who is majoring in education. The recipient must be
completing the freshmen year at East Central Community College and be returning as a student
the following year. The amount of the award will be $500 ($250 per semester). The recruitment
grant will be funded by an annual contribution from the family of Alyne Simmons. In addition
the chapter will continue to make a contribution of $150 per year into the recruitment fund to
build a reserve fund. The recipient should be a sophomore or above. Nominations for this grant
will be made to the Professional Affairs Committee by the March meeting. The Committee will
make the final selection of the recipient. The recipient will be presented at the April meeting.
The check will be forwarded once the recipient has enrolled in school the following fall. In the
event the person selected does not enroll in school, the committee would be free to award two
scholarships the following year.

D. A Chapter Newsletter will be issued in September and January and at other times as
deemed necessary by the President. The Communications Chairman, in collaboration with the
President, will publish and distribute the Chapter Newsletter.