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Second Wind Tarot - Patrice Warner

Physical Manifestation Meanings, R =


The Pentacle: The Physical Plane
Earth Element

Represents any element that has a
material form
Physical things that live on the earth and
has a tangible aspect
All things of Physical possessions could
represent yours and others, i.e. home
property, job, career, bonuses, paycheck,
clothing, jewelry, automobile payment
and loan, stocks and bond physical
money investments, documents,
contracts, bills, loans
Credit cards debt and credit status, taxes,
the bank, the bottom line dollar, your
Ones Physical Body and anything
needed to support this aspect of life. A
representation of your financial state of
being or the lack of money.

The Wand: The Astral Plane
Fire Element

Represents any element of Fire
Fire can be thought i.e. inspiration
Wisdom gained through lifes

Challenges and experiences (represent
the physical nature of fire)
Travel of all kinds, airplane, car, boat
jets, helicopter
Movement of the physical nature as in
the pace of activity or timing of life
Your cycles of Growth, Change and
Energy in motion
Creative projects or ideas, negotiation

The Cup: The Emotional Plane
Water Element

Represents any element of water, ocean,
rivers lakes
Emotions Partnerships Relationships
Dreams, Intuition and visions
Love life and Intimate contacts
Family Relationships
Affairs of the Heart Platonic
Relationships Friendships
Cycles of your emotional state and
physical emotions of others

The Sword: The Mental Plane
Air Element

Represents any element of the air and
your mental state of being
Thoughts of yours and others
Strife Contention Animosity
Mental challenges for your souls growth
Mental pictures and goals Dreams
visions, intuitions Decisions-Making &
Choices Intellect,
Overcoming of adversity


FOOL - Being brought a new road in
life, One that takes faith to obtain. A
new path that one has no training or
experiencedskills. Openness, unaffected,
youthful light-heartedness. Life is an
art, experimenting, exploring, non-
conforming. Receptivity, spontaneous
feelings, intuition, ideas. If you are at the
outset of a new project, you should
examine the situation closely.

R: Fear of the unknown, fighting being
guided in a new direction, dreaminess of
a new life, instability, being out of touch
with reality. Recklessness, lack of insight
into people or situations. Disillusionment
with a situation and giving it more credit
than whats due. Too much trust on a
person one has placed great hopes in.
material event of ordinary life, this card is
not good, and shows folly, stupidity,
eccentricity and even mania, unless offset
by very good cards. Listen to your wiser
self. This card alerts you to your
weaknesses and stresses that self-
awareness is the key to psychological and
spiritual wholeness. It urges you to think
twice: thoughtless action leads to regrets.
Immature behavior, folly and indiscretion
will cause difficulty in any sphere of your

MAGICIAN - Master of Your Own
Destiny, Mastery over word, mind, and
matter. Turn ideas into actions, handle
problems, and control one's life He
represents the power to take things from
desire into reality. Sovereignty,
willpower, effective and determined
action. Dynamic self-esteem; someone
who is convincing, innovative and very
original. The Magician stands with his
right hand holding a wand pointing
upward and his left hand pointing towards
the earth. It is with these elements (air-
swords, wands-fire, cups-water,
pentacles-earth)that he creates his magic.
He represents the power to take things
from desire into physical manifestation.
R: Using power with the wrong intention,
Abuse of power, Powerful people in your
life using their power against you.
Trickiness, deception, backstabbing.
Weakness of will and an unoriginal
approach will impede progress. Always
depending on neighboring cards.

wisdom, details have been veiled,
introspection, hidden activity felt, nothing
obvious or currently tangible. Intuition,
empathy, sudden insight. Security due to
inner clarity. Wisdom, scientific
understanding, knowledge of human
nature. Fluctuation, whether for good or
evil, is shown by cards connected with it.
Quintessentially feminine, the High
Priestess poses a challenge to masculine
dominance. She is usually shown reading
a book and her expression is calm - but
does her composure merely serve to mask
her emotions? The High Priestess
symbolizes wisdom. She is willing to

share her knowledge with others and
advises introspection. Listen to what
others have to say but analyses it
carefully. Be organized and discreet;
hidden influences may be at work. Let
intuition and your positive emotional
responses guide you. The High Priestess
also has a bearing on health and diet and
is perhaps urging you to review these
two areas of your life. Use
R: Veil of time has been lifted; you can
currently see all, fighting being
influenced by a spiritual force, be careful
to stay spiritually in tune with oneself
and avoid following the wrong people's
advice. The good and the bad, negative
and the positive of the current situation
has been revealed. Pay attention.

EMPRESS Time period of planting
seeds and beginning stages, aspects of
motherhood and possible pregnancy.
well founded decisions are made;
detachment in the midst of activity. An
effort bears fruit. What has been sown
in the past, whether good or bad, is now
R: Issues with matriarchal influences or
unhealthy relationships with the mother
or strong women. Uprooting your hard
work, issues needs time to develop and
grow. Being to anxious and not
allowing the cement to harden can bring
much hardship in any current situation
Fickleness, hectic wavering. Being
unable to decide. By calming the mind
and detaching from it, the problems
virtually solve themselves.

EMPEROR Need to take control over
own affairs, legal matters, disciplinary
actions, and officialdom in all its forms,
authority, the state, military, and our
government, outside large organizations.
Emperor symbolizes the paternal male
figure who protects the home. Solidity,
stability, and reliability. Creating
structures which make life's constant ups
and downs more bearable, allow for
greater personal freedom and facilitate
working in harmony. The message to
you makes you responsible for handling
your lifes affairs, you need to be the
regulator in your life, be more
accountable and self-reliant. It describes
a situation where you must trust our own
ability to handle a situation. Dont leave
loose end in the hands of other by letting
them do your work for you. You need to
take matters into your own hands, and

make sure things are handled correctly.
The Emperor can represent an encounter
with authority; have a victory with the
court or systems where a judge or the
law is present. There is definitely an
outside influence of power and control
of an authority nature. In readings, this
card often stands for convention -
following established guidelines and
maintaining the status quo. The
Emperor is often associated with legal
matters, disciplinary actions, and
officialdom in all its forms. He can also
stand for an individual father or
archetypal Father in his role as guide,
protector and provider. The Emperor
represents authority, the state, military,
and our government, outside large
organizations. Universal structure,
established orders and industrialism, out
of the major arcane it deals with material
structure, order and regulation.
R: Emperor is a signal that you are not
doing what needs to be done. A time
comes when responsibilities must be
accepted, and accounts settled. The past
will continue to haunt you if you do not
recognize your mistakes and make
amends for them. You will need to
weigh matters carefully and perhaps
make important decisions about your
future course. signifies being at odds
with temporal power such as a judge,
boss head of state, police, teachers
achieved through negative action. A
matter is stuck in a rut. Everyday life
lacks an element of surprise and
spontaneous fun. The need to balance
and respect authority figures in your life.
Emperor is a signal that you are not
doing what needs to be done. A time
comes when responsibilities must be
accepted, and accounts settled. The past
will continue to haunt you if you do not
recognize your mistakes and make
amends for them. You will need to
weigh matters carefully and perhaps
make important decisions about your
future course. signifies being at odds
with temporal power such as a judge,
boss head of state, police, teachers
achieved through negative action. A
matter is stuck in a rut. Everyday life
lacks an element of surprise and
spontaneous fun. The need to balance
and respect authority figures in your life.
A judge, boss head of state, police,
teachers achieved through negative

HEIROPHANT Medium ship and
mediumistic abilities. Clairaudience you

have the ability to hear your inner guides
and spirits. Enlightenment thru spiritual
communication divine wisdom and
intervention from hearing a spiritual
message. Being taught or counseled;
benevolent support, therapeutic help.
Problems are solved easily and within the
framework of existing conventions.
Seeking advice from your spiritual
counselor or teacher, a pastor or priest.
Be open to develop your spiritual gifts.
R: Incompetent spiritual or religious
advice. Not hearing higher or inner voice,
Negative spiritual communications. Not
following the advice of divine wisdom or
advise, spiritual manifestation,
explanation, and teachings not being
followed. Incompetent spiritual or
religious advice. Not hearing higher or
inner voice, Negative spiritual
communications. Distorting religious
truths. Spiritually impractical behavior or
moral value merely theoretical
explanations. Endless discussions
without true ethical resulting actions. A
tunnel vision, a one-track mind, losing the
spiritual overview. Stresses to follow the
moral value of integrity: look deep into
your heart, and then act with the courage
of your convictions. Banish superficial
considerations and focus your mind on
more important matters.

LOVERS Area of life involves Intimate
relationships, love, embarking on a new
love affair or trying to revitalize an
existing relationship, choices in
relationships Love, flirting, a romance.
Beauty, sensuous pleasure and powerful
emotions. The uniting of opposites,
teamwork, solidarity. Having overcome
past difficulties in love, all things fall into
place of their own accord
R: If embarking on a new love affair or
trying to revitalize an existing
relationship, remember the Lover's
warning: Don't fall in love with love, this
may be just an infatuation. Emotional
strife, frustration, suspicion, and
disagreements in a relationship. Love
affair issues, infidelity, cheating
Unrequited love. Problems in
relationships, disillusionment with a
person. Unrealistic relationship plans;
actions out of balance in love with
disconnected from feelings.

CHARIOT Personal individual freedom,
physical transportation by travel in cars,
trains, buses, subways, motorcycles,
boats, canoes, yachts, bicycles

R: Travel delays or postponements, no
car or any means of personal
transportation, be careful of accidents,
issues with any form of vehicles

STRENGTH August/September
Leo/Virgo season, end of the summer
and the final crop, fortitude, Courage,
strength and faith, Strength due to
patience, sensitivity and openness.
Being charismatic and influential
without having to convince with words.
A strong woman giving sound advice.
Represents strength through
perseverance, spiritual power and the
victory of love over hate.
R: Timing of lifes opportunities
coming to fruition being delayed, lack of
courage in the face of obstacles and
adversity. Too much effort to convince
someone, problematic communications.
Due to this delay or lack of balance it
creates a contradictory period. Being
divided within and separated from
others. Lack of courage in the face of

HERMIT Inner wisdom, learned
experience, Following your own Inner
Light and spiritual assistance. Message
is to use the light and knowledge one has
gained through experience, Intelligence,
wisdom, insight, calmness.
Contemplation, concentrating on what is
essential. Wisdom sought for and
obtained from above. Divine
inspiration, but active. Hold your lantern
to light the way. Life takes on a new
meaning even if no audience is there to
applaud. Hermit has acquired sage-like
wisdom and experience during a long
life, he continues to seek truth. His lamp
symbolizes his continual quest for
knowledge. Occasionally he may
withdraw from the world but he also
realizes that too much knowledge can
become a responsibility, and is therefore
willing to put it to practice use by
counseling others. The Hermit stresses
the value of wisdom; he may use this
either to his benefit or that of other
R: Not learning from the past, not
listening to ones inner wisdom of
experience and mistakes, confused facts
and failing to see or hear the truth.
Represents a search which needs to be
done alone, losing touch with reality.
Lacking communicative skills to
understand the wisdom needed in the
current situation. Isolated decision
making; being overly cautious and

hesitant; postponing important
matters.Not listening to spiritual advise
given, being out of balance with inner
wisdom and understanding. He warns
you never to assume you know
everything there is to know. Keep an
open mind in all situations and be
receptive to new developments. Perhaps
you should withdraw and assess your
situation critically. Be cautious in your
actions and discriminating in your
choice of friends and colleagues. The
Hermit's ability to stand back from a
situation allows him to remain flexible
and avoid stubbornness.

control the timing of Success, luck, and
happiness, path of destiny, wheel of
fortune shows a turn of events moving.
Fortunate opportunity, the luck of the
draw, a meaningful coincidence. Great
changes, a once in a lifetime chance.
The fruits of past deeds- be they bitter or
sweet - are reaped. Fixed signs of the
zodiac at are each corner. The bull -
Taurus; the lion - Leo; the eagle -
Scorpio; the angel to Aquarius. The
sphinx sits with a sword on top of the
wheel to balance it all. On the wheel
itself one can see the word Tarot written
in a clockwise direction.
R: Lots of flux of success and failure,
entering a different cycle of life, time
delays, end of a problematic period.
Circumstances are about to change
Feeling trapped in the current situation
with no control over the outcome.
Attempting to do too many things at
once without completing anything. An
unclear situation.

JUSTICE Divine judgment is not
susceptible to human limitations.
Also, in combination with other cards,
legal proceedings, a court of law, a trial
at law. J ustice maintains the balance
between positive and negative. She is
equable and fair. The pillars behind her
throne represent moral strength and
integrity. She has the gift of clear
judgment; the ability to differentiate
between right and wrong. Making
decisions about contracts, lawsuits, legal
decisions, facing justice or injustice,
Libra season in October J ustice, law and
order. A situation requiring astute
discernment. Accountability towards
oneself has a cleansing and
strengthening effect.
R: J ustice advises you to be reasonable,
impartial and restrained. However, this

does not mean you should sit on the fence
and refuse to make a decision. She is
essentially practical and encourages you
to analyses your situation practically.
Perhaps you should be more self-critical,
but don't dwell on problems for too long;
worry can be self-defeating if it is not
applied practically. Inability to make a
decision, Lawsuits and prosecutions.
Unjust decisions and the consequences of
those decisions. A turn for the worse in
legal matters. Spiritual balance needed
from Inner conflict, insecurity, being
unable to decide over legal matters and
things needing to be in balance in ones

HANGMAN Diving time has brought a
stand still, no control over things not
moving When we most want to act, that is
when we should wait.
R: spirit has released time; things now
moving in your life, physical paralysis

DEATH Time for change we must "die"
to our old self, for instance belief systems
and behavior patterns, Death is not
physical inside transformation of being
the Death card represents a shedding of
the old self and does not have to
necessarily mean a physical death. This
shedding may include the ending of
friendships or associations, the falling
through of plans or the end of old habits.
All things are in a flux and must change
so that new life can spring from old
forms. It is time to overcome old habits
and to let go of so-called securities.
Make a clean break with the past and
what no longer works in your life.
R: Forced outside change, not self-
generated; some may come about as a
result of fate, caterpillar turning into the
butterfly real meaning of loss sometimes
may be an opportunity for change, the
ending of a cycle.

TEMPERANCE The process of
strengthening after being taken thru a
challenging process or time. Needing to
stay balanced emotionally and mentally,
staying in harmony, finding the right
measure. Accepting the fact of mutual
independence with others. Tolerance and
generosity. Inner healing powers are
released after a lot of commotion.
Temperance is orderly, disciplined and
careful. She is in control of the situation,
able to transfer water from one urn to the
other without spilling a drop. The water

is said to represent the emotions and the
essence of life, and the process of
forging strengthens steel is done by
constant pounding motions. The
difficulty of this process emphasizes the
value placed on being diligent in your
life. When this card lands it urges one to
continue the hard work. The symbols of
water and the Moon are traditionally
associated with the emotions. The figure
of Temperance in this context therefore
advises you to control your emotions.
R: Emotional breakdowns, time of
mental therapy, not being able to use
reason or rational thinking over your
emotions. Outer/inner conflicts of
interest, forceful wanting. Searching
aimlessly, emotionally unbalanced,
restlessness. Restrain your activities and
your emotions, highly turbulent and
stressful situations. Get an overview,
take care of health matters not allowing
yourself to stress or have anxiety over
matters. Not allowing over emotional
situations to get you our of control. Stay
rational in your thinking, if possible try
not to make any decisions while being
overly emotional.

DEVIL or energy hiding the truth/light,
self- destructive ways. Dark forces and
energy at work, slavery and the fact that
bonds to evil can be broken if the will is
there. Unstoppable and uncontrollable
dark events that are inescapable. Long
repressed material desires and instincts
suddenly surface. Could a certain
circumstance person/issue have you
under its control, which may be
afflicting you. Malicious intent, greed,
being out of balance with material
forces. Black magic possible witchcraft.
R: Release of a negative person or
situation, having to make a painful
choices; the fear of choosing the wrong
things. Brutal behavior, lack of
sensitivity. Illusions created by
presenting an impressive but false
external image. A temptation of dark
and negative element offering itself-a
very dangerous situation, Lessing of
darkness or negative forces. TOWER
Sudden breakdown in communications,
fighting, war, constant disagreements
Shattered illusion, revelation or drastic
change the destruction of existing forms
of being to quickly make room for new
ones. An impending radical shift,
accompanied by symptoms of an
unpleasant nature. Is symbolic of
materialistic thought and vanity. A great
revelation: truth shattering an illusion.

This violent image creates an instant
impression of destruction, indicating
shattered illusion, revelation or drastic
change. It represents a complete break
with the past. Tread carefully; you are
also very accident-prone at the moment.
Expect the unexpected and be confident
that, whatever the change, it will be to
your eventual advantage.
R: Communication breakdown is
gradual; lesser degree of change is still
catastrophic and irreversible, no subtle
change, dead end, stagnation. Hidden
undermining forces at work. no control
in the outcome something is desperately
kept "under a lid".

STAR Spiritual blessings, being guided
by positive forces in your life. Have
faith life is about to take a turn for the
better A higher spiritual ideal, radiating
strength and support. A person who
inspires others with their enthusiasm.
Growing hope, unfolding love. A new
guided perspective on things.
R: Being negative, helpless or hopeless.
Allowing negative thoughts, worries or
inhibitions to obstruct your life High
ideals resulting in hypocrisy, unjustified
hopes. An insincere opportunist.
Someone who could be pulling hidden
strings in the background.

MOON 28 day cycles of calendar days,
life's situations or decisions not being
clear. Distrust, deception and others
hiding things around you. Dont make
decisions at this time more needs to be
revealed. Cancer season month of J uly
Uncertainty, vagueness, ambivalence.
The answer to all questions lies in the
subconscious - ready to be discovered.
Listen to your own inner voice. Do not
deviate from the path you have
consciously chosen at this time. Nagging
self-doubts, irritation, exaggerated
touchiness. Unknown dangers,
deceptions and intrigue.
R: distrust, smoke & mirrors & trickery
ending Light shed on all aspects of
uncertain situations, deceptions, things
or people who have been hiding from
the truth

SUN Divine light, see and understand
all that is happening, promotes growth
sign of Leo and the month of August
Growth, expanding energies. Vitality
and youthful freshness. Material
growth, health, living joyfully. But it is

better to trust the slow process of natural
unfoldment and/or the natural healing
process. Glory, gain, riches. Sometimes
also arrogance. Display, vanity, but only
when surrounded by very evil cards. The
Sun heaps energy, warmth and happiness
on a young, contented couple who are
about to embrace. They appear trusting
and uninhibited; an example of pure love.
They represent contentment, fulfillment
and true friendship. Even so, the Sun
also has a harsher side; its rays can be
damaging. The Sun gives vitality, energy
and creative power - exploit these talents
to the full. Take pleasure from pure,
simple things and the arts. The Sun is a
particularly auspicious card if you are
about to marry or have a child. The
message is essentially positive, but it does
carry a warning: beware of pride
R: Having no J oy, Glory or light in
ones life, loneliness and uncertainty,
refusing to see the truth. Laziness, lacking
self-discipline, exploiting one's own vital
energies. External comfort while being
inwardly empty. Fire is a good servant
but a cruel master. Do not be lulled into a
false sense of security by the apparently
positive influence ruling your life at
present. Avoid the trap of complacency.

JUDGEMENT Archangel Gabriel
summons the past and announces the
arrival for atonement of past mistakes and
the possibility of a new beginning, end to
the old and a beginning of the new, but
unlike the Death card the change is
always positive.
What was formerly divided comes
together again. Opposites are recognized,
old lessons learned after past lessons are
realized you become whole on a higher
level. As things from the past are healed
its possible to become whole; uniting and
reunions. This card calls for self-analysis
and looking back at past issues or
behaviors. It suggests that if you examine
your faults and weaknesses, awareness of
them will transform you and make you
more sympathetic, less resentful and
therefore more humanitarian. Perhaps
you need to forgive and forget; bitterness
can be a canker of the spirit. Be honest
with yourself, consider your own actions.
These may be adversely affecting other
people. If this is the case, the
consequences are not irremediable. The
symbolism of resurrection in this card
indicates a second chance.
R: A need learn past lessons, this will
cleanse one of all guilts and burdens,
moving forward of old behavior and

actions. Attachment to a mere
semblance of past harmony, avoiding
past conflicts, refusal to deal with
difficulties of the past. Lacking
objectivity, losing contact with reality
thinking the past lessons don't need to be
learned Attachment to a mere semblance
of harmony, avoiding conflicts, refusal
to deal with difficulties. Lacking
objectivity, losing contact with reality.

UNIVERSE International travel,
foreign affairs, Mass communication,
being in the public. Fame, being a
celebrity having notoriety. Being in the
entertainment industry or a public figure,
Travel over mass amounts of water A
peak career experience, the fulfillment of
a lifelong professional desire, the
manifestation of a important task.
R: Problems with foreign countries,
travel or passport issues, no citizen ship.
Problems with terrorism, not a good time
to travel to other countries. Delay in
world travel or business, Bad press,
gossip, Negative Fame An important
worldly matter cannot be completed.
Disturbances and obstacles with the
public. Decisiveness, endurance, and
determination are most needed now.
Afterwards the ending of a cycle or
phase in life.


Using combination tarot the lower
arcane will be referred to as the
mundane cards meaning interpretations
that deal with the physical world.


Astrological Cycles: Aries: March 21 -
April 20, Leo: July 23 - August 23,
Sagittarius: November 23 - December

1. Relocating, New project set in
motion, Travel by air. A new
beginning; enthusiastic and gainful
enterprise. Discovering new ideas
and talents. High energy for new
projects. The opportunity for further
R: Delays of travel, delay of progress
in new projects and any new

2. Business partnerships, negotiation,
friends working together to possibly
form a business. In all partnerships
much has been achieved but don't stop
here make sure the details of this
agreement benefit all concerned.
Existing abilities need to be put to the
test and cultivated further. Seek
surrounding cards to clarify and
further investigate before making this
decision to become business partners
may be better to have the business
alone, make sure this is your decision.
R: Partnerships of all types consider
the inability to enjoy success and
good fortune. False testimony,
uneasy compromises. Good
intentions but no real convictions to
back them up based on surrounding
cards could also be a loss or possibly
a robbery in a business or personal
situation. Possibility of failure when
success seems sure if working alone.
Success depends on a philosophical
approach to delays, an alert frame of
mind and patience. Extremes and
aggression in business should be
avoided at all costs.

3. Project meetings, beginning phase of
a project, deals or contracts, e.g.
lawyers, business development, real
estate agents

4. Represents the home, your place of
dwelling. Deals with renting, buying
selling or relocating where you
currently live. Positive surrounding
cards happiness in the home, J oy and
celebration. Harmony and
development. Successful real estate
ventures, business partnership.
Enterprise with property or land,
negotiation and commerce.
R: Current residence is out of
balance. Problems with Settlement,
estates or trust. Arrangement made
may be broken and completed.
Perfected work falls apart. A
completion of a thing built up with
trouble and labor Un-readiness,
unreliable and unsteady, through over
anxiety and hurriedness of action. Not
the time to move, relocate buy or sell.
Think twice about changing current
living arrangements, dont move with
roommates or family members or
allow anyone to move in with you if

5. Fights and verbal arguments battle of

wills, sudden about turns with energy
or communications some chaos
emerges things are hectic and on edge.
Meaningless arguments, needless
competition. An opportunity will be
missed if differences can't be put aside
by everyone concerned.
R: A lessoning of battling energies,
taking a more peaceful and rational
approach with less attacking and
attitude. Being reasonable while
discussing issues at hand.

6. Gain and Success. Victory after strife,
success through energy and industry,
love, pleasure gained by labor,
carefulness, sociability and avoiding of
strife, yet victory therein. Also
insolence, pride of riches and success,
etc. The whole depending on dignity.
Determination brings victory. Fierce
competition. Challenge. Valuable
advice from elders and advisers.
Praise and recognition for one's efforts.
The growing ability to present oneself
exactly as one is. Long awaited
support finally arrives.
R: Having rejoiced prematurely, the
disappointment may be doubly painful.
Instead of feeling over secure, trusty
you healthy sense of mistrust.
7. Overcoming struggle and
insurmountable obstacles, others
causing trouble, persistence in
hardships. Opposition, in order to
overcome challenges and problems
courage is needed. Possible victory,
depending on the energy and courage
exercised; valor, difficulties, yet
perseverance is needed to meet them,
quarrelling, ignorance, pretense,
wrangling and threatening, also victory
in small and unimportant things, and
influence over subordinate. Depending
on dignity as usual. Think before
taking initiatives. Additional
responsibility and self-control is
R: As the obstacles and challenges
lesson, confront all events with patient
detachment instead of using willpower
and force. Do what is necessary, but at
the right time and at the right place.

8. Travel by air, acceleration situations
and energy in motion.
R: Flight delays, slowing down of
motion and movement

9. Being careful what you do or say,
gossip, warning to proceed carefully
and with caution. Someone could be
watching and listening to whatever
you say or do. Your words and action
can be used against you. This card
also represents gossip and people
around you discussing your business.
R: He who heeds no warning signs
will rush toward his destruction open-
eyed. The fear of failure can and must
be overcome, be deliberate in your
actions and words. Situation could be
calming down but proceed slowly and
keep your guard up until completely
out of the situation. Read yourself
again to make sure everything has

10. Carrying burdens and responsibilities
of other people, to lighten your load,
let others do for themselves
Shouldering a great burden; many
things are being moved around. But
is the final goal really worth all this
effort? Being overburdened; fruitless
efforts. Also generosity, self-sacrifice,
and disinterestedness when well-
R: It is finally time to drop a heavy
load. Letting go of energy and
problems that do not serve you.
Removing obstacles and burdens.
Make sure people stay responsible for

PAGE This card suggests you may be
about to change your address or
travel, and warns of possible quarrels
or a change in relationships. On a
positive note, it encourages you to
think about ways in which to expand
your business interests.
R: Represents a child, emotional
communications about business
delays communications sending or
receiving, via phone text email.
Unclear aims or plans, immaturity.
Flaky planning, avoiding the
consequences of one's actions.

KNIGHT Astrological Cycles: Aries:
March 21 - April 20, Leo: J uly 23 -
August 23, Sagittarius: November 23
- December 21 young fire sign age
(13-.35) An enterprising young man
who the querent knows. He is ready
to take a risk and do what is needed.
Reliability, lending a helping hand.
R: A hot blooded, somewhat

unbalanced personality. Making
unconditional demands and adopting
an all-or-nothing stance. Constantly
changing interests and/or partners.

QUEEN older female fire sign age
(40 and older) . She represents
someone who enjoys life but has a lot
of common sense. She is open and
honest, sympathetic and loving, and
extremely feminine. Her sincere
interest in other people makes her an
excellent hostess. A loving woman
who the querent knows. A highly
developed sense for the subtleties of
human interactions; receptiveness
toward the plight of others. A call to
develop discretion and personal
integrity. She has a knack for
enjoying life and being successful.
Gaining a deeper understanding for
partners and other people by
accepting one's own weaknesses.
Business accuracy and good
judgment. The power to prevail and
present good leadership abilities.
R: Touchiness and an all pervading
discontentment. Stoic submission can
lead to health problems. Bad temper,
anger outburst inappropriate behavior
when not in balance with herself.
Prone to gossip and starting rumors,
her faults may be jealously and deceit.
KING older male fire sign (40 and
older) Astrological Cycles: Aries:
March 21 - April 20, Leo: J uly 23 -
August 23, Sagittarius: November 23
- December 21 older male fire sign
(40 and older) In a positive aspect this
person can be a mature, responsible
man who the querent knows. He is
sincere, affectionate, and has a
positive attitude. Living life and
loving with joy. Translating good
ideas into positive actions.
R: Out of balance this person can be
unrealistic making impossibly high
demands, great efforts. Danger of
being overwhelmed and egotistic.
Rigidly pursuing one's own narcissist
goals and therefore being insensitive
towards others.

Astrological Cycles: Taurus: April
21- May 21 Capricorn: December 22 -
January 20 Virgo: August 24 -
September 22

1. Being offered a new job or project,

financial area of life moving forward.
An opportunity being given to further
one's cause. The beginning of a
reliable and harmoniously flowing
business relationships. Success in a
new business or professional affair.
R: An offer or financial offer that was
thought to be strong and durable turns
out to be surprisingly fragile. A delay
of an offer or contract. Be careful in
business or failure, bad business, hard
work, little success, hazardous

2. J uggling finances, stabilizing and
balancing day to day budget. Constant
money change. Robbing peter to pay
paul. Alteration of gain and financial
loss, economic weakness and strength,
Fortunate behavior through being
prudence of money management, dont
be irresponsible or unaccountable and
foolish with money. Money cycle not
currently stable.
R: Ending constant financial
fluctuations, order and guiding money
structures coming into balance. After
using financial discretion in tight
economic times you begin to see better
economic times.

3. Physical document, contract signing or
paperwork. Pay attention to written
format or agreement. Represents
physical bills, receipts, debt, memos.
Physical documents, contract signing
or paperwork. Pay attention to written
format or agreement. Represents
physical bills, receipts, debt, memos.
Hard work accomplished. Business,
paid employment. Commercial
transactions. Working and
constructive force, building up,
erection, creation, realization and
increase of material things, gain in
commercial transactions, rank, increase
of substance, influence, cleverness in
business, selfishness, commencement
of matter to be established later. A
profitable partnership. Original money-
making ideas.
R: Delay in written documents,
paperwork not processing correctly.
May have more contract negotiations,
lost documents, go over all written
information with a fine tooth comb no
details unturned. Bad credit, bills due.
May have to hire an attorney or legal
counsel. Narrow-mindedness with
contracts, pedantry, clinging to rigid
principles. Narrow and prejudiced,

keen in matter of gain. Modified by
dignity. Sometimes given to seeking
after the impossible. The need for
consolidation. Responsibility may
cause nervous strain.

4. Problems with finances and paying
bills, limited finances, Consolidation,
due to the lack of finances be more
responsible take defensive measures,
trying to assure a certain future.
Dont spend foolishly; you have no
excess cash to splurge. Only
spending money on the necessities of
your life, explain that at this time your
unable to help anyone but yourself or
your family. Times are currently hard
financially. May need to seek other
employment or a way to get a second
income. May have had to borrow
money, take out a loan or get a second
R: Financial gain after money
hardships and influence. Progress in
material gain, Coveting money,
careful and orderly, but disconcerted.
Little enterprise or originality.
Altered by dignity as usual. Possible
need to be Involved in a variety of
projects - the need to bring in more
financial gain. Possible exhaustion of
financial and material energy. The
need for discretion.

5. Helping people who deserve it may
need to ask for assistance. Could also
indicate needing to ask for assistance
from others who can really help you.
R: Difficulties on all fronts. Self-
doubt, doubts in a relationship,
doubting the validity of situations, not
giving assistance to individuals who
have used or taking advantage of you

6. Money owed, borrowed, a loan,
settlement of a lawsuit
R: Enabling someone lesson is people
must learn to help themselves in a
financial matter. If able to avoid
dont borrow or loan money. Make
sure any moneys loaned are returned,
this card signifies the possibility of a
delay in a a loan or not being able to
afford to pay a loan.

7. The area of life dealing with
employment and hard work, job and
the day to day work environment,
reward from physical labor. Little
gain for much labor. Promises of

success fulfilled if other surrounding
cards are positive. Honorable work
undertaken for the need to pay bills
and take care of oneself is the reward.
According to dignity. Success and
money from hard work.
Dissatisfaction because this may not
be ones dream career or life destiny.
R: Blind activity due to lack of work,
needing to look for employment.
Unprofitable speculation and
employment. Little gain for much
labor. Disappointments not being able
to find a job. Misery, slavery,
necessity and baseness. Hopes
deceived and crushed. Sometimes it
denotes slight and isolated gains with
no fruits resulting therefrom and of no
further account, though seeming to
promise well.

8. Signing of written contracts, legal
agreements, bills, receipts, debt,
memos. Conscientiousness in
business and paperwork, Skilled
effectiveness in negotiations, having
an eye for the subtleties with all
financial dealings . What took a long
time to prepare now comes to fruition.
Over-careful in small things at the
expense of the great. "Penny-wise
and proud foolish." Delay in written
documents, paperwork not processing
correctly. May have more contract
negotiations, lost documents, go over
all written information with a fine
tooth comb no details unturned.
R: Delay in business dealings, Based
on surrounding cards be careful of
mean, avariciousness dealings.
Industrious, cultivation of land,
hoarding, lacking in enterprise. Not a
assured success. A large fortune could
be lost or stolen. The fruits of hard
labor do not manifest as promised.
General progress gained could be loss
or delayed. Responsibility may cause
nervous strain. Problems with
finances and paying bills, limited
finances, Bad credit, bills due. May
have to hire an attorney or legal
counsel. Narrow-mindedness with
contracts, pedantry, clinging to rigid
principles. Narrow and prejudiced,
keen in matter of gain. Modified by
dignity. Sometimes given to seeking
after the impossible. The need for

9. Affluence, philanthropy, prosperity,
wealthy people Financial success, a

leap forward in career matters.
Inheritance. Much increase of money.
Complete realization of material gain,
inheritance, covetousness, treasuring of
goods and sometimes theft and
knavery. All according to dignity.
Financial security. Further study may
stimulate the mind and improve
finances. An unexpected gift or bill.
Material enjoyment peace of mind.
R: Being too self-satisfied and
therefore carelessly unconcerned.
Much could be lost or broken.

10. Material success, large sum of money,
winning lawsuit, tax returns, being
given a loan or bonus. A large sum of
money balances out finances,
surrounded by human warmth and
comfort. Out of financial
independence finally arises equality.
R: Money delays, not arriving could
cause a domino effect on ones
finances. Certain financial bondages in
relationship are overlooked. Be
responsible with what you have until
your money problems balance out.

PAGE represents a child, phone calls
or messages dealing with financial
state of being or the lack thereof

KNIGHT young earth sign age (13-

QUEEN Astrological Cycles: Taurus:
April 21- May 21 Capricorn:
December 22 - J anuary 20 Virgo:
August 24 - September 22 older female
earth sign age (40 and older)
An experienced, self confident woman
which the querent knows. Being
centered in one's own being and
harmony. A till unsatisfied need rears
its head. Realizing possibilities which
have yet to be explored. Financially
stable person, knows how to handle
money and business.
Materially obsessed, thinks more about
money than people. Tension, fear,
mistrust. Discontentment with oneself.
Finding problems with the capacity to
enjoy life?

KING older male earth sign (30 and

Astrological Cycles: Cancer June 22 -
July 22, Scorpio: October 24 -
November 22, Pisces: February 19 -
March 20

1. Beginning of new relationships, love
affairs courtship.
R: Emotional or relationship issues,
estrange states of relationship
suspension, nothing can be decided
and everything grinds to a halt. This
could be the result of having
overlooked something of vital
importance in the area of love.

2. Friendships, healing card, indicate
physical, emotional or mental
healings. Based on surrounding cards
love, passion, sympathy. Unity,
teamwork, solidarity. Two people are
united by common experience. A
shared pain is half the pain. A shared
joy is double the joy. Heartfelt action
guarantees the desired results. It pays
to openly approach a certain person.
R: Loss of love, friendship. Lack of
pleasure. Friendships out of balance.
Loss of harmony and balance,
sometimes too much folly,
dissipation, waste and silly action,
according to dignity. The possibility
of just friendship with no love interest
a new love affair gone bad.

3. A positive group experience.
Entertainment, social situations,
community gatherings company
parties people out in the public.
Social situations, parties, birthdays
celebrations. Having plenty,
Hospitality, eating, drinking.
Dancing, new clothes and merriment.
Abundance of fun, success, pleasure,
sensuality, passive success, good luck
and fortune. Love, gladness, kindness
and bounty, According to dignity.
Romantic impulses. Emotions need to
be controlled by reason. A shared
intellectual interest. Harmonious
union. Love reciprocated. Renewed
R: Be careful at social events and
celebrating to much. Excesses
drinking and social activities. While
someone else has reasons to rejoice, a
disappointment may be in store for
you. Dont go where you are not
invited, a situation can turn for the
worst and almost be to late to change

the course of events. Pay attention to
what you do and say in public, may be
embarrassed by someone in a social
setting or embarrassing oneself be

4. Review, reflect, and reconsider
details. Evaluate before make any
decisions, time for rest. A stationary
period in life, which may or may not
continue. Reflections not taking any
action at this time. It is a very passive
energy and represents lots of thinking
before taking action. Some
drawbacks to pleasure implied.
Resolution of a problem. Fulfillment,
solace and satisfaction.
R: After much reflection you have
realized the current situation has built
up everything possible in the current
situation. Nothing more can come of
what has been. Ready to take action
after a period of waiting. Life goes on
even if the present situation is
unsatisfying. A new perspective will
emerge by moving forward not
5. Disappointments in love, marriage
broken off, unkindness from friends
(whether deserved or not is shown by
the nearby cards). Loss of friendship.
Death or end of pleasures. Sorrow
and loss in those things from which
pleasure is expected. Sadness, deceit,
treachery, ill-will, detraction, charity
and kindness ill-requited. All kinds of
troubles from unexpected and
unsuspected sources. Obstructions to
love. Harmony leading to satiety in
love. Over-tiredness may reduce
vitality and promote discontent.
Emotional regrets, things havent
worked out, loss, crying over spilled
milk, every loss opens new
R: Partial success, reaching an interim
goal. But much more needs to be
done before the final goal is reached.
Not a total loss and/or separation but
without losing your intrinsic self
respect. Do not deviate from the path
which leads to self-realization face the
truth of this situation.

6. Cycles of past behavior, nostalgia
memory, karmic relationships or
behavior. Unsuccessful in breaking
unhealthy patterns. Based on
situation person could consider seeing
a therapist to assist with emotional

R: Success in breaking
emotional/mental patterns that were
not serving you. Being able to finally
live in the present, acting
spontaneously, a period of overcoming
procrastination and having fun and

7. Putting priorities of life in order, life
choices, too many ideas and dreams in
the air. Unrealistic goals, illusions,
fantasies. A disappointment might
open your eyes to reality. Can you
wake up before it has come to that?
Often success gained, but not followed
R: Being on the verge of repeating an
old mistake. Final decisions need to be
examined carefully. The need to be
responsible and put first things first in
your life. Choices have been made for

8. After much reflection you have
realized the current situation has built
up everything possible in the current
situation. Nothing more can come of
what has been. Ready to take action
after a period of waiting. Life goes on
even if the present situation is
unsatisfying. A new perspective will
emerge by moving forward not
R: Not ready to take action. Indecisive
due to fear and anxiety being afraid to
move from current circumstances.
Being on the verge of repeating an old
mistake by not facing the truth.. Final
decisions need to be examined
carefully, dont go backwards.

9. Wish granted, happy outcome,
emotional abundance, the fullness of a
wish granted by spirit, sensuous
enjoyment. But this achievement must
be secured if it is meant to bring lasting
R: One more obstacle to overcome;
your success hangs in the balance. All
other matters will have to wait until
later this dream may not come true at
this time. Re - evaluate the situation
and ask again.

10. Marriage, long-term relationships,
Harmony in relationships, feeling at
home, comfort and safety. Happy
family life and love interest .
Emotional Success and Fulfillment.
Possibly a new love affair or the

revival of an old one based on
surrounding cards.
R: Marriage or relationship out of
balance could end in separation or
divorce. Area of your love live is out
of balance or not in existence . Do
not focus on trying to have a
relationship at this time. Not the
cycle in your life for true love, people
around you may not be the ones for
you as a love interest. Be careful and
protect your heart.

PAGE A child, phone calls or
messages, emails text messages any
form of communications that is
emotional. Communications sending
or receiving, via phone text email.
Conversations to attain an overview
on an important matter. Maybe
irritating details. Self-examination,
assessment of one's position.

KNIGHT Astrological Cycles:
Cancer J une 22 - J uly 22, Scorpio:
October 24 - November 22, Pisces:
February 19 - March 20 young water
sign age (13-35) a young man/woman
is generous, kind, diligent,
benevolent, careful, courageous,
preserving. confident materialist who
experiences little difficulty in
attaining their goals. It represents
someone mature, reliable and
methodical. The card represents
someone with the ability to step back
from a situation, someone withdrawn
and calm who can make objective
judgments. Can be thoughtful
studious and imaginative.
R: Apathy, being superficial and
constantly distracted. when our of
balance can be discouraged by passing
circumstances, wasteful and prodigal.
A fierce nature with a calm exterior.
Powerful for good or evil, but more
attracted by the evil, if allied with
apparent power or wisdom. If ill-
dignified, he is intensely evil and

QUEEN older female water sign (40
and older)
imaginative and creative person
which the querent knows. A personal
success, achieved not by accident, but
by working for it. A person using all
of your talents or do you let them be
buried under the load of everyday

R: Sometimes too much naivety,
lacking a sense for what is substantial.
It is not enough to make a good
impression. Real progress has to be
made. Can be prone to being a
daydreamer and not a doer be careful
living in a fantasy world.

KING older male water sign (40 and
older) A well meanings, somewhat
sedate man which the querent knows.
He shows his generosity but asks for
nothing in return. Making use of
certain connections, bringing friends
into the matter. The person
represented by this card is a
successful man with sharp business
acumen who seldom misses an
opportunity to increase his wealth.
He prizes financial and material
comfort very highly. He is a loyal
friend whose faults are a tendency to
gamble or over-invest. An
experienced man, capable of deep
feeling. Balanced judgments and
actions; insight into human nature. A
tempting offer. No need to reject a
helping hand. imaginative and
courageous person which the querent
knows. A personal success, achieved
not by accident, but by working for it.
Are you using all of your talents or do
you let them be buried under the load
of everyday chores?
R: Naivety, lacking a sense for what
is substantial. It is not enough to
make a good impression. Real
progress has to be made.
Voraciousness, indulgence,
moodiness, unreliability. Need to be
you aware of the consequences and
your actions. He will be avaricious,
grasping, dull, jealous, and not very
courageous, unless assisted by other
symbols. Sometimes treats people
like objects to be owned. Over abuse
of power, the need to be in control.
Without financial power is a very
insecure individual.

Astrological Cycles: Gemini: May 22 -
June 21, Libra: September 23 -
October 23, Aquarius: January 21 -
February 18

1. Invoked severance of force by ending
a situation or circumstance; for it is
the invocation of the Sword. Raised
upward, it invokes the Divine Crown

of Spiritual Brightness. If surrounding
cards are ill-dignified, it is the
invocation of demoniac force, and
becomes a fearfully evil symbol. It
represents therefore very great power
for good or evil, but invoked. Also it
represents whirling force and strength
through trouble. It is the affirmation of
justice, upholding Divine authority; it
may become the sword of wrath,
punishment and affliction. Only ace
where a tie must sever, something end
before a new beginning can be born,
Ending the old before the new arrives.
R: Delaying the need to sever ties and
end the current circumstance. Be
careful of mental confusion, ignorance,
faulty diagnosis. Misdirected mental
decisions or endings.

2. Facing major decisions, all or nothing,
not making a decision will result in
mental stalemate. Hesitation, dilemma,
being unable to make a choice.
Precarious balance. Full alertness is
needed to maintain your equilibrium.
Postponing, delaying, consoling others
with empty words.
R: Decisions finally made, once
information is received and things are
revealed. Knowing the truth enables
one to make responsible and action
oriented growth.

3. Love Triangles, infidelity, cheating
partners, normally a third influence or
people involved in the current
situation. Emotional suffering,
problems in relationships,
hopelessness, moving backwards.
Being hurt by words; mental cruelty.
As long as the mind fights against the
emotions inner wounds cannot be
healed. Unhappiness, sorrow, tears.
Disruption, interruption, separation,
quarrelling, sowing of discord and
strife, mischief making, sorrow, tears,
yet mirth in evil pleasures, selfishness
and dissipation, yet sometimes
generous, deceitful in words and
R: Successful defense over love
triangles that you may or may not have
wanted to participate or be involved.
After all things revealed the situation
has stamina, possibly a self-healing.
Responsibility for a friend's actions
and the risk of making too many
sacrifices. Disappointment in social
life. Ending of being in tri angles.

4. Rest and stillness, recovering from an
illness, allow quiet time to heal.
Withdrawal, self-absorption.
Someone who likes to contemplate
and meditate. Taking a break; deeply
meaningful talks. Regeneration,
gathering new strength. To much
isolation can lead to depression,
pessimism, belief in doom and gloom.
Convalescence, recovery from
sickness, change for the better. Rest
from sorrow, yet after and through it.
Peace from and after war. Relaxation
of anxiety. Quietness, rest, ease and
plenty, yet after struggle. Modified by
dignity as in the other cases.
Not facing responsibility could inhibit
progress. Depression due to
misunderstanding or deception.
Absence or sorrow. Physical
hospitalization, jail or isolation, law
suit or divorce, separation or
R: Life goes on even if the present
situation is unsatisfying. A new
perspective will emerge after rest and
relaxation. Success after anxiety and
trouble. It is time to finally nudge
yourself into doing what you have
wanted to do for so long.
Collaboration with others resolves

5. Winning the battle and losing the war,
dont give others weapons to use
against you, pick your battles wisely.
Destructiveness, humiliation, and self-
righteousness. Someone maybe using
their power against you. Danger of
alienating friends and not being able
to trust people around you. Be careful
receiving bad advice. Defeat, loss,
malice, spite, slander, evil-speaking.
Contest finished, and decided against
the person, failure, anxiety, trouble,
poverty, avarice, grieving after pain,
laborious, un-resting, loss and
vileness of nature. Malicious,
slandering, lying, spiteful and tale-
bearing. A busy-body and separator
of friends, hating to see peace and
love between others. Cruel yet
cowardly, thankless and unreliable.
Clever and quick in thought and
R: After lots of trials and tribulations
a relief is near. Feelings of confusion
and unrest the dust has begun to settle.
Have dignity after suffering delays
and difficulties. Persistence wins
through; regrets impede progress.
Time off revitalizes. The need for


6. Going from a turbulent situation to a
clearer cleaner land, relocation or
travel over water. Success after
anxiety and trouble. Obstacles need to
be eliminated before the way ahead
R; Not being able to overcome a
difficult transition, feelings of
isolation and emotional helplessness,
a period of inner turmoil and testing.
Therapy should be discussed.

7. Physical or emotional loss, careful of
robbery, cunning or lying behavior.
Untrustworthy in character, Malice.
Cruelty, Pain. Despair, cruelty,
pitilessness, malice, suffering, want,
loss, misery. Burden, oppression,
labor, subtlety and craft, lying,
dishonesty, etc., according to dignity.
Loss of friendship. An acute problem.
Love overcomes difficulties.
Admission of faults resolves
problems. Worries can be rationalized
and hence dissolved.
R: Energy and situations recycle
themselves, Seek further counsel in
order to make sure this situation can
be trusted.

8. Being held hostage or bound, heading
toward (or already in) a situation in
which you will feel a lack of freedom
and choice. Being stuck in a dead-
end situation, but not without having
contributed to it in some way by
allowing yourself to be tied to the
current situation. Self imposed
limitations obstruct your unfoldment
or release. Remove physical and
emotional hang-ups. If surrounding
cards are negative investigate the
possibility of abuse could be mental,
emotional or physical. Narrow or
R: Finally being released from self-
imposed limitations obstructing your
unfoldment or release. Removing
physical and emotional hang-ups or
situations that have held the quertent

9. Facing worst fears or nightmares,
seeing delay, loss, need, sorrow,
unhappiness, grief, regrets, inner fear.
Needless suffering, worrying is not
going to solve the problems one needs
to face. It is imperative to seek out
qualified counsel. Confronting an

old, repressed difficulty. Accepting
responsibility for oneself, trying anew.
R: The real problem remains
undiscovered. Once the cat has been let
out of the bag dont go back into denial.
Admission of faults resolves problems.
Worries can be rationalized and hence

10. Represents ruin, failure, defeat, death
of an illusion, separation, pain,
distress, negative thinking, Stabbed in
the back, betrayal unhappiness,
depression, loss, devastation, possible
energy bankruptcy. You have hit just can't get any worse than
this. There is absolutely nothing that
you can do to change the situation. On
the bright side, the only place you have
to go now is up!!!
R: Indicates that the worst is over.
Your problems will begin to lessen,
and you will experience a space to
heal.. You are emerging from an
emotional period of hurt and sadness.
You must realize that the worst is over
and that your problems are beginning
to resolve. Overcoming inward
resistances. At last things come to a
head. after the storm Increasingly
dynamic developments.

PAGE Represents a child, struggled,
strife and animosity in communications
sending or receiving, via phone text
email. Hectic activities, nervousness,
lack of concentration. When did you
last embark on an interior "spring-
cleaning"? Communication that ends
or severs a situation, somethings may
come to an end.
R: Delay in communications, pending
doom or endings. Difficult transition,
feelings of isolation, Rivals are
powerless. The battle is almost won.
Discipline necessary to organize work
and delegate tasks. Co-operation with
others is vital, unless you want a
situation to end be mindful of

KNIGHT A sharp yet flexible mind;
readiness for action. An important
decision should be made by consulting
your feelings. Full of ideas and
thoughts and designs, distrustful,
suspicious, firm in friendship and
enmity, careful, slow, over-cautious.
R: Distractedness, having no staying
power, unclear goals. Hapless activity.
Avoidance, excuses, bending the truth

settling for what is less desirable.
Also can be a user and lazy in
character instead of relying on their
on abilities.

QUEEN older female air sign age (40
and older) An air sign mature woman
assertive emancipated woman, able to
push things through. Discernment
due to direct experience. Can be
sharp with the tongue decisive in
action and words. Expansive thinking
constantly out of the box.

KING older male air sign (40 and