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Assignment 1- Information Literacy

Steven Begleiter


Assignment 1: Information Literacy
1. Apple may unveil iWatch on September 9, by Paul R. LaMonica.

2. Apple is planning on releasing a wearable device in September that will be able to
compete with all of the other smart watches on the market. The iWatch, as they call it,
will have the capability of using many different apps. Apple might also be including
Homekit with the iWatch so that people can control household appliances remotely from
the device. There are still lots of critics who believe there will be lots of controversy over
the small screen. Another thing that is up for debate is that most phones and tablets can
use and support the same apps as the iWatch making it almost unnecessary. Even though
it is hard to say whether or not this device will be a big hit; it is in fact an Apple product
and they are favored by many.

3. The two search engines I used were Bing and Google. The results were very similar
except Google gave more variety in its search results whereas Bing`s results were pretty
analogous. I used the key words phone technology.

1. The article was written on 8/28/14 at 7:40pm, and it has not been updated.
2. This article is also about smart watches except it is not only about Apple devices.
3. The author is Matt Burns and he is a senior editor on TechCrunch. He has written
numerous articles in the light of technology.
4. I believe that this information is accurate and trustworthy because all of the
information gathered has been from that company itself. I do not know if it has
been tested for accuracy.
5. Matt Burns wrote this article to inform people and based on his writing I sense no
form of bias or persuasion.
5. The keywords I used were smart phones and the database I used was ProQuest
because it was the number one top database.

6. The internet article was a lot easier to obtain because I could just google it and find it in
comparison to the journal article that I had to search through a database. A benefit of
using the journal article through the database is that all of the information I need is
clearly listed so I dont have to go searching through the article to find information. Most
of the articles from the database are very old and out of date. Yet a lot of articles found
on the internet are very recent. Both of these authors have written many articles in
regards to technology but I cannot seem to find any more information on them.

Assignment 1- Information Literacy
Steven Begleiter


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