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Nobody could ever think that one day someone would try to escape. In those terrible
times you had to thank God or whoever if you were still alive. Human rights were not
respected at all. The dreadful conditions that prisoners had to suffer at the ghetto
were unbelievable. If you were Jew, inferior, different, then you were condemned to
However, a brave man would manage to get free. Frank could not stand any longer
the extremely pain and he decided to run away from the ghetto although he knew that
the chances of surviving were remote. It was such a cold rainy morning that it seemed
like the sun had extinguished, when he jumped off the barracks and started the
escape. Soldiers were asleep but still in alert. With the help of a faithful friend who
accompanied him, he crawled across the large field in order to reach the wire fence. It
was an especial corner where he had discovered a hole to pass to the other side of the
countryside. But until they got to that corner a tragedy occurred. A soldier who was
observing the place suddenly bawled: You two bastards, what are you doing there?
Desperately the prisoners started to run as fast as they could trying not to be caught.
Because of his weakness Franks friend stumbled and the soldier captured him. Frank,
who was forwards, turned to look at what was happening. It was too late. His friend
was lying on the ground violently punched with wounds blooding and definitely dead.
Frank was so astonished that he could hardly move. When he realized that the soldier
was going for him, he immediately rushed towards the hole that was around ten
meters long. Fortunately he could slide to pass the wire fence. The soldier shot twice
but he did not hurt him. It was a miracle, he was free. However, what he could never
forgive himself was the guilt of having to leave his loyal friend and do nothing to help
him. He would never be free of that thought.