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Liza Marie C.

Adarne 4-NUR1
Always remember that you are absolutely unique.
Just like everyone else. -Margaret Mead

My siblings are my best friends.

For me, having three siblings is not a good thing because I need to compete to
the three of them in order to have my parents attention. Since, I am also the middle
child, I somehow experienced the middle child syndrome which makes me feel that I
need to do an extra effort to get my parents attention. Also, what makes it more difficult
to have siblings is that we were always compared with each other which somehow
makes me feel really bad because there are times that I feel that I am not good enough
for them and I need to prove my worth or myself to them.
In Pedro and Lorenzos case, though they are identical twins which means that
they have the same physical attributes, they cant still have the same personality
because of it is greatly affect environment around her.
In Pedro and Lorenzos case, I somehow can relate with them because there are
times that it is only my brother that has been given attention from my parents so there
are really times that I would feel jealous and hate my brother or all of my siblings.
Actually, right now Im not in good terms with the three of them. We werent
talking and we ignore each other as much as possible. Although I am mad at them, I
consider that three of them my best friends. It is because they have been with me since
the beginning and although we always have misunderstanding, I believe that they still
care and love me. It is just our pride that prevent us from talking to each other.
With these two cases, I realized that were unique. Were created by God in a
way that were only ONE. Although there are similarities, were still unique or different
ways so I dont need to prove myself whether I am worthy of something or not because
in His eyes, were all worthy to be love.