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Animation can be used for all types of genres

and formats. For example, there has been many

music video made in animation for example a
song called fell in love with a girl by The White
Stripes which consisted of Lego which showed
a character singing the lyrics. You can have any
type of animation genre just like film, however
the most common is comedy like Family Guy
and South Park. The reason for this animation
allows scenes to be created which may not
be possible in real life. It is also a lot cheaper
to create however more time consuming.
http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=wqsmG1Ab0b4
There has recently been a large amount of adverts produced in animation for example
the OASIS advert is about these little berry trying to get into a bottle but encounter
problems each time. This animation technique can attract all audiences and allow the
production company to include certain content which may not be allowed in real life.
Animation has also been used in Channel ident like BBC one with the hippos
swimming in a circle. The reason for this could maybe cheap to produce and
also quite entertaining as something like this has never been seen before.
Stop frame is a technique created when a large amount of pictures are put together
and an object is able to move on its on through a quick succession of pictures. The fast
moving pictures in a sequence moves too quickly for the eye and shows only the changes
in the images. Stop Frame animation was created in 1906 and it was called First Dawn.
Frame rates is the amount of pictures shown per second. The average amount
for Film is 24 FPS (Frames per Second), however for an even smoother and
real life effect the new Hobbit Film has been made with 48 FPS and you
certainly notice the quality. The higher the frame rate the smoother the footage.
Is when a series of images are shown
then there is a slight delay from the
eye to the brain which means we see a
moving image when it is a load of still
images moving in a quick succession.
The visual memory is known as
iconic memory. The human eye
and brain only see the end and the
beginning of the image and never the
middle as it only notices the change.
If the producer of the animation wanted a smooth moving animation he must make
sure that the movement of the models is very litle for each picture as the smaller the
movements the smoother the animation will be. Films Use very small movements
which mean they can to take loads of shots, an example is the Wallace and Gourmet
Films. They take around 28 FPS and the flm is one hour and a half long which
adds around 280000 photos this is the reason for such a long wait for the flms.
Page 5 Tells you about the pioneers and how
each one of them started off. This is the history
of animation and it is always best if you
understand the history and very basics before.
Joseph Plateau started experimentng in 1801 with illusions and image movements. Joseph
was the creator of moving illusion and moving images. He was a Belgium man and made
a huge achievement in 1832 creatng the phenakistoscope. The phenakistope was the
frst bit of technology in the media industry and was a huge advance in animaton. The
making of this piece of work gave a lot of ideas to all sorts of developers and Pioneers.
William became famous in 1833 afer creatng a massive inventon called the Zoetrope.
This was a huge advance in media and a huge improvement from the Phenakistope.
This new bit of technology allow a longer and clearer image of the images. William
Horner also produced a number of animatons which wasnt as famous as his Zoetrope
Inventon. This inventon led onto the future bits of technology like the praxionscope.
The brothers Quay started out in 1979 and
started thinking about the diferent types
of animatons they can make. They created
a huge stage for their animatons, which
there most famous animaton was Street of
Crocodiles which was produced in 1987.This
Animaton won them an Drama Set Award.
This animaton had a large set built for an
animaton as you can see in the picture below.
The Two Brothers produced a number of
animations however they were all very dark
and horrified. They produced the following
Animations Institute Benjamenta, or
This Dream That One Calls Human Life
(1996), In Absentia (2000), These two
animations didnt attract as much views
as the Street of Crocodiles but still had
a large audience in the 19th century.
The audience that the brothers Quay try
to attract are maybe artistic and gothic,
the reason we can see this because all the
characters and models and are all dark and
a bit scary , as you wouldnt find a three year
old watching these animinations. All the
audience are watching the animations for
entertainment and are an active Audience as
they all have different viewpoints of the show.
Aardman base all the animinations for there one target audience which is young kids.
For example Shaun the Sheep is a very popular show about a young sheep on a farm who
encounters new problems every day. The reason why is appeals to a younger audience
is that is has no script and the characters on make weird noises which symbolize what
they are thinking. The most common animation is Morph which is a character made
from clay, then again there is no speaking in the animation however they use mouth
movements which is very hard to do in animation. The storylines in these animation
are very small and not complication as it is being presented to an young audience.
Aardman has won so many animations awards for example they have won four Oscar
awards for the films they have produced. One of them is Wallace and Grommet which
has won a total of two of those awards. The reason why there animations are so smooth
and clever is they take a total of 28FPS which is over the average 24FPS film rate.