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Describe a distinctive ecosystem near your residence and discuss possible reasons
that may lead to its destruction. At least 5 reasons.

River and Forest near our house at Hugo Perez, Pangasinan in Karlaville Parkhomes.

Reasons that may lead to destruction:
1. Rapid deforestation by converting forest part into subdivision Karlaville and Green Forbes Park
2. Some species of birds migrating and living on Acacia trees are pouched as personal cage pet
or sales.
3. Pollution cause by subdivision water waste flowing on forest creek threatens fish and other
small animal depending on freshwater river.
4. Nutrients available to water animals are reduced or destroyed by human activities like
dredging and pumping of fresh water.
5. Nearby houses depending on forest lumber and bamboo for making charcoal, household
furniture and building construction materials.
6. Destructive fishing like Electro-fishing and usage of liquid poison to easily hunt fishes living on
7. Exploited forest due to lack of discipline residence leaving plastic and inorganic waste inside
the forest during camping or picnics.

Submitted by: Yen Abad II-Eed1
Submitted to: Prof. Capulong