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Lesson Plan in Eng.

111 Study and Thinking Skills

Prepared by
Yza Denise L. Delos Reyes
Prepared for
Ms. Maria Criselda Santos

I. Objectives
General Objective
Understand definition as a writing technique
Specific Objective
Classify the two types of definition.
Distinguish the difference between simple definition and extended definition.
Realize the Importance of definition in writing a paragraph; and
Participate actively on the different activities.

II. Subject Matter
Topic: Paragraph writing using definition.
Materials: hand-out
Visual aids (chart for the simple definition and semantic map for extended
Strips of paper for the Complete me activity.

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III. Preparation

Teacher Student
A. Motivation and Review
Good afternoon Class!

Please pick up the pieces of paper under your

Do we have absentees for today?

Good that we have complete attendance for
How was your day?

Thats good.
Shall we start?

Okay, so what is our lesson last meeting?

Yes youre right. What is process analysis again?
Yes Homer?

Yes, very good. Another? Yes, Andrea?

So what are the two types of process analysis?
Yes Jason?

Whats the difference between informative and
directive? Yes Valerie?

Very good class. It seems that youve really
understood our last lesson. But before we
proceed to our next topic, lets have a review
game first. Are you ready?

Good afternoon Maam

None Maam

Fine Maam

Yes Maam.

We have discussed about
process analysis.

Process analysis is breaking
down of process.

Listing down of process or

Informative and Directive.

Informative is a type of
writing which tells us how
something happens. While
Directive is an instructional
writing used to complete a
job or task.

Yes Maam!

Im going to group you into five; Im going to
give each group a word. All you have to do is to
define it and write a process on how to do it.
For example, the word is Happiness, what is

Yes very good.
So all you have to do is to write a process on
how to be happy. Did you get it? You have 10
minutes to work on that.

(here are the list of words)
1. Anger
2. Fear
3. Contentment
4. Irritation
5. Gladness

(materials will be provided)
(after 10 minutes)
(each group will have representative to show
their work)

So what did you do to the word that I gave you?

Yes very good.
How did you define a word or a concept? Was it
an easy task?

Yes thank you. So now lets proceed to our next
topic, which is definition. Using definition as a
writing technique.

II. Discussion with activities

What comes into your mind whenever you hear
the word definition?

Yes thats right. Another?

It is the state of being happy.

Yes maam.

We look for its definition and
write a process on how to do

We define a word according
to its type. Yes its easy
because we have means like

Definition is a statement or
phrase used to explain or
give details about a certain

Yes very good.
There are two types of definition; it is in your
hand-out. Please read.

Yes thank you Erlinda. Let us discuss first simple
I want you to look on the chart. What can you
Item defined General Class Specific Characteristics
Guitar Musical
Used to accompany a
song rendition
Cellular phone gadget Used for
communicating with
other people.

Yes you are correct. As what you can see it is
divided into three parts right? The first one is
the item defined, followed by its general class
or the group to which it belongs and the last
column is the characteristics of the item. This is
how we do simple definition; we are just
putting the specific definition of the word. It is
just a one-sentence definition. The key points
you have to remember are:

A simple definition is composed of:

The term or concept to defined
The general class to which the term
The specific characteristics of the term.

The word to define is followed by a
linking verb is and are.
It is also introduced by a relative
pronouns; who, which, that etch.

Did you understand?

Okay very good. Lets have an activity first. This
activity is called Complete me. First, I want
you to look under your chair. Did you notice
It is a statement which gives
a clearer and specific
meaning of a word.

The two kinds of definition is
simple and extended

S1: Maam it is divided into
three parts.

Yes Maam.

something? There are strips of paper, right?
Now, the next two people on your right will be
your partners. Your partners will be the one to
give the definition of the word you are holding,
using the guide on the chart.

(They will be given 1 minute to discuss with their
partners. And then some of them will present
their work in the class)
(the activity will be done in 10 minutes)

Okay. Did you now understand what simple
definition is?

Okay very good. Now, let us proceed to
extended definition. Please read your hand out.
What is extended definition?

Okay thank you Homer. Therefore, extended
definition is different from the first one.
Because in extended definition we can make
use of analysis, results etch to define a word.
For example money. For you Erlinda what is

For her, this is just a piece of paper. How about
you Homer?

For homer, money is his happiness. Meaning,
the word money may have different definition
depending on what we know and what we think
is correct. Did you understand?

(the students will be asked to give examples)

Now, let us have an activity first. This activity is
called the winner takes it all Im going to
group you into two. The first group will gave the
word; the other group will give the definition of
the word given by the first group. When group
two is done giving the definition, group one will
gave another definition to the word. So on and
Yes Maam.

Yes Maam.

Extended definition is used
to understand the concept
clearer, a writer may employ;
analysis, results, description,
comparison and contrast and
uses synonyms.

Its just a piece of paper.

Money makes us happy.

Yes Maam.

so forth; the last group who can give the
definition will be the winner. Its just a
continuous process okay? Understand?

(the allotted time for the activity is five

Okay so now did you understand what
extended definition is?

Therefore class, in writing a definition
paragraph you have to remember these parts.
First is your topic sentence in which youre just
going to give a simple definition followed by the
support sentences in which you can give a lot of
definition you may have some examples,
description etch.

Look at the first passage.

Anger is having a feeling of hatred toward
someone or something. It is one of our basic
emotions and can be most dangerous if it is not
carefully controlled. A person can become
angry when he cannot fulfil some basic need or
desire that is important to him. For example, a
child may become angry when he cannot play
outside with his friends. An adult may become
angry when he does not receive a raise in pay
that he expected. Mentally, anger can interfere
with our thoughts, making it difficult to think
clearly. Physically, it may cause violent reactions
in the muscles and in the nervous system. This
causes an angry person to flush and tremble
and to show other signs of disturbance. A
person can be dangerous if he is in an angry
mood because he can develop feelings of
hostility and hatred toward another person,
which can then often turn violent.

Are you done reading?
So analyse how it was written, what is the topic

Yes Maam.

The word ANGER is defined
using simple definition first
and then followed by
supportive sentences.

Okay. So now, what I want you to do is to have
a partner and write a definition paragraph
about your favourite (artist, hobby etch). Please
follow the structure ha?
(the allotted time is five minutes)

IV. Generalization

So what is definition?

What are the two types of definition?

What is simple definition and extended

Okay very good. So now, for your individual
work, I want you to think of a person that you
value the most. I want you to write a paragraph
about them.

V. Assignment
Using the definition technique, write a
paragraph about teachers. Maximum of 300
words, with thesis statement, introduction,
body and conclusion. Write it on a short bond

Yes Maam.

Definition is an explanation
of a word or phrase.

Simple and extended

Simple definition defines a
word. Its just a one sentence
definition while the
extended definition is used
to understand the concept
clearer, a writer may employ;
analysis, results, description,
comparison and contrast and
uses synonyms.