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(Yssa Rosalia)

The world awaits its end and so the ones in it.
The place of love and life is what it really takes
Memories unforgotten, troubles unforeseen
Gods glory that HE promised seemed to be undying.

When I found out how it feels to be brokenhearted
I then just promised not to love again
But though my heart was hardened with heartaches and the pains
I found out my promise had gone out with the wind.

For years I isolated myself from happiness
That counts the hearts and memories that might just fade away
I never think of loving anyone again
But that just felt me sorry, I even feel insane.

I found a love so wonderful, so strong and dear to me
I never felt this way before and yet its truly be
The greatest love Ive ever had and that I cant resist
And yet I have to wait and see, I should be strong not to forget.

I should wait how much it takes, as far as I could go
I must hang on until the end if its what I want to
Even if it means to wait and take my whole life through
I am bound not to forget though it hurts me so.

My role is simply to ignore the pains that I would feel
Tolerate the absence of the one I care
Make myself contented to what I just deserve
And no complaints that I should make cause I just have to wait.

One day I forgot this role that solely I was made
Blowing my emotions, broke down to my knees
Im so sorry I forgot and this I hate myself
I will always remember, I AM MADE TO WAIT.