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Lidia Cerutti graduated from Central St.

Martins College of Art & Design with her BA in Fashion and

Design, her work is mostly done with mixed media and her inspiration comes from different sorts of
things connected to fashion. She uses different patterns and colours in her work which makes it
much more attractive. She has a sense of colour scale and uses a combination of photographic and
drawing techniques which gives her work a fine look. Her work is one off and she does pure,
controlled, understated and sensual designs.

Her works are very singular as you can see in the above images she has not just used one type of
material in her wok. She has illustrated the pictures and through those pictures we can see her
techniques. She has probably used some Photoshop and over that illustration she has used different
background colours and a range of other materials like she has painted over both of her picture and
brushed it through like the shoe heel. She has also used some paper on the Ball gown illustration
with a Photoshop pant to give it a realistic look. In the Squeeze ball piece she has illustrated it and
then Photoshop the colours and design se then she has used a folded fabric over the skirt to give it
an accurate look. The works that she has done are all given names probably because it reminds her
of something also the pictures connect to the names and it looks like there is more to her work than
it meets eye like the pictures are telling us something. Her theme is very much about fashion as she
works for Givenchy and does fashion shows, also that she graduated from a fashion school so she is
enthused by it.
The photographs have been both exaggerated and distorted because she has used a different
technique/material on them but them makes it look better and pops out the images especially the
skirts of the dresses in the images.
The pictures are quite realistic as they are both drawings of women however it has a slight
manipulation in it because of the colours which makes it look surreal. These pictures both represent
dancing and have pretty dresses which tell us about Cerutis relationship with these two images. She
loves fashion and her work represents interest in fashion also dancing.
This work of her has not been taken by a camera but she has improved it through some computer
work which makes it look like she has photographed someone. You can tell this by the outline of
both of her work which proves that she has done part of it on the computer.
Ball gown

Squeeze ball