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ME 569 HW #2 Due: September 29, 2014

In HW #1 we assumed that the working fluid in the cylinder was an ideal gas. As such, we were able to write
and . In reality, the cylinder contents are, in part, combustion products, and the
composition of the combustion products varies based on the temperature and pressure due to a shifting
thermodynamic equilibrium. The changing composition, thus, causes even though the ideal gas
assumption is not violated, and correspondingly

Additionally, when the composition changes the mixture molecular weight, and hence , can
change. The differential form of the ideal gas law for the constant mass case is then


Consider a C7H16air mixture over the range 1200 < T [K] < 2500, 1 < p [bar] < 100 and 0.75 < < 1.2. Using
EES, develop a program that will calculate the equilibrium mixture composition. You only need to include as
many species as are required to ensure that the specific heat, , of the mixture is within 0.5% of the true
(posted) value for over the entire range.

a) To verify that your code is working properly compare your result to those on the course website.
b) Make contour plots of the internal energy and mixture molecular weight from your code as a function of T and p
with =1. Discuss the results.
c) Using your data calculate ; plot and as a function of temperature for pressures of 1, 10 and
100 bar. Discuss the results.
e) Compare the value that you calculate from and to the functions that were given in
HW #1 for p=1 bar and =1.25.