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Kevin Walters, MSME 970-590-1483, kwalters1900@gmail.

http://www.kevi n-walt http://www.l inkedi n. com/pub/kevin-
Knowledge Base
Microsoft Office Suite
ANSYS Fluent
ANSYS Mechanical
Siemens NX 8.5
Simulation Tools
Solidworks EPDM

Experience and Skills
Simulation and CAD:
o CDF Simulation
o FEA Simulation
o Solid modeling
o GD&T implementation
Product development
o Concept development
o Project management
o Prototype design and testing
o Tooling design
o Fixture design
o Sheet metal
o CNC machining
o Thermoforming
o Tooling and mold pattern design
o Pneumatics
o Hydraulics
o Electromagnetic
o Material handling techniques
Vacuum Technologies
o PVD by arc and planner/rotary
magnetron sputtering
o High temperature vacuum CSS
thin film deposition
o Metals: Ferrous, Non-ferrous,
Exotics alloys
o Polymers
o Ceramics
o Glass
o Graphite

Relevant Work Experience
Sierra Nevada Corporation
Manufacturing Engineer: March 2014 September 2014
Results, Skills
Developed manufacturing processes for the Dream Chaser program.
Design and develop ground support equipment and tooling for the Dream Chaser program.
Vapor Technologies: Longmont Colorado
Senior Mechanical Engineer for Vapor Technologies: February 2013 January 2014
Results, Skills
Developed conceptual designs for the optimization of inline thin film coating equipment.
o Evaluation of new concept designs for viability, performance, cost effective application.
Including but not limited to:
Developed methods for manufacturing new equipment.
Evaluation of new material and equipment vendors.
o FEA Modeling of mechanical and electro-mechanical equipment.
Stress and deformation analysis of new vacuum chamber designs and product
transport structures.
Magnetic evaluation of planer magnetrons, rotary magnetrons, and other
magnetic containment concepts during the development of new plasma
sputtering processes.
Abound Solar: Longmont Colorado
Mechanical Design Engineering for Abound Solar: May 2012 July 2012
Mechanical Design Engineering intern for Abound Solar: October 2011 May 2012
Research assistant, special project funded by Abound Solar: May 2011 October 2011
Results, Skills
Develop designs for the optimization of glass heating and vapor deposition process for CdTe thin
film solar cell manufacturing.
o Increasing film uniformity and panel performance.
o Reducing equipment cost by approximately 38%.
o CFD analysis of thermal and thermal fluid systems. FEA modeling of mechanical stress
and deformation due to thermal expansion.
o Design of experiments to validate prototype performance against predicted modeled
performance expectations.
CSU Material Engineering Laboratory - Next Generation Photovoltaics Center;
NSF I/UCRC: Fort Collins Colorado.
Research assistant: May 2009 October 2011
Results, Skills
Analysis project for Abound Solar to investigate the semiconductor deposition system with
emphasis thermal uniformity of the glass substrate. Modeling includes computational fluid
dynamics for thermal, and flow characteristics, along with finite element analysis for mechanical
stress and deformation evaluation.
Design and development of the research test chamber (RTC), a vacuum system used to develop
advanced thin film photovoltaic devices.
Designed and developed the first co-evaporation source from initial concepts. Used in the
research of cadmium magnesium telluride solar cells.
Mechanical Engineer for the Advanced Research Deposition System (ARDS) design team.
o Reconfigured existing vacuum chamber to accept a load lock and magnetic transfer arm.
o Designed and developed new source heating and shuttering system.
o Produced thermal models of new source configurations to evaluate the thermal
o Managed all purchasing and worked with vendors.
Seagate: Longmont Colorado.
Process engineering group intern: May 2008 August 2008

Colorado State University, CO.
MS., Mechanical Engineering: (Fall 2011).
o Thesis: Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Modeling for CdTe Solar Cell Manufacturing.
Advisors: Professor W.S. Sampath, Professor Hiroshi Sakurai, Professor Jim Sites
BS, Mechanical Engineering: (2009).
FAA, Airframe certificate.

Walters, K.; Sakurai, H.; Sampath, W.S.; , " Advancing the manufacturing of CdTe modules,"
Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC), 2012 38th IEEE
Kobyakov, P.S.; Schuh, N.; Walters, K.; Manivannan, V.; Sampath, W.S.; "Continuous in-line
processing of CdS/CdTe devices: Process control using XRF and efficient heating," Photovoltaic
Specialists Conference (PVSC), 2010 35th IEEE, vol., no., pp.000780-000785, 20-25 June 2010.
doi: 10.1109/PVSC.2010.5617113
Pub No. 2012/0006809 A1 " Sublimation Crucible with Embedded Heating Element"
Pending application, "Methods for Sublimation of Mg to Form Ternary Compositions"
Provisional application, "Process and Hardware for Deposition of Complex Thin-film Alloys
over Large Areas".
Presentations given at I/UCRC Industrial Advisory Board meetings.
Initial modeling work done for the new heating method and new source design.
Final modeling work done on the new source design for the ARDS.
Results from Abound manufacturing system.
Senior Manufacturing Award spring 2009.
President of the Formula SAE. Senior design team - Third place senior design award spring
Recipient of the Jim and Barbara Parfet Scholarship 2007 & 2008.
Academic Achievement Award from Guilford Technical Community College spring 1993.