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Alaina Reddy
Assignment 1: Information Literacy

1. Current event article

2. Summary
75% of all apps created will fail basic security tests. Apps that have to do with
Androids, iOS, or windows phones. This is a serious problem because employees
who need to download apps for the businesses, will have no security what-so-
ever. They are at risk for violations, and networks become venerable. Gartner
believes that different kinds of tests are emerging for other mobile devices.
Users should also make sure servers are continually tested to make sure that
they are protected. Through 2017, there will be many misconfigurations, like
misuse of personal cloud storage.

3. Two Different Articles
Key words: Mobile emerging technology
Search engine 1:
Search engine 2:
Search engine google was better than techcrunch because I found the
article as the first one listed. I also like how much more in depth the
article from google is. The article from techcrunch doesnt have much

4. TRAAP Sources
Time: February 24, 2014. No, it has not been updated.
Relevance: Yes, it is relevant to this topic. This article talks about different
things you can expect from technology in the upcoming years.
Authority: The authors are Jessica Rivera, and Rob van der Meulen. They are
qualified to write about this topic because they are from Gartner.
Accurate: This is trustworthy, because the authors have provided their
emails for anyone who wants to discuss more. The evidence provided comes
from the person who stated these facts. No, it has not been tested for
Purpose: This was written to inform people about upcoming advances in
technology. I think there could be bias information, since the information is
only coming from one person.

5. Journal Articles
Key words: Mobile emerging technology
Search engine 1: Academic Search Premier
Search engine 2: SRIS Researcher
The reasons I used these search engines are because they seemed like the
easiest of the five to use, and it was easier to find the most relevant post of
the journals I was looking for.
6. Compare Internet and Journal Articles
The internet articles were easier to find, with the journals I had to type in
key words, and scroll to find one that was most relevant and most recently
posted. A lot of the journals that were posted were from 1993-1006, which
wouldnt help me much since technology has changed since those times.
The articles from the Internet were more updated than the journals. Like I
said, there were journals that were posted from 1993 that had almost
nothing to do with what I was looking for.
I would trust the articles more than the journals just because most articles
you can find more information about them and more things about other
topics from the authors that wrote the articles.
7. Cite All Sources
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