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Brooke Tetrick

Assignment 1: Information Literacy


1. Article 1: How Mobile Technology will continue enhancing
National Security?
2. Technology has a huge impact on the world, from entertainment to
communication and transportation to health care, mobile technology has transformed
various business models. Everything in life has some sort of technology involved in it
and to be quite honest, the world is beginning to revolve around it. The iPhone 6 and
iPhone 6 plus dropped in September, taking the nation by storm. Mobile app
developers have been able to provide feasible solutions to everyday consumer
practices. For example, Uber successfully simplified the taxi-ridesharing service
industry, Airbnb disrupted the hotel economy, and tinder changed the modern dating
world forever. Mobile technology has moved towards enhancing national security
efforts, making the nation feel much safer, specifically with national disasters. After
Hurricane Sandy, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the White
house allegedly turned to crowd sourced navigation app, Waze, to gather data and
deliver gasoline to locations in need showcasing just how useful mobile devices
have become in the wake of a crisis. Furthermore, citizens that endure natural
disasters could benefit from wearable technology, as they receive information hands
free and while on the move. The information that could be collaborated would consist
of contextual push notifications about which areas to avoid, or receive helpful
geographic recommendations about the nearest open shelter or replenished gasoline
station. Overall, mobile technology and the general advancement of internet are
ideally positioned to enhance our National Security and become an crucial part of our
3. Article 2: From Communication to Cyber Security,
Enhancing National Security through Technology.
Article 3: Repurposing of Advanced Technology
for Enhancing National Security.
- Keywords: Mobile Technology Enhancing National Security
Brooke Tetrick
Assignment 1: Information Literacy

- Search engine 1: Google; search engine 2: Bing; search engine 3: Yahoo
- Out of the two search engines I used in step two, I prefer Bing over Yahoo.
When I put the keywords into Yahoo, I had a harder time finding a reliable
article that related with my topic involving Mobile Technology enhancing
National Security. I had to go through and open up several different articles to
get to the article that related the most to my keywords.
4. TRAAP Sources Used Article 1: How Mobile Technology
will continue enhancing National Security?
1. Time- How Mobile Technology will continue enhancing National
Security, was posted on September 17, 2014 at 4:33pm. This article
was updated on September 17, 2014 at 4:59pm.
2. Relevance- This article completely relates to my topic of interest in
the Information Literacy project. It covers every aspect of how
technology is evolving not in just the mobile field, but helping
National Security advance. It is important for citizens in the nation to
feel comfortable with their surroundings and how they are being
protected. With the advancement of mobile apps, the National Security
has used these several different times all over the nation helping
citizens find resources they are in need of.
3. Authority- The author is Ashish Toshniwal. He is the CEO of Y
Media Labs. Y Media Labs is a mobile application development
headquartered in San Francisco, United States. Since Toshniwal is the
CEO of this company, he knows how much hard work goes into
creating mobile apps that offer more to the consumer. He is also an
expert on creating apps and seeing how one app can help people
around the world making their lives much easier.
4. Accurate- The article seems trustworthy because he uses personal
references when talking about what mobile apps national security has
used in the past on national disasters, but he does not cite any of his
Brooke Tetrick
Assignment 1: Information Literacy

sources at the end of the article; therefore, this could not be 100%
5. Purpose- This article was written to inform the readers. Mobile
technology has came such a long way and is continuing to evolve
every day. Companies in the technology business are constantly
competing to have the latest and greatest gadget out. In my opinion,
the material is objective because the national security using apps to
help them with national disasters are facts. In addition, he goes over
specific ways that citizens are benefiting from the technology being
5. Journal Article 1: Advanced Technologies for Enhancing
Public Safety
Journal Article 2: Security and Privacy Assurance in
Advancing Technologies: New Development
- Mobile Technology Enhancing National Security (Same as keyword used in
Google, Bing, and Yahoo)
- CCBC Library Database
- I used these two databases because it relates most to my specific topic that I
am researching.
6. Internet Search Engines vs. CCBC Database
Overall, Internet Search Engines are my go to source when looking for
references and finding the best information that I am in need of. The search engine
that I prefer to use on the internet is Google. The specific site is much easier to assess;
nothing on this search engine is complicated or hard to find. Whenever I need great
sources that relate to my topic the most, I use Google. In addition to it searching
information and articles on the keywords I entered, it will also include news, images,
shopping, and videos. Also, at the top of the Google screen shows how many results
came up. For example, when I typed in Mobile Technology enhancing national
security in the search bar, 4,410,000 results came up. This gives me more than
Brooke Tetrick
Assignment 1: Information Literacy

enough sources to gather information and get the best data I need for the topic I am
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