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Chapter 3


This chapter presents the measures and procedures used by the
proponents in conducting the study. It includes the research design, respondents,
research instrument, and statistical treatment of data and the schedule of

Research Design
In this research, the proponents used Descriptive research method
because this focused on distinct matters and go into great complexity and factor
in describing them. It is a type of research that is primarily concerned with
relating the condition of the recent situation of the Data records process in
Innovative Venture and Finance Corporation.
This research method typically involves measuring variables or set of
variables as they exist naturally. Its goal is to describe a single variable or when
multiple variables are involved, to obtain separate descriptions for each variable.
Interviews, observation and questionnaires are the known data collection and
analysis procedure of this method.
The proponents chose to conduct an interview from the Innovative
Venture and Finance Corporation and other involved individuals to gather
information that is needed to answer the research problem to finish the study.
Observation was conducted by the researchers in order to understand and
realize the situation of the employee of the Innovative Venture and Finance
Likewise, the researchers prepared questionnaires for the respondents to
collect more information for better understanding, scrutinizing and interpreting to
the study.