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Troy Hagy

Assignment 1
CSIT 101

Assignment 1: Information Literacy

1. Use the I nternet to find a Technology current event article
2. Write a paragraph summarizing the article.
Summarization - the center for copyright information is the newly created center to fight
Internet piracy. The objective will be to find pirated content in households. The idea is to
send out email warnings to those devices that their subscribing users are being used in an
illegal fashion. The users will be faced with repercussions such as their internet
connection speeds reducing. Hollywood has caused tension with broadband providers
about content theft. Hollywood want them to be more aggressive in fighting piracy. They
have not done all they can do you stop customers for uploading or downloading stolen
content. Content provider suggested a three strike rule that terminates Internet access for
people who refuse to heed warnings. A main goal is for parents to pay more attention to
their kids and what they are doing on the Internet to prevent accounts from being abused.
3. Find two additional I nternet articles on the same topic.
Article 2: Fighting Piracy
Article 3: Stop Online Piracy Act
Keywords: Internet Piracy
Search engine 1: Google; Search engine 2: Yahoo; Search engine 3: Bing
I would say that yahoo was the better search engine for me. I did not have to look
very far to find an article that I could use for my research. Yahoo was very helpful
in finding information with my keywords.
4. TRAAP your sources.
Time July 7, 2011
Relevance yes it relates to my topic to show how to
prevent piracy
Authority it is by Joe Flint, Los Angeles Times. Yes they
are qualified; I know this because it is a public news
Troy Hagy
Assignment 1
CSIT 101

Accurate yes this information is trustworthy. This info is
supported by what the Internet service providers are
working on preventing piracy.
Purpose this was written to inform others of what they
are trying to do. They are trying to show the steps in
which they wish I take to prevent piracy.

5. Find two scholarly journal articles on the same topic from the CCBC library
Journal 1: Piracy, Policy, and Law
Journal 2: Think Again: The Internet
Keyword: Interney Piracy
CCBC Library
The type of database I used was SIRS. I used this database because I know it the best
out of them all. I used SIRS in the past and it has only giving me great outcomes. SIRS
gives you a wide variety of articles based on the keywords that I used.
6. Compare the I nternet and J ournal articles.
All together, I would rather use the journal articles. The ease of access with both
techniques is quite equal. The CCBC library gives a different variety databases that you
can search from. The internet access gives you the choice to go to any website and search
for articles. The journal gives a more specific search than internet sources. Internet
sources also give you options to look through images, videos, and personal experiences of
the topic you are searching for.
7. Cite all five sources in APA or MLA format.
MLA Format :
Kraska, James, and Brian Wilson. "Piracy and Other Perils on the Sea:
Piracy, Policy, and Law." Proceedings Vol. 134 No. 12. Dec. 2008: 52-
57.SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 21 Sep. 2014.
Shapiro, Andrew L. "Think Again: The Internet." Foreign Policy.
Summer 1999: 14-27. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 21 Sep. 2014.
Flint, Joe. "Coalition Forms to Fight Internet Piracy." Los Angeles
Times. Los Angeles Times, 07 July 2011. Web. 21 Sept. 2014.
Troy Hagy
Assignment 1
CSIT 101

The New York Times." Fighting Online Piracy. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Sept.