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Assessment for

aubrey rendon

This assessment will guide you, beyond self-perception, towards improving
career core competences. Your Report is organized into four sections that
are packed with practical insights.

Section I: Your Natural Talents
This area indicates your natural workplace talents--the tasks you
pursue with passion
Read what you most enjoy in the workplace.
Learn why companies need you.
Experience interview and career success tips.

Section II: Your Key to Success
In this section, you'll discover how to manage and direct your career
path. A you read about yourself, decide what's the most fun. It's your
key to success.
Learn "Your Great Workplace Talent."
Experience How to best Invest in Yourself.
Receive objective essential coaching tips.

Section III: Managing Strengths and Weaknesses
Learn your strategis career priorites.
Turn past missteps into power moves.
Create a pow

Section IV: Career Power Moves

This final section identifies your "street sense," those power moves
that turn obstacles into insignificant details. Here suggestions will
guide you towards slam-dunking an interview or harnessing a fast-
paced workday.
learn your personality style's power moves.
Read your most effective decision process.
Experience multiple ways to score win/win results.
This section indicates core strengths and weaknesses. Don't let one
misstep hold you back. Learn how to avoid costly mistakes and
create empowering career path enthusiasm.
As you read, monitor your reactions!
You are about to experience knowledge beyond self-perception -
your self-truth. Read it alone or with someone who knows you well.
As you read, pay attention to how you react.
Joyful: This is Self-Confirmation is empowering. Delve
deeper, as you read and ask yourself, "How can my natural
talents make money in the workplace?"
Indifferent: This indicates it's no longer an issue. Hard-
learned experiences have taught you a great lesson.
Congratulations! Without this handicap, what else can you
Emotional: If you become upset. you're just not aware. Be
open. Get objective feedback. Who will give you an honest
answer? Solving this issue will positively electricfy your
career and personal life.
Linger Longer, Change Your Life: As you read, hear the
volume behind your assessment.
Share it with your friends and family
Read it once a month.
Overtime, you'll learn to convey a highly effective personal brand
image that generates enthusiasm and open doors

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Your Color Selections
Here is a summary of your color selection from the Dewey Color
Your Most Preferred: Blue Your Least Preferred: Yellow

Your Most Preferred: Purple Your Least Preferred: Orange
Your Most Preferred: Black Your Least Preferred: Brown

Your Most Preferred: Teal Your Least Preferred: Gold

# 1: Purple
# 8: Red

# 15: Brown


Section I: Your Natural Talents
This personality overview section highlights your natural workplace
talentsthe tasks you pursue with passion. You'll learn how your natural
strengths complement those of your coworkers and how, joining forces,
you can resolve on-the-job dilemmas.
aubrey rendon, as a blue-purple you are a visionary. You
ponder existence. You need to ask the question why. The
conclusions you reach allow you to see the big picture, both in
terms of generating new ideas and improving on others ideas.
With a focus on the future, you view projects as if they were
already completed. This foresight enables you to create original
things with few missteps.
Your Team Contribution
Youre a great motivator. When you question how things were done
and offer insights about others motivations, you challenge them to
think. This is your great contribution. You improve the status quo by
seeing empowering possibilities. Problems find solutions and ideas
turn into reality.
How to Celebrate a Blue-Purple
Lightly ground a Thinker by tempering his expectations without
discouraging his visionary approach. Show appreciation for his
constant flow of big-picture concepts. Its how the blue-purple has
fun. Ask him to imagine what can be done and watch his passions
soar. But be aware: your team member needs steady
encouragement and advice. Without it, he can suppose that
something has been done for the wrong reason, which takes him off
*Remind the blue-purple not to think so much. Otherwise,
his fantasies about doing something new can erode his
confidence. Too many mental pictures can make life
difficult, even impossible. Situations or people simply will
not measure up. Unwittingly, the blue-purple can demand
the unattainable, especially from himself.


Section II: Your Key to Success
Here you discover your capacity for dispelling disruption and
maximizing profitability. Use this proven, beyond self-perception advice
to create a more positive career path free of detours.
aubrey rendon, as a blue-purple and black, you visualize projects clearly
in your head as if they are already completed. This gives you the ability
to perform tasks with very few missteps and minimal risk. Others see
this quality as self-confidence; they think you always know what youre
doing, even when you dont. When you understand an overall concept,
theres nothing you cant do. Your dramatic flair and enthusiasm enlist
others to initiate innovative products and services.
Investing in You
Use your big-picture thinking to develop new markets, new ideas,
and new businesses. You see whats missing and you know how to
get things done. Youre a great motivator who feels the need to
make an impact by expressing ideas.
*Creative fields such as advertising, marketing, sales, design, trial
law, or any area that allows you to investigate the unknown will
bring you the greatest happiness. A word of caution: working in
environments that encourage questions is a vital element to your
success. Otherwise, youll become frustrated and probably react by
doing something you later regret.*
How to Motivate a Blue-Purple and Black
Get this pioneer to imagine new possibilities by asking him about
ideas. Watch him light up! But dont stop there. Ask devils advocate
questions to ensure that your co-workers vision can actually be
realized. If you hear lots of emotion in his voice, have him stop and
take a breath. Chances are hes ignoring concrete facts, making
false assumptions, or harboring unrealistic expectations. Discuss
with him why something is being done or if theres an easier way.
Compliment what your co-worker has achieved. If you can, get him
to appreciate end resultsthough theyre probably not exactly
aligned with his original planyour associates work energy will


Section III: Managing Your Strengths & Weaknesses
Your evaluations highest and lowest scores result in this sections
recommendations for staying on-track in your career and reversing
wrong turns. In focusing on your talents and missteps, youll re-stoke
your energy and enthusiasm for managing costly mistakes.
Strength: Idea Driven
Your ability to visualize helps you be proactive.
Blues can fix things before they are broken!
When you enjoy your work, you become
tenacious about achieving your objective. This
sends the message to those around you that you
are in total control. You can pull together a team.
Isn't that the formula for a successful beginning?
You need to work for a company where you
are appreciated. When you are admired for
your contributions, you believe in yourself. You
gain the confidence to see the big picture of
what the company needs or to develop
something original.
Changes in your goals can create an
identity crisis. You can become so
attached to your goals, that you ignore
good advice from others.
Question those that disagree. Ask them
their concerns. Loosen up. The end result
will be even better than you originally
Accept others and situations as they are, even
when they're not what you expected. You will
become content with yourself and better able
to create a successful future.
Create Passion
Accept others and situations as they are, even when they're not what
you expected. You will become content with yourself and better able to
create a successful future.
Weakness: You're too Determined
At work, you are exceptionally goal-oriented and have a clear idea of
the objective at hand. If things take too long, you become impatient.
You have a steady need to complete something. Your first thought is,
"Why isn't this finished already?" When your sense of urgency is
overwhelming, you can send destructive messages. Others can see
you as a person who cares only about the bottom line and not people.
You can end up doing things twice because you are sometimes in too
much of a rush.
Your Natural Talents
Everyone knows how easily you can come
up with new ideas and ways of doing
things. You salivate for a mental challenge.
This makes you a natural in the business
world. To construct something new is a big
turn-on. It allows you to see your own
potential. You love to be included in the
developmental part of a project. In fact,
you're going to tell them your idea, even if
they don't ask.
*Your dramatic expression helps
motivate those around you. You
encourage the potential in others. Your
sharp tongue, however, can get you
into lots of trouble, and sometimes
people will not hear your message
correctly. If your facts are exaggerated,
others will lose faith in your information.
WEAKNESS: You're too Much of a Pleaser
At work, you're a natural at keeping customers and co-workers happy.
You're concerned, considerate, and hard-working. Pleasing others
motivates you. On the downside, your strong desire to please can
make you commit to unrealistic deadlines. You can miss the practical
realities of how long it takes to accomplish a task. You're then forced to
overextend yourself, working so hard you become physically
exhausted, even sick. Sure, sometimes you can accomplish a great
deal of work, but is it really worth it?
Getting it Done
You're disciplined and keep others in line. When
you are loyal or have ownership, you fight to
keep what is yours.
*You're an overachiever and need autonomy
to be at your best. You like to get things
finished without being interrupted. Still, you
need for co-workers to be loyal to you and,
in turn, you are genuinely concerned about
At work, you can ask too much of yourself or others. Take things as
they come. Do not expect others to protect you. You'll feel more
grounded and more in control. Be honest with yourself and accept
limitations. Denying what capabilities a job or career requires will only
frustrate you in the end. You won't be any wiser from the experience.
You in Action
Listen for the specific skills required to complete
a task. You will see the duties you need to
accomplish. Many times, believing in your own
capability is mostly about knowing exactly what
to do.
*Simply focus on listening for the positive
rhythm inside of yourself and others. Your
strong belief, like magic, makes yours and
other's wishes come true.
WEAKNESS: You Forget What's Fun
You keep very busy. You follow a rigorous schedule to avoid thinking
about what is not working in your life. This rugged pace runs down your
battery and makes it difficult for you to know what you really want to do.
Others can even see you as rigid.

Section IV: Leadership Power Moves
In this final section, you will experience unique street sense power
moves that turn obstacles into insignificant details. Here suggestions
based on your color-ranked evaluations will guide you towards better
managing an interview or your fast-paced workday.

Managing Actions and Reactions
In this section, listed where applicable, are areas where you have an
intensive need to make a contribution, possess unique thought-
provoking powers or tend to overreact. Power Move advice will guide
you on how to maximize actions or manage reactions into a successful
career path or a productive day.
Determined to Create Original Ideas
You are an entrepreneur. Mentally, youre constantly creating new
projects or better ways to make money. Others see you as energized
with self-confidence, knowing exactly what you want and exactly how to
get it. Be open to suggestions. If others hear defensiveness, they wont
share vital information.
Power Move: Focus on the bottom line. How will other
suggestions impact it? Dont let your plan cloud your vision.
Ask them, What could go wrong? Exciting, market-savvy,
profitable shortcuts will become apparent to you.
Manage Others Expectations
If you are not careful, you keep very busy, working to reach goals that
are for the most part unobtainable. Are your co-workers expectations
of you realistic? If not, meet with them and clarify exactly what you can
accomplish. Dont make promises just to please others.
Power Move: Make your life more fun by discovering where you
feel bored or have become too serious. Behind each frustration
is an awareness that will release you from a difficult, non-
productive routine. Recharge your passions by establishing
realistic expectations and dwelling on what feels good.
Manage Quick-Fix Problem-Solving
Dont jump into projects. Allow yourself time to clarify requirements,
task responsibilities, and realistic timelines. Make the effort to lighten-
up your overly serious approach. Its essential for your success.
Power Move: Your sense of urgency and overly serious task
approaches can make work more laborious. If you are feeling
somewhat stiff or sounding rather formal, back off. Rethink
your purpose and expect easier, cost-cutting results in less
time. Enjoy the workplace experience and success is a given.

In this evaluation area you learn how to translate your ongoing,

In this evaluation area you learn how to translate your ongoing,
internal conversations into profitable actions. Sharpen your
goal focus by examining the pros and cons of your
assessment. Use the power move suggestions to make a shift
toward less stressful, more productive ways.
Methodical Goal Planner
You usually make the right decisions about career goals. Weighing the
pros and cons is your talent. You know if you want something before
you start pursuing it. Likewise, your methodical considerations
encourage co-workers to balance their task perspectives.
*Create Clarity: Dont you sometimes second-guess a
thought beyond whats necessary? Consider adjusting your
goals and taking risks based on gut instinct. In
relationships with your co-workers, try sharing your feelings
or doing non-work activities together. This openness will go
a long way towards building trust.
Co-Worker Relationship Executer
You direct your relationships with a combination of concern and logic.
Your co-workers treasure you for your take-charge understanding and
open approach. You consider others point-of view before you take your
own into account. Others see you as cooperative and dedicated both
to the company and your team members.
*Create Clarity: Don't allow others needs or expectations to
determine your career path. Forget whatever or whoever you are
supposed to be. What exactly do you want? Determining your
career path, regardless of outside influence, will make your job
more fun. Whenever possible, request duties and projects that you
enjoy. This will lead you to discover your own personal power.
Co-Worker Motivated Decisions
Your concerns inexorably pull your team together. You have magnetic
appeal. Your take-charge approach makes you experience life as an
ongoing change process. Many times, however, new problems appear
quite familiar.
*Create Clarity: Don't let core reactions run your life. Initially you
think only about others, then only about yourself. This inner debate
can lead to dead-end career paths. Concentrate on prioritizing
yourself first. When real change starts with you, disappointments
will dwindle.
You have a charge-ahead, action-oriented personality. Others see you
as an exciting burst of energy. After some consideration, you just do it.
Your forthright push clears new paths, disrupts non-productive routines,
and creates opportunities. Often, though, your ready-fire-aim persona
makes decisions you later regret.
*Create Clarity: Slow down and you will accomplish more. Just

doing things for the sake of getting them done is a tough way to
achieve valuable results. Muster the self-discipline to slow down
and think things through before you act. You will become less
disoriented, more at peace. What you start will become more
about what you need to do.
You are entrenched in your thoughts. Your mental activity reveals new
paths for yourself and those you support. Later you decide if you really
want to follow those paths. Your beliefs and concerns can open doors
that once appeared closed.
*Create Clarity: Obsessive thoughts and unnecessary concerns can
cloud your mind. Find the courage to establish limits and reach
conclusions. Co-workers will see you as a person who knows how
to turn thoughts into actions. You know whats best. Just do it.

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