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Master Academic Plan - MAP

Transfer Degree - Associate of Business

60 to 64 Credit Hours
For a list of AGEC course options, refer to the Arizona General
Education Curriculum in the Central Arizona College Catalog.
The list of approved AGEC courses changes on an annual basis.
ENG101 _____ 3
ENG102 _____ 3
COM_____ _____ 3
__________(Arts) _____ 3
__________(Humanities) _____ 3
Must be from two different prefixes
ECN201 _____ 3
__________ _____ 3
CIS120 or AGB124 _____ 3
__________ _____ 4
__________ _____ 4
MAT211 or higher (3-4 credits) _____ ____
Intensive Writing __________
Ethnic/Race/Gender __________
Global/Historical __________
*Courses from Oral Communication, Arts/Humanities,
Social/Behavioral or Transfer Electives may also double-
dip to meet Special Requirements.
University Business Degree programs may suggest students
complete COM206Public Speaking for an Oral Communica-
tion or PHI105Intro to Ethics for a Humanities. See the
AZTRANSFER website for Transfer Guide information @
TOTAL AGEC CREDITS (35-36) _____
Arizona General Education Curriculum - AGEC-B
Major Common Courses and Transferable Electives
Required Common Courses

Course number SEM CR HR
ACC201 _____ 3
ACC202 _____ 3
BUS201 _____ 3
BUS208 _____ 3
ECN202 _____ 3
MAT215 _____ 4
Total Common Courses 19

Transferable Electives
To verify transferability of elective courses, refer to the Course
Equivalency Guide on the AZTRANSFER website @

Course number SEM CR HR
__________ _____ _____
__________ _____ _____
__________ _____ _____
__________ _____ _____
__________ _____ _____
Total Electives (6-10) _____
TOTAL CREDITS (60-64) _ ____
All courses used toward a transfer degree at Central Arizona College must be approved for transfer as a course equivalent or elective to
ALL three Arizona public universities (ASU, NAU, UofA) in the year taken. Students are advised to work closely with an academic ad-
visor and use the AZTRANSFER website to ensure transferability of all coursework @
Advisors Initials: ___________________________ Date:______________________
Student Name: ____________________ ID #:________________ Catalog Year_____________
May 2010
What you need to know about Advising
My Advisor is: _________________________ Office: ________________________
Phone: _________________________ Email:

To provide you with information and support that will enable you to successfully identify educational/
career goals.
To assist you in developing your Master Academic Plan: your MAP for your future (see reverse).
To promote your utilization of college success strategies and resources.
To promote your involvement in on-campus, co-curricular experiences that will help you develop your
interpersonal and leadership abilities.
To promote your involvement in off-campus, experiential-learning experiences to help you explore and
clarify your career options.
To help you "connect" your college experience with your plans and goals for life after college.
To promote your ability to think critically, solve problems, and make informed decisions about your fu-
ture life plans.
To be a mentor to you by providing you with personal guidance, support, and advocacy.
To assist you in finding campus professionals in support services who can best help you succeed aca-
demically and personally.

Your CAC Advisor expects you to:
schedule regular appointments and/or con-
tacts during each semester
come to appointments prepared with ques-
tions, homework and/or topics to discuss
accept responsibility for your decisions and
be open to developing and clarifying your
personal values and goals
research college programs, policies, proce-
dures, and opportunities as appropriate
keep a record of your academic progress
and goals be courteous & plan ahead
(schedule appointments early and cancel or
reschedule if necessary)


You can expect your Advisor to:
understand Central Arizona College de-
gree requirements, and effectively commu-
nicate them
provide a safe space in which to share
your thoughts, aspirations, concerns, and
provide resources and referrals
listen carefully to your questions, con-
cerns, and confusions
maintain confidentiality as allowed by law
encourage and support you as you gain
the skills and knowledge necessary for
assist you in making course and major de-
Central Arizona College Advising Mission
The mission of Centrals Academic Advising Center is to assist students in the development and implementation of
meaningful educational plans that are compatible with their long-term goals.
Academic Advising Description
Academic advising is an educational process that, by intention and design, facilitates students understanding of the
meaning and purpose of higher education and fosters their intellectual and personal development toward academic
success and lifelong learning (National Academic Advising Association, 2004).