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ESL (English as a Second Language) CM2 EAGLES

Dear Parents,
In order to gain an overview of the organisation and curriculum for English as a Second Language in the
Primary School, I invite you to attend an information meeting in the Jardines Looout auditorium on !onday,
#cto$er, at "%&&'m%
(or those who are una$le to attend this meeting, the PowerPoint 'resentation will $e 'osted on the schools
we$site shortly after the meeting% (ollow the lin) htt')**www%fis%edu%h*we$*Default%as'+,r-./lang-fr0
4he children are settling down well to their routine of English classes three times a wee% 5our child is in the
Eagles grou', which is woring at the 6dvanced*7igh0Intermediate level%
4he children will $e involved in activities which develo' all four language sills) listening*com'rehension,
s'eaing, reading and writing% 4he weely routine will vary to tae into account s'ecial 'ro8ects and so on $ut
ty'ically the lessons will $e divided as such)
4uesday .9%9: ; .1%<& =riting #ral language * E+tended writing
=ednesday .9%&& ; .9%1: S'elling * >oca$ulary e+tension* ?rammar and writing structures
(riday .9%&& ; .9%1: @eading * Aom'rehension
In addition to regular s'elling revision and reading, homewor will $e assigned occasionally% 7omewor will $e
recorded in the cahier de texte%
Reading 0 =e will $e reading a variety of $oos during the year which will generate discussion in class%
@eading and 're'aration for the lesson will $e e+'ected% 6t this level, students should $e reading age0
a''ro'riate English cha'ter $oos inde'endently%
Writing ; Students will learn to write inde'endently a variety of genres such as a fiction * non fiction * letter of
com'laint* 'oems, etc% 4hey will follow the writing 'rocess to 'lan and write Buality, 'u$lished 'ieces of wor%
Spelling !ocabular" ; 5our child will $ring home a list of words and sentences on =ednesday to learn for the
s'elling test on the following =ednesday% 4he test will include sentences using the s'elling words% Ahildren
should relearn any incorrect words from the tests and write corrections in green in the s'elling $oo every
wee% Parents must sign the s'elling $oo every wee%
WEE#L$0 Information a$out our class activities, homewor and s'elling lists will $e 'osted on the ESL teams
=EECL5 'age% 4here is also a lin to DLearn the EewsF, a child friendly, weely online news'a'er the school
has su$scri$ed to%
(ollow the lin) htt')**myeslclassroom%fis%h*cm<000eagles%html (Password) %i&parent&)
Engli&' report
4he first English re'ort will a''ear on the second term $ulletin in January*(e$ruary <&.:, and the second
English re'ort will a''ear at the end of the school year%
Please contact us via =ee$ly or at the email address $elow if you have any Buestions, or if youd lie to meet
with us to discuss your childs 'rogress in English%
5ours sincerely,

?a$rielle Pe'ino Eoh (ESL 4eacher) Phili''ine Aam'ion (Ahai =an ESL Aoordinator)
gno'(l%i&)edu)'k pcampion(l%i&)edu)'k