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Other titles of interest from Reeds

Reeds Sea Transport: Operation and Reeds Dictionary of Shipping

Economics, 6th edition and Marine Finance
Patrick M Alderton Honore C Paelinck
ISBN 978-1-4081-3142-8 ISBN 978-1-4081-2442-0
Reeds Marine Surveying, 2nd edition Reeds Marine Insurance
Thomas Ask Barrie Jervis
ISBN 978-0-7136-7714-0 ISBN 978-0-7136-7396-8
Reeds Marine Engineering and Technology Series

Vol. 1 Mathematics for Marine Engineers
Kevin Corner and William Embleton ISBN 978-1-4081-
Vol. 2 Applied Mechanics for Marine
Leslie Jackson and William Embleton ISBN 978-0-
Vol. 3 Applied Heat for Engineers
William Embleton ISBN 978-0-7136-6733-2
Vol. 4 Naval Architecture for Marine
E A Stokoe ISBN 978-0-7136-6734-9
Vol. 5 Ship Construction for Marine
E A Stokoe ISBN 978-0-7136-7178-0
Vol. 6 Basic Electrotechnology for Marine
Christopher Lavers, Edmund G R Kraal and Stanley
Buyers ISBN 978-1-4081-7606-1
Vol. 9 Steam Engineering Knowledge for
Marine Engineers
Thomas D Morton ISBN 978-0-7136-6736-3
Vol. 10 Instrumentation and Control
Gordon Boyd and Leslie Jackson ISBN 978-1-4081-
Vol. 11 Engineering Drawings for Marine
H G Beck ISBN 978-0-7136-7857-4
Vol. 12 Motor Engineering Knowledge for
Marine Engineers
Paul Russell, Thomas D Morton and Leslie Jackson
ISBN 978-1-4081-7599-6
Vol. 13 Ship Stability, Powering and
Chris J Patterson and Jonathan D Ridley ISBN 978-1-
Vol. 14 Stealth Warship Technology
Christopher Lavers ISBN 978-1-4081-7525-5

Vol. 7 Advanced Electrotechnology for
Marine Engineers
Edmund G R Kraal ISBN 978-0-7136-7684-6
Vol. 8 General Engineering Knowledge for
Marine Engineers
Paul Russell, Leslie Jackson and Thomas D Morton
ISBN 978-1-4081-7596-5
Vol. 15 Electronics, Navigational Aids and
Radio Theory for Electrotechnical
Steve Richards ISBN 978-1-4081-7609-2