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l. Survey

CuesLlon for lndlvldual members of Lhe group: (lease summarlze your answers.)

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ll. hlllpplne Survey of Cnllne Sources of Legal lnformaLlon

1. repare a LlS1 of all sources of PlLllnL LLCAL lnlC8MA1lCn avallable on Lhe lnLerneL LhaL you can flnd.
2. lnclude:
a. name of WebslLe
b. u8L
c. ubllsher
d. Servlces Cffered
e. uslng Lhe example below, assess and analyze -?IJ #+A)+- A-*?A @?.?C?(- #+ =#$" A)(., consulLlng Lhe
LexLbook by !" $% $%, accordlng Lo:
Basis of Comparison Supreme Court E-Library
Price free
Availability of Philippine Laws? partial
Philippine Jurisprudence? partial
Frequency of updates Frequent
Search Engine Drop-down list for year only
Speed of search Slow
User-friendliness No
Exact phrase search No
Wildcard search No
Boolean search No
Grouping No
Proximity search No
Term boosting No
Fuzzy search No
Sorting Date
Search by title No
Search by date No
Search by date range No
Search by reference no. No
Search by syllabus No
Search by ponente No
Paged results
Show search excerpts No
Section classification No
Bookmarking No
Save queries No
Auto cross-referencing No
Document section jump links No
Recognizes shorthand in query? No
Document images No
Full-page view No
Footnotes Yes
Document highlighting No
Social bookmarking No
Up-to-date documents Yes
Easy-to-read documents Yes
Section jump links No
Ranked search results No
Remember search query fields No
Document citations No
Detects typos in query No

3. Send your group's Lables of comparlson as a flle aLLachmenL Lo: ella.delrosarlo[ on or before March
2, 2013. l wlll accepL Word, ages, Lxcel, numbers, owerolnL, or keynoLe formaL.
4. 8e Lhorough and excellenL legal researchers. Some of Lhe answers requlre furLher research and are noL avallable
from your LexL book. Cood luck!