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World Cultures 11 UNIT: Europe Name:______________________________

Unit 1 Project (Menu Project)

Project Introduction
In this unit, you have learned how Europe has developed both as individual nations as well as a common political unit. In this project,
you will have the opportunity to investigate into regional topics that interest you.

Project Learning Outcomes
You will work individually to research information about a region using databases and websites that will be frequently utilized
through the course
You will use technology to demonstrate your knowledge of individual regions
You will enhance your knowledge of Europe on topics which interest you

Project Requirements
You will complete a total of 5 assignments. You should begin by reviewing all of the options in the chart below. You must choose:
1 assignment from column A (simple and straightforward)
2 assignments from column B (medium level of difficulty)
2 assignment from column C (more challenging)
Each region must be addressed (ex. you cannot choose to do 2 assignments from the same region), so plan accordingly.
All assignments are limited to one page each.

Project Timeline
This project is due on _______________. You will have class time to complete this project but may also need some outside time. All
work must be turned in by the due date for credit; additional assignments will not be accepted. Late projects will lose one grade level
per day and will only be accepted within one week of the due date.

Be sure all work is in your own words. Plagiarized work cannot be redone and will earn a zero. Therefore, it is highly recommended
that you take and save handwritten notes as you complete each assignment, use the writing center, ask for help as necessary, and ask a
parent or teacher to review your work for plagiarism several days before the due date. Students that utilize the PW Writing Center
will receive an additional 5 points added to their final project grade.

To be graded, each assignment must include resources; assignments that list no sources will not be graded. Your final tab [see below]
will include the list of sources used separated by topics/tabs.

All work must be uploaded to your Weebly as follows:
a. Create a new tab under your Unit 1: Europe tab and title it: UNIT 1 PROJECT
b. Create a sub-tab under your Unit I Project tab for each of the five [6] individual components .
Be sure to change the picture on each tab that reflects the topic.

British Isles A [10 points]
Western B [15 points] ** [The additional 10 points will include the correct set-up
Eastern B [15 points] as well as the attractiveness of your work.]
Southern C [20 points]
Nordic - C [20 points]
Bibliography [10 points]
Each assignment will be graded on depth, accuracy, following directions, creativity, appearance, layout, and
grammar and mechanics.

Recommended Resources
The list below contains the resources that should be utilized for this project. All required information can be found using these
resources. When using the Library Database, use the username colonials and the password colonials.
Library Databases - World Book Online, World Cultures Today, Culturegrams, ABC CLIO Social Studies (includes World
Geography, World History, etc.), and
The History Channel (
BBC Country Profiles (
CIA World Fact Book (
Countries and their Cultures (
News websites (CNN, BBC, New York Times, etc.)
Region A B C
British Isles You are Scottish citizen
handing out flyers in a square
in Edinburgh promoting your
views on secession from the
United Kingdom. Create the
colorful one page flyer that
supports your position using at
least three specific facts or
pieces of evidence. Include at
least two images with
You are an Irish Catholic potato
farmer in the 1840s and you are at
risk of losing both your land and
your life. Write your one page
diary entry that explains the
challenges your face, your
emotions that you struggle with,
and your plans for your future.
Your entry should be at least 12-
15 sentences long and include both
specific facts and evidence as well
as creative ideas.
Write a 12-15 sentence
editorial* (opinion piece) that
analyzes the impact of
immigration on Great Britain
and highlights the opinion of the
writer on the issue. Support
your answer with at least five
specific pieces of evidence or
Western You work for ESPN and are
producing a segment on auto
racing in Monaco for Sports
Center. Write the dialogue for
the segment (about 8-10
sentences, on one page).
Discuss the sports popularity
and participation so that
American sports fans can learn
more about it.
Create a political cartoon strip
using Toon-Doo to demonstrate
how the French government is
responding to the right of religious
freedom and determine if they are
taking it too far. The strip must be
at least 3 panes (and fit on one
page). Explain the meaning of the
cartoon and its symbols.
Write a dialogue between the
U.S. President and the leader of
one country in the region.
Consider the concerns that the
two nations may share, the
disagreements that they may
have, and the tone of the
conversation. Include at least
three topics and 7-8 exchanges.
Eastern You are the President of the
Roma Society and are creating
a one page Fact Sheet on the
Roma people to distribute to
museum visitors. Create a
bulleted list of factual
information or statistics about
the Roma people. Include at
least 15 bulleted categories as
well as images with captions.
Determine who you believe to be
the most influential leader of the
country (past or present, positive
or negative). Create a bulleted list
on one page that thoroughly
describes five of his/her greatest
impacts and explains their
significance. Be sure to include a
picture of the leader.
Using Publisher, write a
newspaper article in the proper
format of 12-15 sentences about
land mines in the region and
how the threat is being
addressed. Be sure to include at
least two images with captions.
Choose an Italian Renaissance
artist and showcase 3 of his
famous works. Find a picture
for each and write a 2-3
sentence description that
answers the question, What
makes it a masterpiece?
Arrange all the items and
sentences on one Power Point
slide and include a logical title,
the artists name, and the
names and dates of the works.
Write a creative rap about the
origins of the Italian mafia and its
economic, political, and social
impact on Italy and the world
throughout history. Your rap
should be at least 18-20 lines in
length (and fit on one page).
You are a Greek citizen who has
suffered greatly under recent
austerity measures but who also
wants the nation to succeed in
the global economy. Write a
creative letter of at least 12-15
sentences to the current
President explaining your
personal situation and at least
two steps the government should
take to improve nations
economic position.
Nordic States
Create a one-page menu that
includes traditional foods
eaten in the Nordic states. The
menu should include a variety
of foods for a typical day.
Each dish should be briefly
described and pictures with
captions should be included.
Create a chart that compares
gender equality issues in the
region to those of the U.S. The
chart must include at least 5
comparisons with detailed
descriptions (statistics, laws,
examples, etc.). Summarize your
findings in a brief reflection
Draw a house or building that
represents typical housing or
architecture for the region. Be
sure to label at least 6 key parts
and include a 4-5 sentence
paragraph description of its
dcor, furnishings, amenities,
energy and sanitation sources,
materials used, how people live
in or use the building, and
family structure.