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P R O J E C T D E S I G N : O V E R V I E W

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Name of Project: Operations and Algebraic Thinking Duration:
Subject/Co: athematics Teacher!s": #rade $e%el: &

Other subject areas to be included' if an(:
Significant Content
(CCSS and/or others)
a!e sense o" pro#$e%s and perse&ere 'n so$&'ng the%( )onstr*)t &'a#$e arg*%ents and )r't'+*e the reason'ng o" others( *se
appropr'ate too$s strateg')a$$,( and $oo! "or and e-press reg*$ar't, 'n repeated reason'ng('nd*)t'&e reason'ng)
)*st Centur( Competencies
(to #e ta*ght and assessed)
Co$$a#orat'on . Creat'&'t, and Inno&at'on
Co%%*n')at'on . Other:
Cr't')a$ Th'n!'ng .
Project Summar(
('n)$*de st*dent ro$e( 'ss*e(
pro#$e% or )ha$$enge( a)t'on
ta!en( and
/, the end o" th's pro0e)t st*dents sho*$d #e a#$e to %*$t'p$, and d'&'de s'ng$e and %*$t'p$e d'g't n*%#ers( and !no1 the prod*)ts
o" a$$ one d'g'ts n*%#ers #, %e%or,( and s*))ess"*$$, #e'ng a#$e to *se %athp$a,2)o% to '%pro&e the'r %ath s!'$$s2 (%ath p$a,)
Dri%ing +uestion 3o1 to %*$t'p$, and d'&'de s'ng$e and %*$t'p$e d'g't n*%#ers4
,ntr( ,%ent E-p$anat'on o" d'&'s'on and %*$t'p$')at'on2
Products Ind'&'d*a$: So$&e pro#$e%s that are g'&en on the 1e#s'te %ath
p$a, *s'ng e'ther an I pad or a )o%p*ter2
Spe)'"') )ontent and )o%peten)'es to #e assessed: *se o"
te)hno$og,( and assess'ng the'r %ath )o%peten)e 'n
%*$t'p$')at'on and d'&'s'on2
Tea%: To !no1 a$$ the prod*)ts o" one d'g't n*%#ers and 1or!
as a gro*p to p$a, a %ath ga%e2
Spe)'"') )ontent and )o%peten)'es to #e assessed: gro*p
'ntera)t'on and )o%peten)e 'n %e%or'5at'on o" a$$ prod*)ts o"
one d'g't n*%#er %*$t'p$')at'on2
P R O J E C T D E S I G N : O V E R V I E W
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6or %ore P/7 reso*r)es &'s't bie-org 89 : 1 ; /<C= I NS T I T <T E 6 OR ED<C>TI ON
Public Audience
(E-perts( a*d'en)es( or
prod*)t *sers st*dents
1'$$ engage 1'th d*r'ng/at
end o" pro0e)t)
Co%p$et'on o" ass'gned pro#$e%s on ath P$a, 1e#s'te2
.esources Needed On?s'te peop$e( "a)'$'t'es: tea)her( )$assroo%2
E+*'p%ent: te)hno$og,: )o%p*ters or I pads2
ater'a$s: 1e#s'te ath P$a,2
Co%%*n't, Reso*r)es:
.eflection ethods
(Ind'&'d*a$( Tea%( and/or
Who$e C$ass)
Jo*rna$/7earn'ng 7og 6o)*s Gro*p
Who$e?C$ass D's)*ss'on . 6'sh#o1$ D's)*ss'on
S*r&e, Other: ath Test2
6or %ore P/7 reso*r)es &'s't bie-org 89 : 1 ; /<C= I NS T I T <T E 6 OR ED<C>TI ON